Tweet of the Night: Matt Harpring excited about the hiring of Quin Snyder as head coach of the Utah Jazz


The Utah Jazz have a new head coach to replace Tyrone Corbin, and his name is Quin Snyder. Snyder, who isn’t exactly a household name, has plenty of experience in the coaching department. Aside from being an assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks this past season, Snyder worked wonders as a head coach in the D-League and worked as an assistant to plenty of other notable coaches in past years. Here is his resume, from 


Players react to LeBron’s injury and air-conditioning issues for Game 1 in San Antonio


Players were rolling ice bags on their neck and head during and after Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Tim Duncan said he hasn’t played in this type of heat since he left the Virgin Islands. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs played under highly-unusual conditions, as the air conditioning in the AT&T Center stopped functioning due to electrical issues, according to Tim Reynolds of The AP:


Tweet of the Night: Metta World Peace says Dennis Rodman is the greatest power forward of all-time

Metta World Peace

Thanks in part to Charles Barkley, many fans of the NBA believe that Tim Duncan is the greatest power forward of all-time. Not that it isn’t necessarily true because Duncan is absolutely one of the best power forwards the game has ever seen, but Barkley has been endorsing that idea for a very long time and even went as far as saying Duncan was better than him.


SH Blog: LeBron James says Heat feel slighted, Bogut throws subtle shot at Mark Jackson, Sterling will sell team without suing NBA


Much has been made of Tim Duncan’s comments following a Game 6 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder when he declared that his team would beat the Miami Heat this time. It’s understandable because the words came from Duncan, and he rarely ever says things that are headline-worthy. More importantly, LeBron James assumed that the Spurs don’t like the Heat based on Duncan’s comments. Still, Duncan and others on the team mostly believe nothing out of the ordinary was said. Tony Parker,


Tweet of the Night: Jeff Teague can’t believe Tony Allen didn’t make an All-Defensive team


When it comes to end-of-the-season awards,  someone will always feel under-appreciated or even robbed, depending on who you ask. The results for the NBA All-Defensive Teams were announced on Monday, and there were plenty around the league who questioned some of the names that failed to make the list. Those in Houston will wonder how Dwight Howard failed to make the list, while Los Angeles Clippers fans will scratch their heads about the exclusion of DeAndre Jordan, who trailed Roy Hibbert by


SH Blog: James says Spurs don’t like the Heat, Bird says Stephenson’s game is unlimited once he matures


A rematch between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals seemed questionable before the playoffs began with the West looking so unpredictable and the Miami Heat not looking quite like the consistent championship team they’re supposed to be with Dwyane Wade’s health in question once again. When the Spurs struggled mightily against the Dallas Mavericks in the first round, it made it that much harder to figure out who might come out of the West. Once they got


Tweet of the Night: Wilson Chandler grieves for Taj Gibson and his family

Wilson Chandler

There was an absolutely terrifying report by New York Post late Sunday afternoon of a senseless, heinous crime that resulted in the death of a six-year-old boy. The victim, Prince Joshua Avitto, was in an elevator with seven-year-old Mikayla Capers on his way to get some ice cream when a man with a butcher knife did the unthinkable and stabbed both children multiple times. Critically wounded, Capers was sent to the hospital for surgery. Avitto, who turned out to be the cousin


NBA players react to Lance Stephenson’s antics in Game 6, Bill Simmons and Mike Wilbon have harsh criticism


Facing elimination once again, Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals was supposed to be do-or-die for the desperate Indiana Pacers. Instead, the team looked flat for much of the night on both ends of the floor, went down by 26 points by half time, and the game was well out of reach by mid-third quarter. Despite having the best record in the East during the regular season, it has been a tumultuous year for the Pacers. They limped their way into the