Sheridan Hoops Most Improved Player Rankings

James Harden (2)

Yes, we are rankings-crazy here at the home office, where we are now up to five sets of rankings — MVP, Rookies, NBA Power Rankings, Euroleague Rankings … and now Most Improved. We are so rankings crazy we just used the same word four times in the same sentence. Later in the season, we’ll do the same for Coach of the Year and Sixth Man, which Jamal Crawford has probably already won, right? [Read more…]


Tyrus Thomas to miss two months


There is really no such thing as bad news in Charlotte — not after what happened last season. But they still need their highest-paid players to perform, and that won’t be happening for the next two months after the team announced Monday that forward Tyrus Thomas is expected to miss approximately two months after an MRI revealed a second-degree strain of his left calf muscle and a tear of the plantaris muscle, a smaller muscle that assists the calf in plantar flexing the ankle. No surgery will be


Sheridan: Updating the Big Three: Lakers, Heat and Knicks

Mike D'Antoni

If you have come here to view a discussion of the Milwaukee Bucks’ terrific start, you haven’t exactly come to the wrong place — because it is mentioned in the above video as part of the cupcake portion of the schedule that the Miami Heat are about to embark on. Get this: In the next 30 days, they gets on an airplane once. But the Bucks, Grizzlies, Clippers, Nets and the rest of the NBA’s second bananas are taking a back seat


Tweet of the Night: LeBron James

This was tweeted from Miami shortly after sunrise, which technically should disqualify it from Tweet of the Night. But it was still dark in Phoenix, where some poor soul had to clean up James’ vomit in the first quarter — unless LBJ made it to the toilet/sink in time. [Read more…]


Podcast: Why Bynum’s injury hurts extra in Philly


Not only will you get some historical perspective in this podcast on the personal hell long-time Philadelphia 76ers fans have gone through coming out of blockbuster trades, but you’ll also hear a story about a baseball player — a well-known one– who used to carry a photograph in his wallet of his favorite gun. [Read more…]


Bynum news gets worse: Both knees are bad


Both knees? When Andrew Bynum used the word “setback” in describing his, ahem, recovery from a right knee injury, he understated the case with his choice of  words. “I kind of have a mirror thing going on with my left knee,” Bynum said Friday night, disclosing the results of an MRI performed the previous day. [Read more…]