DraftKings Special: The annual “Beat Sheridan” contest


I have been doing business with DraftKings for the better part of 4 1/2 years since launching this site, and I have been playing fantasy basketball for more than two decades. I am 50 (despite what Google says), which makes me old enough to have once traded Dino Radja for Fat Lever, who latter of which was the last NBA guard to grab 20 rebounds in a single game — although Russell Westbrook came close last night with 19. You might


VIDEO: How can anyone argue that Warriors are bad for NBA?


Sometimes you want to kick the TV. Sometimes you want to hug it. The latter happened last night during the long-awaited first meeting of the season between the Warriors and the Spurs, and the former happened this morning when ESPN was debating whether Golden State’s lack of competitive games was hurting the NBA. After all, we wait weeks and weeks for Cavs-Warriors and Spurs-Warriors and what do we get? A bunch of 30-point blowouts. But why is that considered bad? When you have


Sheridan: MVP Rankings, Edition IV: The Post-Blatt Effect


What is the takeaway from David Blatt’s shocking dismissal as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers? A few things, all of them related to the Cavs being weak-minded. (Hey, you make a move like that, and you open a window into dysfunction junction.) 1. The East is now a lot more wide open than people might have realized. Exhibit A was the Cavs’ mail-it-in effort in Saturday night’s home loss to the Chicago Bulls, with new coach Tyronn Lue explaining afterward that his


PODCAST: The curious case of the Miami Heat


Dwyane Wade scored 2 points last night in a lopsided loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, only the third time that has happened to him in 973 career games. Tyler Johnson started at point guard and shot 0-for-6. The Heat shot a season-low 36.5 percent and failed to break 80 points for the second straight game. As a team, the Heat totaled 13 assists. Was this “rock bottom,” as Michael Wallace of ESPN.com asked? Is there any way Pat Riley can fix this


Sheridan: Who Will Play For Team USA?

Durant USA

We have two pieces of news to pick apart today: The announcement that USA Basketball has released a list of 30 finalists for the 2016 Olympic team, and the “non-commitment” from LeBron James regarding whether he will be part of the party. And yes, it will be a party. The games are in Brazil, after all. And LeBron, whose non-commitment is disingenuous at best, does not miss a good party. So let me tell you a little story about the Brazilians. [Read more…]


Sheridan: Is Prokhorov Stalling in Order to Sell the Nets?


Mikhail Prokhorov kept insisting Monday that he is in no hurry to fill the general manager or coaching vacancies for the Brooklyn Nets. Which begs the question: If he is in no hurry, is that because he is buying time in order to sell the team? I wouldn’t rule it out. My biggest takeaway from Prokhorov’s news conference in the wake of his pogrom that dispatched Billy King and Lionel Hollins was the Russian billionaire’s admission that people have been making bids for


Sheridan: Billy King ruined the Nets … In NJ and Brooklyn


First, a disclaimer: I like Billy King. He has always treated me well, has always been friendly and helpful, and he was truly one of the NBA’s most gracious men. But now let’s get to the heart of the matter: Billy King was a terrible, terrible general manager. One of the worst in league history. His temporary replacement — an empty chair — will do a better job than King did. And his eventual successor will need one essential qualification — masochist


Sheridan: MVP Rankings, Edition IV — Powerball Mania


Like millions of other Americans, I awoke this Sunday with a losing Powerball ticket. The $900 million jackpot will now move past the $1 billion mark by the time the next drawing is held in the middle of the week, and we all are going to have to wait to see if we become the next instant billionaire. Then, for someone,  it will become a question of what to do with the winnings. Maybe become the next Mark Zuckerberg, and give 99