SH Blog: New Zealand drops heartbreaker to Turkey; T’Wolves break season ticket record


Nobody warned me that the first day of the World Cup coincided with the first day of college football. Instead of watching my Maryland Terrapins thump James Madison by 45 in a total mismatch, I could have watched Team USA demolish Finland by 59 in a total mismatch. Okay, maybe I made the right choice. Tomorrow, though, the US has Turkey, who weren’t gifted a tournament spot because the guy who made Angry Birds said he wanted them to be in


SH Blog: Looking at the Eric Bledsoe options


For a Saturday in late August, there’s a shocking amount of NBA news today. Most of it, though, fits into one of two camps: the Kevin Love trade is official, and Team USA cut their roster down to the final 12. We’ve all known about the Love trade for a month, of course, and Chris Sheridan’s got everything you need to read about Team USA heading into the World Cup. So let’s instead turn our attention to a subject that hasn’t gotten


SH Blog: Heat looking for wing help; who is Michele Roberts?


The eyes of the basketball world were on Chicago tonight, as Team USA beat Brazil in a friendly that featured Derrick Rose in action in the United Center for the first time in months, and perhaps at his full MVP level for the first time since the 2012 playoffs. Another Chicago native stole the show, however, with Anthony Davis putting up 20 points and anchoring the middle of an American team whose biggest concern was their inside presence. He also got


SH Blog: James praises Love; Motiejunas says remarks were meant as jokes

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks

So the World Cup is in three weeks, and I figured I should probably make an effort to watch this year. I’m not really up on my international basketball, so I decided to do a little research. And I found out that Andray Blatche plays for the Philippines, apparently because of a “naturalized player” provision allowing him to play for a country just because they asked him. I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad thing. What I’m more concerned with


SH Blog: Longer All-Star break coming?

2014 NBA All-Star Game Logo

I moved to Ohio a few months ago, to a small town west of Toledo. It’s about equal distance from Detroit and Cleveland, so I wasn’t sure what the common basketball allegiance was. As I quickly found out, it was “I don’t really follow basketball.” Then LeBron came back to Cleveland, and it was all anyone could talk about for a couple days. And this is the offseason. If he can make the Cavs contenders, it could be huge, not just


SH Blog: Warriors won’t sacrifice defense for Love

Steph and Klay

We’re at the point in the NBA offseason where we start asking why nobody wants the best RFAs on the market. Last year it was Brandon Jennings, and the answer was obvious: he’s Brandon Jennings. This year, it’s Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe, and there isn’t a clear answer to be had. In a market where Chandler Parsons gets a $15 million per year offer sheet, you’d think somebody would go after them, even if it’s just to set the


SH Blog: Bennett makes summer league debut alongside Wiggins; Stephenson drawing interest

Anthony Bennett

First off, if you haven’t been updated on all the latest free agency moves, Chris Sheridan’s got all that for you over in our Top 25 Free Agents list. With LeBron and Melo off the market, the floodgates have started to open, and a lot of the second- and third-tier free agents (Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza, Gordon Hayward) are finding the markets a lot more friendly. Here’s the latest news and rumors from around the NBA:


SH Blog: Futures of Bosh, Gasol, and more hinge on LeBron and Melo


Things in the NBA have been a little slow right now, but the big dominoes never fall right away. We’ve got news on some of the biggest dominoes out there today, and once they start to fall, everything should move quickly, especially because three of them are pretty much inextricably linked. Let’s start with the first domino, the biggest star and best player in the NBA: