Drug use in sports: Strategies to tackle the problem moving into the future

Everyone wants to see their team win, from players and coaches to spectators. Without a desire to win, it is not worth the coaches preparing the players for the game, the supporters spending their hard-earned cash on tickets or even the team attempting to play at all. However, winning a game through sheer hard work and talent is one thing, winning by cheating is quite another. One of the worst forms of cheating in modern sport is a player taking performance


Sheridan: MVP Rankings, Edition I: Ode to Vancouver


It is too early in the season to start ranking the MVP candidates. Or is it? Hey, how many chances to you get to say the Grizzlies and Raptors are on course to meet in the NBA Finals? It would be like one big Canadian reunion. There will be Vancouver nostalgia columns run amok. (The Grizzlies moved from Vancouver to Memphis in 2001). Well, if that is going to be the case, we may as well beat everyone to the punch. My


Sheridan: Nothing “Un-American” About Michele Roberts’ Posturing


Michele Roberts is a smart person. You don’t go from being a public defender to major law form partner to becoming the first female head of a major professional sports union without having a healthy combination of savvy, smarts and substance. So what was she doing last week when she told ESPN that the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, with its maximum salaries, age limit and rookie salary scale, is “un-American?” (And by the way, that “un-American” comment clearly struck a nerve with


VIDEO: DeMarcus Cousins the early leader in MVP race

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins has not picked up a single technical foul yet, which means he is on pace to accomplish his self-proclaimed goal of getting whistled for a maximum of five “T”s all season. His team is the surprise of the Western Conference, with all due respect to the conference-leading Grizzlies, Rockets and Warriors, and he is in the top 10 in scoring (23.0 ppg, 9th) and rebounding (11.1, 8th) following a summer in which he went through a much-needed maturation process


Sheridan: Biggest Surprises of Week One in the NBA


If somebody told you Kyle Korver would begin the season by making 8 of his first 10 3-point attempts, you’d probably shrug your shoulders and say: “Yeah, he could do that.” But if someone told you Korver’s 80 percent shooting from long-range would only leave him second in the league’s 3-point shooting statistics behind Tony Parker, you’d say — in your best French accent — “Excuse Moi?” Parker has opened the season 6-for-6, and he’ll match his marksmanship against Korver’s


What kinds of hobbies do NBA players have?

Just a few months after the San Antonio Spurs took down Miami Heat at the AT&T Center in Texas, we’re now ready for another exciting NBA season once again. But while we’re excitedly anticipating the start of the new season, which comes to our screens on 28th October, there’s no doubt that the National Basketball Association players will be taking a well-deserved rest before the season starts again. Quite how these players get their rest depends on the players – NBA


Don’t Sleep on the Raptors

Sheridan Hoops - Raptors

Did you hear LeBron James is back in Cleveland? And Derrick Rose has returned from injury! Stop the presses! It’s an exciting time in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, to be sure, but those two stories aren’t the only two worth mentioning as the league’s opening day gets closer and closer. The Toronto Raptors are legit, and there is reason to think they could improve on their breakout performance last season in 2014-2015. For starters, to state the obvious, the East is a


Predictions for 2014-15 from SheridanHoops.com Staff


I weighed in with my predictions over the weekend, going big-time chalk on the NBA finalists — Spurs over Cavs — and off the grid, figuratively speaking, with Tom Thibodeau being the coach whose seat could get hottest quickest. Today, our esteemed staff of columnists and staff weigh in with their picks. Most of these guys are vets whose tenured covering the NBA are better counted in decades, not years, so their opinions are culled from their experience, intelligence and what