Bynum news gets worse: Both knees are bad


Both knees? When Andrew Bynum used the word “setback” in describing his, ahem, recovery from a right knee injury, he understated the case with his choice of  words. “I kind of have a mirror thing going on with my left knee,” Bynum said Friday night, disclosing the results of an MRI performed the previous day. [Read more…]


Kawhi Leonard out 10-14 days for Spurs


SAN ANTONIO — Coming off their first home loss of the season, the San Antonio Spurs got some bad news Friday when an MRI on Kawhi Leonard’s left knee showed quadriceps tendinitis. The small forward, who has started all nine games for San Antonio and is averaging 10.6 points on 49 percent shooting, is expected to be out of action for 10-14 days. He will not travel with the Spurs on the team’s upcoming six-game road trip that begins on Wednesday, Nov. 21


Heat-Lakers ticket will set you back nearly $700


Our partners over at TiqIq have tickets available to every NBA game this season, and they have put together an interesting chart of the 10 most expensive games on the secondary ticket market. If you live in southern California and money is no deterrent, go ahead and fill up the Hummer with 93 octane and get ready for that Jan. 17 visit from the Heat. [Read more…]


Sheridan: OK, Knicks. Whatcha gonna bring against Spurs, Grizzlies?


I’ve noticed something in monitoring the NBA and the Internet over the past few days. The undefeated New York Knicks aren’t getting their props. And maybe props aren’t yet due. They played three bad quarters in Orlando the other night. They had an opening night blowout win over Miami after the Heat got stuck on their bus in post-Hurricane Sandy traffic for two hours on the short drive to the arena. They played Philly twice, and Philly doesn’t have Andrew Bynum


Podcast: Looking ahead to next Knicks-Heat matchup


One thing about going on the Sid Rosenberg show in Miami: You are going to hear the bombastic (and talented) host speak out of both sides of his mouth — usually with some venom and some spice. Sid hails from New York, but he has been living in the sunshine for a few years now. Sid knows the Heat, he knows the Knicks, and he has a pulse for what folks in both cities are feeling and thinking. His take on Miami


Hakim Warrick traded to Charlotte for Matt Carroll


If you go by the axiom that it is always a good thing to trade a small for a big, the Charlotte Bobcats made a nice move today by acquiring forward Hakim Warrick from the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for shooting guard Matt Carroll. The move should give the Bobcats an extra defensive presence, which is something you need when you are ranked 30th in the NBA in points allowed (107.2). [Read more…]


Stunner: Mike D’Antoni hired as coach of Lakers

Mike D'Antoni

Remember when we told you this might be more about Jim Buss than Phil Jackson? Turns out that may be a big reason why Mike D’Antoni signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers late last night, and why Phil Jackson will remain unemployed/semi-retired. The stunning news broke while most of California and the rest of America was asleep. [Read more…]