The mismatch of Shaun Livingston


Shaun Livingston has quietly become one of the most efficient guards and possibly the best backup point guard in the league.

The first thing that sticks out with Livingston is the obvious – his height. At 6-foot-7, Livingston is the tallest point guard in the NBA. He also has a 6-foot-11 wingspan.


Livingston’s unique size gives him the ability to get off his shot effectively when closely defended. Livingston shoots 55% from the field with an opponent within 3 feet. That’s 1st among point guards (min. 50 FGA). Size is Livingston’s best weapon, which has enabled him to excel posting up as well as scoring in the paint.

Livingston is 1st among point guards in post efficiency (min. 50 plays). He’s 13% more efficient in the post than any other point guard. In fact, Livingston ranks 7th in post efficiency across the league, just behind Dirk Nowitzki and Kawhi Leonard. His efficiency in the post has increased by 36% from last season.

Livingston shoots 61% in the paint. The only other point guards shooting at least 60% in the paint are Stephen Curry and Avery Bradley (min. 50 FGA).

Livingston also thrives in transition. He is 1st among point guards in transition efficiency (min. 30 plays). He’s 3% more efficient than fellow Warriors point guard Steph Curry.


Peter Newmann is an analyst and writer who spent 10 years at ESPN, 8 as the NBA senior researcher working 24/7 on the league. He wrote game notes for crews, articles for, analysis for studio shows, and regularly assisted reporters and writers. Follow him on Twitter, and check out his daily NBA content service at


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