Tweet of the Night: Enes Kanter not shy about the comments he made about Klay Thompson and Andrew Bogut

Enes Kanter

A few weeks ago, James Harden learned the hard way that talking negatively about the Golden State Warriors doesn’t do any good for his team on the court. Apparently, Enes Kanter of the Utah Jazz wasn’t paying attention because he had some interesting things to say about the Warriors on Friday prior to their final meeting of the season, from CSN Bay Area (keep in mind that the Jazz had lost the previous two games by an average of 12 points and


NBA Players React To All-Star Reserve Selections

The All-Star reserve selections were finally announced on Thursday and as expected, there were predictable picks to go with inevitable omissions. The selected are as follows: West: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Klay Thompson, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tim Duncan and James Harden. East: Jimmy Butler, Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, Kyrie Irving, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.


SH Blog: Byron Scott says Kobe Bryant still has a lot left in the tank, Melo says Galloway’s play reminds him of “Linsanity”


The 2014-2015 season for Kobe Bryant was supposed to be a glorious one for him in the sense that he was healthy, ready and out to prove all the doubters wrong about what he can and cannot do on the floor at the age of 36. Unfortunately for the superstar – and he still clearly is that after being voted in by the fans to start in the All-Star game despite being heavily outperformed by James Harden – the only thing


Tweet of the Night: John Wall sends his support for the injured Kemba Walker


Charlotte Hornets’ point guard Kemba Walker received terrible news on Monday when it was announced that he would have to undergo surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee. Any time a player gets injured, it’s terrible news. For Walker, it’s particular ill-timed because he had been playing some of the best basketball of his career this season, averaging 21 points or more in both December (21.7 points) and January (23.6 pionts). He had previously scored over 20


Tweet of the Night: Trevor Ariza not happy about $2,500 fine after getting into it with Stephen Curry

Don’t heat up the Curry because it can cost you if you do. Well, if your name is Trevor Ariza, that is. Literally. During a not-so-competitive game between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets on Wednesday in which the Warriors were up by as many as 30 points, things got rather tense between Stephen Curry and Ariza in the third quarter. Here’s how it went down: Golden State had already beaten Houston three times this season and were well on its way