How An Elevation Training Mask Could Maximize Your Training Performance

You might have seen Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch wear this mask that made him look like Bain, the Batman villain, and wondered what he was doing. It may have looked odd, but it’s actually a cutting-edge tool elite athletes are using to gain an advantage over the competition. What Lynch is using is actually called an elevation training mask, with the goal to mimic the effects of elevation training at low altitudes. It represents strength training for your lungs, something you


Getting Ready For March Madness: Games to Watch Closely at Sportbet

Everybody knows that undefeated Kentucky is going to win the national championship, right? OK, maybe that is getting a little ahead of ourselves. The smaller conferences are holding their NCAA qualifier tournaments this week, and there are a handful of crucial conference games over the course of this week, headlined by Duke-North Carolina. Find the latest news and predictions of March Madness 2015 at Sportbet. We will be ramping up our coverage of college basketball as we get closer to the


Watch Out: Three teams ready to rise in March

West Bromwich Albion have suffered a fairly disappointing opening half to the Premier League season which led to the dismissal of manager Alan Irvine who managed only 4 wins in his 19 games in charge. His inexperience as a manager prompted the clubs decision to hire tried and tested Tony Pulis. With the club hoping that his track record of never suffering relegation in his career will ensure their survival just as he did in the 2013/14 season at Crystal Palace.


Top 5 Moments in NCAA Basketball Rivalries

Rivalries abound in NCAA basketball, and a game fought between rivals can have the intensity of a gladiator fight to the death. However, big games played between rivals in which division trophies, tournament victories or national championships are at stake can become some of the most memorable games in college basketball lore. Let’s journey back through time to reminisce about some of the most nerve-wracking, spine-tingling NCAA rivalry matchups in history. Oklahoma vs. Kansas — 1988 NCAA Final Jayhawks coach Larry Brown led KU to the 1986 Big 8 conference title and


Could the Mavericks’ new backcourt be their ace in the hole?

Dirk Nowitzki

It has been a busy off-season in Dallas. The Mavericks have been in a state of limbo since winning the 2011 NBA Finals. Now, they’re trying to start over from scratch again. First, they tried to lure in Chris Paul. When that didn’t pan out, they went after Dwight Howard but again, no dice. Despite the off-season setbacks, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has nonetheless managed to bring in some additional offensive firepower to help keep the heat off of aging


Tweet of the Night: LeBron James unveils new football uniforms for alma mater

LeBron Browns

Miami Heat All-Star LeBron James has been known to be very generous and always talks about his days at Akron, especially at his high school St. Vincent-St. Mary. This time, the Akron-bred NBA superstar gave back to his high school football team, for which he was also an All-State wide receiver. James unveiled St. Vincent-St. Mary’s new football uniforms, which were created by Nike and LeBron himself. The new uniforms are called the new LeBron X Nike, exclusive uniforms to only


Tweet of the Night: DeShawn Stevenson wants to play for the Heat


Ever since LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined forces alongside Dwayne Wade down in South Beach, many veteran free agents have been clamoring to join them for a title run. Now, with Greg Oden signing for the veteran’s minimum on Friday with Miami, another veteran free agent wants to join him. DeShawn Stevenson, who was recently waived by the Atlanta Hawks, expressed his interest in joining the Miami Heat on Twitter Saturday night.


Tweet of the Day: Stephen Curry announces his new #SC30 contest

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is one of the easier guys to tweet at and get a response on Twitter. That is why Curry takes advantage of it with his #SC30 contests. Curry does a monthly contest for his Twitter followers to participate in, This time, Curry has a new #SC30 for the fans to do. Curry’s new contest is “Where in the World is Stephen Curry?” This is where his followers have to guess where Curry will be throughout the month. Stephen’s first journey before