The reason for the Raptors win streak

This season, everything for Toronto has started with defense. The Raptors are 24-3 when holding their opponent under 100 points.

The Raptors have won 8 straight games, the team’s longest win streak since 2002. Toronto is one win shy of tying the team’s longest win streak in franchise history.

The Raptors have been 5% better defensively, compared to their first 36 games. More specifically, these main points have served as pillars over their last 8 games.

**Toronto is defensive rebounding at a 4% higher rate. The team is blocking shots at a 42% higher rate.

**The team isn’t fouling as much. Opponents are going to the free throw line at a 25% lower rate and scoring 11% fewer points from the line per game.

**The Raptors are forcing turnovers at a 6% higher rate. This is leading to 5% more points off turnovers per game.


Peter Newmann is an analyst and writer who spent 10 years at ESPN, 8 as the NBA senior researcher working 24/7 on the league. He wrote game notes for crews, articles for, analysis for studio shows, and regularly assisted reporters and writers. Follow him on Twitter, and check out his daily NBA content service at

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