DuBose: Rockets hope postseason can change narrative

James Harden

HOUSTON — From the moment the Houston Rockets broke training camp in late September, one of the primary goals had been to earn a playoff rematch of last season’s Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors. So, mission accomplished? Not quite. Undoubtedly, the Rockets envisioned themselves closer to the team they were in 2014-15 (56-26 overall, No. 2 seed) than the mediocre, 41-41 squad that had to win its final three games this week just to qualify for the playoffs as the eighth


Tweet of the Night: Sam Dekker takes Dwight Howard’s iPad, shares photos

Dwight Senior Pic

Small forward Sam Dekker has still yet to score his first points in an NBA game, with the first-round draft pick of the Houston Rockets (No. 18 overall) having missed most of his rookie season due to an unfortunately-timed back injury. Nonetheless, the former Wisconsin star scored thousands of retweets after posting this picture on Monday night from teammate Dwight Howard’s iPad: [Read more…]