Two steps from the catastrophe: will Lakers recover from historic loss

This article is all about the historic loss Lakers faced during the play with Dallas Mavericks and what exerts refer as the main reasons for such event

Will Lakers recover from the historic loss?


Los Angeles Lakers avoided appearing in eyes of watchers after the worst basketball play in history. Yes, it is all about their defeat from Dallas Mavericks. This game closed with a score of 122-73 which was one of the lowest in Lakers’ history about legendary performers. Will Lakers recover or do some changes happen it is still not clear.

Reaction from the team

Lakers and its managers were all disappointed by this game. Coaches didn’t like their players playing not that good as if they were playing their last time. Everybody agrees that there is no need to win every game but main task of any team is to improve the way they play, not standing at one place. Members also tell that as they cannot improve existing results, a single way is to analyze mistakes players have made and try to not make them happen later. The most notable are that this loss occurred 11 years after a legendary Kobe Bryant has earned 81 points on his own (achieving the second highest result in the history). That’s only one game and if you still believe that Lakers will win the next games, you should click here.

Since loss of Kobe Bryant who remains one of key players in basketball history, Lakers didn’t show outstanding performance. Most players make a good impact on their overall performance but only ones drive Lakers to victory. Changing coaches was also a factor driving relatively poorer performance for a team with 20 Halls of Fame and 16 championships. Some critics argue that this team didn’t have enough time to rest resulted from a problem with flights. Team members also moan about the absence of D’Angelo Russell who seemed one of key players but couldn’t play due to an injured right knee. After all, there seem no clear reasons why Lakers did so badly at this competition.


A lot of witnesses suggest that the main problem of this game was that most players weren’t acting merely as a team. For example, Lou Williams and Jordan Clarkson, being the first-round players for a couple of years played one by one, that didn’t make a high contribution to an overall score. However, their coach Luke Walton tells that as this game has shown all weaknesses of a team, they are headed in the right direction and soon this team will show even better results.

What it means to bettors

It is not possible that a team with such a successful history as Lakers would almost drop out from League’s leaders. Of course, there other catastrophic defeats with margin higher than 40 but the team never stopped, they’ve always taken these results into account and go ahead learning on mistakes.


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