Tweet of the Night: DeMarcus Cousins reacts to another trade rumor, Vlade Divac and Vivek Ranadive show support

DeMarcus Cousins

There has been an ongoing rumor since George Karl took over the coaching position of the Sacramento Kings that the team is looking to move its center piece in DeMarcus Cousins, much to the dismay of the front office. The rumor has been defused a number of times by the team’s Vice President of Basketball Operations Vlade Divac as well as owner Vivek Ranadive, who even considered the idea of firing Karl for causing such an unexpected internal turmoil.  [Read more…]


Tweet of the Day: Austin Rivers believes he’s better than a lot of players on USA Basketball Showcase roster


Physical condition, skill level and basketball knowledge are all crucial things that make NBA players who they are. Perhaps most importantly, though, it’s the mentality they have – this confidence in which they believe they are the very best in the world (whether it’s true or not) – that can take them to the highest level. Sometimes you hear certain players talk about themselves and can’t help but believe that some are completely delusional. Still, you’d rather deal with someone who is overly confident in their


Tweet of the Night: Michael Carter-Williams reacts to experience with Team USA

Michael Carter Williams Bucks

With Rio 2016 Olympics coming next year, USA Basketball is slowly but surely preparing to form one of the most devastating rosters basketball has ever seen. Plenty of superstars have been in attendance over the past week to do various drills and activities, as the coaches and executives try to figure out who belongs on the team next year. Of course, most of the players who got to play during the Team USA Showcase on Thursday are unlikely to make the official 12-man


Tweet of the Night: Jared Sullinger shares before and after photo of now and two months ago


Being in great physical shape isn’t an issue for most NBA players, but it has always been one of the bigger obstacles for Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger. Sullinger, who is listed as 260 pounds, was criticized by Danny Ainge for not being in better overall condition in late April. It was reported that he would change his habits and work on getting in better shape heading into next season as he enters his fourth year in the league. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Isaiah Thomas wishes he could undo his tattoos


Expression through art work in the form of tattoos is a big thing for NBA players. In fact, more than half the players in the league represent themselves with ink in some way. Some keep it to a minimum like Stephen Curry, while others go all out the way J.R. Smith did. Most don’t appear to have much regret about getting decorated, but Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas would apparently take it back if he had the chance to: [Read


Tweet of the Night: Markieff Morris has a message for the Phoenix Suns

Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris warned that his brother Markieff Morris would soon be out of Phoenix while getting into it with fans on twitter less than a week ago. Family knows best, and it appears the twin brothers knew that this was coming: it was reported on Thursday that Markieff Morris wants nothing to do with the Phoenix Suns organization and is looking to get dealt. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Night: Serge Ibaka shares a photo of his obsession with staying in shape


Most NBA players train year-round to be able to stay at the highest level in terms of physical ability, maintain strength and to help avoid injuries. You can always tell that some players go just a bit harder than others, though, by seeing their overall physical shape. Although a simple case of genetics plays a factor with some, players at the NBA level can mostly get in tip-top shape if they deem it necessary. Take Kyle Lowry, for example. The stocky point guard has