Tweet of the Night: Kyrie Irving sick of rumors and accusations, calls media headlines B.S.


Kyrie Irving 2This season has been one of great disappointment and controversy for Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Kyrie Irving.

Expected to be one of the more competitive teams in the Eastern Conference before the season began, the Cavaliers have floundered and are all but out of playoff contention after their latest 117-98 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday.

More importantly, there have been rumors all season long about how Irving doesn’t want to remain in Cleveland – rumors Irving has denied. The most recent report, however, went even further, saying he has wanted out of Cleveland for years. Robert Attenweiler of discussed with Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

The truth is [Kyrie’s] camp has been putting out there for years – years – that he doesn’t want to be in Cleveland. That they don’t want him in Cleveland. He doesn’t like Mike Brown. He didn’t like Chris Grant. He doesn’t like Dion Waiters. He’s already gotten a General Manager fired. He might get Mike Brown fired. This is the last time – once he signs he loses all of his leverage – so this is the last time he gets to enact leverage. I know he’s said all the right things so, fine, on July 1, when they offer a max contract – which they will – and I don’t even know if he’s a max player, but you have to sign him – sign a five year, no out. That’s what a max contract is. A max contract is five years, no out. If you want out or you want three years, that’s not a max contract. You want three years? Okay, we’ll give you $12 million a year. We’re not giving you the full thing.

I’m just giving you my feel right now and my feel is that he’s not crazy about [signing the full max extension] unless he gets everything checked off across the board.


Now, Kyrie has been very upset by this stuff but, whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, it exists out there and I’m just saying the way it is. I’m sure Cavs fans are upset about it. The Cavs are upset about it. When I’ve written about it, the Cavs have been like “Why does this stuff have to be written about us?” I say, “It has to be written about you because this could happen.”

SH Blog: Pau Gasol may be done for the season, Phil Jackson says Knicks can trouble teams in playoffs

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Pau-Gasol4The Los Angeles Lakers have had one of the most tumultuous seasons we have seen in a long, long time and Pau Gasol has been in the center of it all for much of the season.

With a plethora of injuries to key players and adjusting to life without Dwight Howard, the Lakers have played themselves to the second worst record in the West. Unlike Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, who have missed a majority of the season due to a variety of debilitating injuries, Gasol has managed to play through it all – controversies with Mike D’Antoni and all – for most of the season.

Until now.

After suffering some ill-effects from vertigo over the past couple of weeks, it appears the team may be ready to shut him down for the remainder of the season. Indeed, the center may have played the last game of his career in a Lakers uniform, from Mike Bresnahan of Los Angeles Times

Tweet of the Night: Jason Collins calls out Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant for signing a bill that could discriminate against homosexuals

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Brooklyn Nets center Jason Collins felt the need to call out the foul play of Bryant on Thursday, except it wasn’t towards the Bryant you may be thinking of.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill that essentially prevents the government from doing anything to put strong burden on religious practices. That could potentially include anti-gay discrimination, something Collins could not believe the governor would allow:

Collins became the NBA’s first openly gay athlete earlier this year and has since gained immense attention around the country. He is recognized as an inspirational figure of sorts at this point, so it isn’t to anyone’s surprise that he would openly speak against those in power who won’t do their part in helping the country become more accepting of a person, regardless of sexuality.

Tweet of the Day: Dwyane Wade Jamming In The Car

Tweet of the Night: Ekpe Udoh reacts after getting posterized by LeBron James

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Tweet of the Night: Ekpe Udoh reacts after getting posterized by LeBron James

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The Miami Heat went through a brief stretch in early March where nothing seemed to be going right on the court. They ended up losing five of six games during that time, drawing curiosity and doubt as to if this group has what it takes to win another championship from some around the league.

That period has come and gone, and a mostly-easy schedule has propelled them to eight wins in their last 10 games – including four straight after beating the lifeless Milwaukee Bucks 96-77 on Wednesday. They remained one game ahead of the Indiana Pacers in the loss column for the best record in the Eastern Conference.

LeBron James had 17 points, four rebounds and eight assists in the blowout victory. He also brought the house down with a monster dunk over Bucks power forward Ekpe Udoh:   

Twitter reacts to Stephen Curry’s game-winner against Dallas Mavericks

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Andre Iguodala Steve Blake Stephen Curry

With the season winding down and holding just a 1 1/2 game lead over the trailing Dallas Mavericks, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors could ill-afford to lose Tuesday’s game on the road at the American Airlines Center.

After an inexplicable loss against the New York Knicks on Sunday, the Warriors knew another loss – particularly to the Mavericks – would put them in a neck and neck battle for the remainder of the season with three other teams just to make it back to the playoffs. Golden State came out blazing and shot 55 percent or better from the field for much of the game despite having to play without David Lee and Andrew Bogut, but Dallas was ready for the challenge. Dirk Nowitzki, for the most part, had his way with 33 points on 13-of-21 shooting from the field – including six-of-eight from the 3-point line –  to go with 11 rebounds and three assists. Monta Ellis was also highly effective against his former team with 27 points and six assists. The Warriors countered with a number of weapons: Klay Thompson had 27 points, five rebounds and five assists, Andre Iguodala had 16 points on seven-of-nine shooting to go with eight rebounds and seven assists, Jermaine O’Neal turned back the clock with 20 points and eight rebounds, Jordan Crawford had 19 points on an impressive seven-of-10 shooting, and Draymond Green did a bit of everything with nine points, seven rebounds, six assists, two steals and a block.

In the end, though, Curry would have the final say, as he launched a shot over Jose Calderon with virtually no time left on the clock in overtime.