Sheridan: More on Lakers’ Dwight Dilemma

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The Lakers have a Dwight dilemma. They can pin their hopes on Howard re-signing with them over the summer, taking an enormous risk by doing so, or they can go the prudent route and flip him for a wheelbarrow full of rebuilding assets. [Read more…]


Sheridan: Five Potential Trades That Make Sense


We are 48 hours away from the NBA trade deadline. Deals are being discussed, deals are going to happen, and deals are going to fall through. Happens every year. What makes this year different is the new collective bargaining agreement, with harsher luxury tax penalties on the horizon beginning with the 2013-14 season. The luxury tax line is going to act as a hard cap for all but the wealthiest owners – like guys who own gold mines in Siberia. So expect to


Sheridan: Bryant ambivalent on Howard’s future with Lakers

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HOUSTON — If you watched the All-Star game, you gained an appreciation for Kobe Bryant’s defensive determination. If you stood 3 feet away from him and spoke to him afterward, as I did, you gained a clearer understanding of where he stands on the whole question of what the Lakers should do with Dwight Howard. And if you read a little into his quotes, you get the feeling that Bryant wouldn’t be surprised in the least, or even bothered, if the Lakers


Sheridan Hoops MVP Rankings After Week 16

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Game Two

All hail The King! I wrote that same lede once before, on May 31, 2007 when James had the first masterpiece playoff game of his career, scoring 29 of his team’s final 30 points in a Game 5 double-overtime victory at Detroit that gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a 3-2 lead over their nemesis, the Detroit Pistons, who they would go on to finish off in six games and advance to the NBA Finals … where they were swept. The King was not


All-Star Game to New York in 2015


HOUSTON — Adam Silver stole the spotlight from David Stern at the commissioner’s final All-Star press conference … simply by directly answering a question. After Stern revealed that both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets had applied to host the league’s signature event two years from now, a reporter asked a follow-up question that Stern would never in a million years have answered. “Will New York get the game?” [Read more…]


Sheridan: Dwight Howard, clearly unhappy, can still get to Brooklyn


HOUSTON — Dwight Howard wasn’t playing ball with the reporters who tried Friday to pin him down on his future, which was no surprise given his reluctance lately to discuss anything about his future. And the future of the NBA’s best (?) big man is one of the top topics around the NBA as All-Star Weekend arrives, because nobody knows what that future might hold. Will he stay with the Lakers? Will he leave El Lay in a lurch by leaving