Hubbard: 44 Minutes? What Would Wilt Say?


If it were possible to detect a belly laugh from the hereafter, I’m sure there would have been something bordering on a thunderclap last week when the NBA announced Sunday’s Brooklyn-Boston preseason game would be 44 minutes instead of 48. On second thought, it might have been closer to a booming “WTF?” Wilt Chamberlain has been dead for 15 years, but I can guarantee the mere suggestion of reducing the length of games still irritates him. “Forty-four minutes,” Wilt would bellow. “You


Hubbard: Smart Money is on the Spurs


Four months have passed since the masterpiece was finished with a throwback flourish that had purists spouting superlatives and invoking sacred basketball institutions like the Red Holzman Knicks, the Jack Ramsay Blazers . . . Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, James Naismith. The Spurs joined the pantheon of great teams when they mutilated the Heat dynasty in the 2014 NBA Finals, playing a brand of team basketball that Naismith would have found ideal, even if it was unimaginable when he invented the


Hubbard: Olympic age limit not worth dreaming about


In the two-plus decades since the 1992 Olympics, the Dream Team has been celebrated and romanticized. References to it are wistful and reverential. The Dream Team represents perfection. In the basketball world, it was the greatest. How easily we forget that the basketball power structure in the United States thought the idea of having NBA players in the Olympics was repulsive. At the 1989 vote in Munich to allow NBA players in the Olympics, the U.S. organization (later USA Basketball), which


Hubbard: In 1984 in Boston Garden, the heat was also on


In a very loose way, history repeated itself Thursday and it will be fascinating to see if the end result is failure – or perhaps another classic. A friend covering the NBA Finals called after Game 1 between the Heat and Spurs and asked for memories of the infamous Lakers-Celtics game in the 97-degree heat of Boston Garden. Other than a slight mix up on the year of the game (initially I thought it was 1985; it was ’84) and the


Hubbard: Magic Johnson could “Lakerize” the Clippers

Magic Johnson

The procedure to terminate Donald Sterling’s ownership of the Clippers has produced a number of amusing ironies. When the 30 NBA team executives vote on June 3, Sterling cannot vote. Even though he still owns the team, he has been banned for life under NBA bylaws. The league has appointed Dick Parsons, who once was chairman of Time-Warner, to run the Clippers. So how do you think Parsons will vote? That means Sterling’s banishment from the league will likely be by a


Hubbard: Why the Lakers will win tonight’s Draft Lottery

Andrew Wiggins

(READERS: Jan Hubbard suggested this morning that the staff make lottery predictions. And while I am comfortable myself predicting a Nuggets win with the Knicks’ combination of numbers, it is truly a guessing game. So you have my guess, and here is Hubbard’s — in a column originally published Jan. 11-CS) While Laker haters throughout the NBA are able to enjoy the struggles of one of the two most successful franchises in the league, they perhaps have overlooked the irony of


Hubbard: In Dealing with Sterling, Silver Should Overdo It

Donald Sterling

In what surely would be a failed attempt at objectivity, I searched the Internet to see if there was any way I could give Donald Sterling the benefit of the doubt. I have to admit I was giggling at the premise. Sterling has a long and glorious history of idiocy, so any attempt to paint him as a party wronged in his current racist controversy — or, in fact, any of his controversies — would be spectacularly futile. But miracle of miracles,


Jan Hubbard’s Postseason Award Choices


One of my favorite factoids involving NBA awards goes back to the ’50s and ’60s when the two premier legends in the history of pro basketball were dominating the game. Wilt Chamberlain was a mythical character – a combination of Paul Bunyan, Jack in the Beanstalk and the Incredible Hulk. Bill Russell was the ultimate winner — 11 championships in 13 seasons. Yes, I believe Michael Jordan is the best player ever, but Wilt and Russell were bigger than life and their legend