SH Blog: Oladipo out for a month; NBA teams make final roster cuts

Victor Oladipo, Gal Mekel

News broke today that Victor Oladipo will miss the first few weeks of the season with a facial fracture. Here’s Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports’ report: After undergoing surgery to repair a facial fracture, Orlando Magic guard Victor Oladipo is expected to miss a month of the season, a league sources told Yahoo Sports. Oladipo, the 2014 runner-up for the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award, sustained an elbow to his head in practice on Thursday. He had the surgical procedure on Saturday.Oladipo


SH Blog: Blake Griffin scuffles with Trevor Booker; Byron Scott defends old-school approach


Yes, we’re still in preseason. That doesn’t mean anyone wants to get dunked on. So when Trevor Booker saw Griffin going up for a classic Blake Griffin dunk, he did what every basketball player is taught to do: make him earn it at the line. Maybe it was a little rough, though.Griffin certainly thought so, as evidenced by the above clip. Booker got a flagrant-1 for the foul. After the game, he seemed to regret even escalating it as far as


SH Blog: Bradley Beal out with broken wrist


A while back, there was a bit of a verbal skirmish between the Wizards’ and Cavaliers’ backcourts over who was the best in the NBA. For my money, neither is as good as the Warriors’ duo, but that’s beside the point. The point, of course, is that the first Cavs-Wizards game is Nov. 21, and it looks like one of the key players won’t be involved. Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post: Washington Wizards starting shooting guard Bradley Beal could miss 6-8 weeks


Malone: LeBron returns, Irving and Love shine in Cavs’ preseason opener

Cavs preseason

CLEVELAND — Walking out of Quicken Loans Arena Sunday night, I had a chance to catch several fragments of conversation. “That place was nuts,” said one man. “I can’t wait for the season,” said a middle-aged woman. Most of the time, though, all I could catch was a name. “LeBron James.” “LeBron James.” “LeBron James.” It couldn’t have been more obvious who the fans came out to see. And, unlike most preseason games, this wasn’t just the diehards (or if it was, there are suddenly a lot


SH Blog: Dwight Howard says he and James Harden need to “come correct with each other”

Harden Banner

It feels like I’ve been waiting all summer for October to get here. Not only do I love the fall weather, but my birthday is this month, my Orioles are in the MLB playoffs, and basketball is coming back. Sure, it’s just preseason now, but by the end of the month, we’ll get some real, actual basketball games that count. For now, though, we’ve got a month of relentless optimism, where every team’s new offense is exactly like the Spurs’, every


SH Blog: Kidd praises Antetokounmpo’s work ethic; Waiters could play point guard

Jason Kidd Twitter Search Photo

When Giannis Antetokounmpo came into the league, the buzz was that he was a point guard in the body of a power forward. That’s not an especially uncommon description, especially coming out of the shallower talent pools of Europe, where the best players are often allowed to essentially play wherever they’ll touch the ball most at young ages. Dario Saric is another recent prospect in that mold. Even a couple big-time American prospects got the “point guard athleticism, big man frame” tag:


SH Blog: Bledsoe to Minnesota is not happening; Kings sign Sessions


This Eric Bledsoe situation is a lot like a million-dollar game of chicken. At one end, you’ve got Ryan McDonough and the Suns, who refuse to offer Bledsoe a long-term deal for more than they feel he’s worth. At the other, you’ve got Bledsoe and his agent, who refuse to sign a long-term offer for less than they feel Bledsoe’s worth. If neither turns away, it’ll end up with Bledsoe playing one more year in Phoenix for a qualifying offer, and then bolting


SH Blog: Melo excited for the Triangle; reactions and analysis of Danny Ferry situation

Carmelo Anthony

In what’s been seeming like a rarity lately, no major scandals broke in major North American pro sports. I don’t think I need to recap what an ugly summer it’s been in the sports world, with Danny Ferry and Adrian Peterson the latest episodes in a series that all started with Donald Sterling. In today’s relative quiet, then, there was plenty of time to react to the recent news. In the NBA, that means the comments written by an anonymous Hawks scout