NBA players go nuts after Kevin Durant hit the most amazing shot of the year


The Oklahoma City Thunder lost to the Memphis Grizzlies 111-105 in overtime in Game 2 of the first round of the playoffs, but they only managed to get that far because of Kevin Durant, who hit the most ridiculous shot of the year in the fourth quarter. With 13.3 seconds left in regulation and down 98-93, Durant found himself in the corner to catch a pass from Russell Westbrook. With Marc Gasol draped all over him, Durant lost balance and was


Tweet of the Night: Al Harrington wants to know which 10 guys would thrive in the “Bad Boys” era

Al Harrington crop

The documentary “Bad Boys”, which aired on ESPN on Thursday and again on Friday, has gained massive popularity among the players and fans alike. LeBron James was ecstatic about the tough and togetherness of those Detroit Pistons, and plenty others around the league voiced their approval of the style of play in which they played. Simply put, what the Pistons (as well as other teams) did and got away with back then would never fly in today’s NBA. These days, you can’t


Tweet of the Night: LeBron James itching to play after watching “Bad Boys” documentary


The Miami Heat are set to face the Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday for Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs, and LeBron James is badly itching to get back on the court. ESPN showed a documentary on Thursday called 30 for 30: Bad Boys. It’s about the Detroit Pistons and what it took for Isiah Thomas and his team to win consecutive championships back in the dog days of the NBA.The film captured the attention of plenty around the


SH Blog: Reggie Miller says Lee and Griffin can’t stand each other, Smush Parker punches a kid


Most people are counting the Golden State Warriors out in the first round against the Los Angeles Clippers. In fact, no one in the ESPN staff picked them to come out of the first round, and mostly the same goes for our staff (predictions will be out soon). There is at least one guy that is publicly saying anything goes when it comes to these two teams, though, and his name is Reggie Miller. Rusty Simmons of San Francisco Chronicle has details: “I


SH Blog: Klay Thompson calls out Blake Griffin’s style of play, Gary Payton says Curry and Westbrook are shooting guards


It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors have a strong dislike for each other. It has been that way since last season when the Warriors became a relevant team in the Western Conference, and it continued into this season when Blake Griffin called the Warriors cowards. The two teams won’t even share a chapel together. That’s true hate. What no one could have seen coming, though, is Klay Thompson joining in on the fun, so to speak.


NBA players around the league share their thoughts as 2013-2014 season comes to a close


The 2013-2014 season came to a conclusion on Wednesday, as all 30 teams around the league played their final regular season game of the year. It has been a season of surprises to say the least: the New York Knicks failed to make it to the playoffs, the Brooklyn Nets were comically bad before turning things around midway through, the Miami Heat won 12 less games than last season, the Los Angeles Lakers were one of the worst teams in the league,


Tweet of the Night: J.R. Smith impressed by Iman Shumpert’s crossover on Paul Pierce

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The Brooklyn Nets are headed to the playoffs while the New York Knicks have been eliminated, but that didn’t stop the Knicks from dispatching their crosstown rivals once again, taking the season series 3-1 on Tuesday with a 109-98 victory despite playing without Carmelo Anthony and mostly without Tyson Chandler. In the three wins, New York has outscored Brooklyn by an average of 23.3 points. Iman Shumpert had some particularly fine moments in the contest, including this off-the-backboard alleyoop and a


Curry, Hollinger, Bledsoe and more around the league react to accomplishments and failures as season winds down


After a season-long battle to see who would end up with the eighth and final seed of the Western Conference, the Memphis Grizzlies proved to be the winner of the coveted position – relatively speaking – on Monday after beating the Phoenix Suns 97-91. Unlike teams in the East, where some barely over .500 or even under it made it into the playoffs, the Suns will go home early despite an impressive 47-34 record – good enough to be the fifth