Sheridan Hoops MVP Rankings After Week Seven


The big news of the week in the industry (whether it was the NBA or journalism) was the Memphis Grizzlies’ hiring of John Hollinger from as their new vice president of basketball operations. He has already made a promise to check out the quality of the concession stand hot dogs as a personal favor. [Read more…]


When your season-long fantasy team sucks …


No matter how bad your fantasy team is doing, it is doing better than mine. Our fantasy draft was postponed twice because of Hurricane Sandy, and by the time everyone got their lights back on and their acts together, the commissioner deemed it too late to conduct an auction. [Read more…]


Sheridan: Heat lacking intensity, Warriors are for real


Earlier this week, Chris Perkins – our man in Miami – told us that the defending champion Heat aren’t ready to sound the alarms of concern over their recent play, which has looked a bit distracted. I spoke with Cinesport’s Noah Coslov about the same topic, hours after Miami’s dispassionate disposition continued in a last-second home loss to the Golden State Warriors. [Read more…]


Heisler: How the Lakers Can Fix Their Problems


Mark Heisler has been around the Lakers longer than most anyone in this business, he is a man of principles — and he is sticking to his guns on suggestions he offered even before the latest Lakers’ slide began. He wants Mike D’Antoni to go to a three-guard lineup, he wants Pau Gasol to come off the bench as a Sixth Man, and he thinks changes need to happen fast. [Read more…]


Sheridan: Around the NBA: Kyrie Irving will out-impact Pau Gasol

Kyrie Irving 2

I talk to a lot of folks around the NBA, and the sense from general managers and agents is that Mitch Kupchak’s voice is being heard, and the best thing to do is stay patient and see if Pau Gasol can become a productive player again once Steve Nash returns, whenever that might be. (Remember when the Lakers said he’d be out a week? It’s now 5 going on 6). [Read more…]