Bernucca Podcast: Why is LeBron James afraid to shoot jumpers?


The San Antonio Spurs are crowding the paint and daring LeBron James to take jumpers. So why doesn’t he? Through the first three games of the NBA Finals, James has yet to score 20 points. It’s his longest such postseason streak since the 2011 Finals vs. Dallas, and we all know what happened there. If James doesn’t want that to happen again, he has to stop worrying about efficiency and start worrying about the Miami Heat falling into a 3-1 hole. He


Bernucca: Despite split, Spurs may be in trouble

Manu Ginobili

The San Antonio Spurs might be in trouble. On the surface, things appear to be OK. The Spurs have executed their defensive game plan, which is to turn LeBron James into a passer. They have prevented the Miami Heat from turning either game into an extended relay race. And most important, they secured a split of the first two games as the road team, which is practically mandatory in the 2-3-2 format of the NBA Finals. Beneath the surface, however, the Spurs


Bernucca: Spurs, Heat showing championships are won on the road

Tim Duncan

The Memphis Grizzlies and Indiana Pacers have gotten this far in the postseason by winning at home. But the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat are going to the NBA Finals by winning on the road. The Grizzlies and Pacers were very good home teams in the regular season. Memphis was 32-9 and lost just once at FedEx Forum after Feb. 8. Indiana was 30-11 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and went more than two months early in the season without a home


LeBron James unanimous pick for All-NBA Team

Anthony - James

LeBron James fell one vote shy of being the unanimous MVP. He had no such issues with the All-NBA Team. The superstar forward of the Miami Heat was the only unanimous selection to the First Team, announced Thursday by the NBA. He was chosen by all 119 media members, whose voting habits remain somewhat questionable.


Bernucca: Small Market Dilemma is the NBA’s Big Lie

Arison and the Big Three

This summer, when your favorite team’s owner or GM tells you a certain player is financially out of reach, here’s how you know he is lying. His lips are moving. NBA business is booming, folks. And not just for the so-called big markets. Take a quick look at the conference finals, which feature four teams from middle to small markets collecting millions for every home playoff game. Take a look at the Sacramento Kings, who were just sold for a record $525 million


The Great Eight: NBA Comebacks From 3-1 Deficits

Kevin Durant

Bruised and bloodied, the Chicago Bulls have no chance of overcoming a 3-1 deficit against LeBron James and the Miami Heat, right? Right? Well, don’t be so sure. Some pretty good players have been on the wrong end of 3-1 comebacks in the playoffs. Guys like Kobe Bryant. Patrick Ewing. Julius Erving. Charles Barkley. George Gervin. Jerry West. And Wilt Chamberlain. And Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant and New York’s Carmelo Anthony don’t have enough help to overcome a 3-1 deficit and win their