Tweet of the Night: Russell Westbrook appreciates spot-on impression of himself by overseas player


Russell Westbrook is one of the most intriguing, explosive talents the league has to offer and certainly has a strong personality to boot. You will see him soaring and roaring like few can at his position, celebrates rather ferociously whenever he knocks down a big three-point shot and will give you the coldest death stare you’ll ever see if you do not return one of his high-fives. An overseas player who simply goes by the username of @BdotAdot5 on twitter took notice of


Tweet of the Night: DeAndre Jordan finally breaks silence, apologizes to Mark Cuban and the Mavericks


By now, we all know what happened between DeAndre Jordan and the Dallas Mavericks. Long story short: Jordan agreed to sign with them at the beginning of free agency, changed his mind a week later after getting lured back in by Doc Rivers and company, signed with the Los Angeles Clippers for four years earlier in the week and devastating Mark Cuban and the Mavericks in the process. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Blake Griffin shares photo of a chair holding DeAndre Jordan’s front door, Chandler Parsons takes shot at the center

DeAndre Jordan

It was reported late last week that DeAndre Jordan had come to an agreement to sign a four-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks, putting the Los Angeles Clippers in a very difficult position to succeed moving forward without a single center on the roster. The key word in that statement? Agreement. That means Jordan has yet to sign any official deal, which gives him the right to change his mind about where he wants to go. Most had reasonably assumed that his time in


Tweet of the Night: Warriors players show support after the trade of David Lee

David Lee

With Draymond Green taking over the starting power forward position, emerging as one of the best defenders in the league and signing a five-year deal with the Golden State Warriors this summer, it was no secret that time had run out for former starter David Lee. It was a simple matter of when, and Lee, who had been with the team for the last five years through the good times and the bad, was finally traded on Tuesday to the Boston


Tweet of the Night: David Robinson thrilled with all the moves made by Spurs in free agency


The dynasty simply known as the San Antonio Spurs was eventually supposed to flame out with an aging group of stars that have stayed together for the entirety of their careers. With Tim Duncan (39), Manu Ginobili (soon-to-be 38) going well into their twilight years and Tony Parker (33) starting to slow down, their level of contention in the West was supposed to drop down a notch at some point – even with the growth and emergence of Kawhi Leonard, who


Tweet of the Night: Bill Simmons questions whether Aldridge is worth it for Spurs, players react to Day 3 of free agency


Slowly but surely, the free agent market is starting to dry out with over 40 signings in the first three days of the free agency period. Further significant signings occurred on Friday with the biggest deal going down for DeAndre Jordan, who decided to bolt the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Dallas Mavericks for four years on an $80 million contract. Other significant and relevant deals included the following: Tobias Harris agreed to stay in Orlando for a four-year, $64 million


NBA players react to Day 2 of 2015 free agency on twitter

Day 2 of the 2015 free agency period wasn’t quite as crazy as Day 1, but plenty of players looking for new homes (or old) were still on the move and locking themselves up with teams for years to come. Unless you were Dwyane Wade, of course, who agreed to a one-year deal worth $20 million to stay with the Miami Heat. In most cases, though, free agents have agreed to multi-year deals including the following: Damian Lillard – five-year, $125 million contract with