Tweet of the Night: Draymond Green reacts to Trevor Booker’s slap against Roy Hibbert


Who said no one takes preseason games seriously? During the third quarter of a preseason game in Hawaii between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz on Tuesday, Trevor Booker got tangled up with Julius Randle away from the ball and shoved the second-year forward, prompting Roy Hibbert to step in for his teammate with a chest bump against Booker. That’s when Booker decided to take things to the next level against Hibbert with a forceful slap to the head, as


Tweet of the Night: Kyle Lowry impressed with Golden State Warriors crowd

Kyle Lowry

After scoring an impressive 26 points in just 21 minutes of action in his first preseason game against the Los Angeles Clippers, Kyle Lowry took the night off against the Golden State Warriors due to a sore groin. The point guard was with the team for the game against the Warriors on Monday, though, and noticed an incredibly impressive crowd he saw standing outside of the arena hours before the game. Fans were lined up by the hundreds to enter the team’s


Tweet of the Night: Dorell Wright has advice for his brother Delon Wright


When sportswriters present unique stories with thoughts and quotes directly from the players they are covering, it provides fans with an opportunity to understand and connect with those players that they previously may not have known about. To a certain extent. When the players start writing their own stories – as if they were posting a personal blog entry – it makes that article ten times more interesting because now, every word is coming straight from the mind of the players themselves.


Tweet of the Night: NBA players react to news on Derrick Rose’s injury

Derrick Rose

Is there another player in the NBA who has been as unlucky as Derrick Rose over the past few years in terms of having to deal with injuries? The guard has suffered one injury after another since tearing his ACL in the 2012 NBA Playoffs and has missed an astounding 184 games since. After going through some unexpected and disturbing off-court issues over the past summer, Rose was looking forward to moving past it all and renew his status as one of the


Tweet of Night: NBA players react to Media Day


With summer officially over and October right around the corner, the 2015-2016 NBA season is just about ready to kick into gear. That means training camps are about to open up and players around the league are getting themselves ready both physically and mentally for a long season ahead. Before all of that, though, it always kicks off with this: Media Day obligations. Some may find it to be a chore, but plenty enjoy their first day back, take photos and interact with old


Tweet of the Night: Jason Richardson announces retirement, players react


Once recognized as one of the most explosive dunkers in the NBA, Jason Richardson officially called it quits on Wednesday after 14 seasons in the league at the age of 34. Richardson missed all of the 2013-2014 season and much of the 2012-2013 season due to a serious knee injury and played sparingly in 19 games last season for the Philadelphia 76ers. Despite the unfortunate turns he took in the latter parts of his career, Richardson ends his playing days with terrific overall statistics: 17.1


Tweet of the Night: Pierre Jackson appreciates Stephen Curry’s latest commercial


It’s no secret that Stephen Curry has come a long way since being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 2009 NBA Draft and what was said about him by scouts before entering the league. When you look at that draft, it’s clear that Curry and James Harden should have went No. 1 and No. 2 in no particular order (of course, you can also make the case that Blake Griffin was drafted right where he belongs). Harden actually went