Fantasy Spin: Cavaliers, Clippers and Bargains


Congratulations to “rdog” on winning $100,000 last night at DraftKings with an impressive 348 points. “TwoGun” finished second and third (earning $60,000) and hit the leaderboard with several more lineups. 3,475 cash prizes were paid among the 11,741 entries, a huge overlay for everyone who entered. Chris Bosh was owned on just 5.6% of teams and produced 56.25 points; I regret using DeMarcus Cousins instead.


Fantasy Spin: Win $100,000 Cash Tonight

russell westbrook

The NBA $400K CROSSOVER at DraftKings has a first prize of $100,000, more than enough to warrant the $27 entry fee. Last night “pianoclub” scored 321.25 points to win the $100K guaranteed pool, taking home $10,000, while 1,999 other entries (out of 8125) shared $90,000 in consolation prizes.


Fantasy Spin: Spurs Could Make You Rich


Basketball is back! Even if you have never tried Daily Fantasy Sports, it’s worth entering the NBA $100K PICK AND ROLL tonight at DraftKings. There are also ways to qualify tonight for Wednesday’s NBA $400K CROSSOVER and its $100,000 first prize. Bad luck for the Spurs — Kawhi Leonard’s lingering eye infection — has boosted his teammates’ value for all Tuesday contests, including the big one.


Fantasy Spin: Huge Jackpots Tuesday & Wednesday

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The really big money — $400,000 in cash, $100,000 top prize — is being given away on Wednesday night, but the NBA season starts tomorrow with another very lucrative contest at DraftKings. You can enter Tuesday’s NBA $100K PICK AND ROLL for just $12, and the top 2,000 teams will earn cash. First place is worth ten grand, second wins $5,000 and all payouts are 100% guaranteed, even if the limit of 9,500 players isn’t reached.


Fantasy Spin: Win $100,000 at DraftKings


It’s great to be back with Team Sheridan on the fantasy hoops beat. All that NBA knowledge gleaned from your Roto and Head-to-Head draft preparation can really pay off at DraftKings. The season tips off on Tuesday, October, 28th at 8:00 EST with a huge contest.


NBA Depth Chart 2013-2014

Here are the probable starters and backups for all 30 teams. This is provided to help you with draft prep, going deep enough for any 20-team league. We list the ten players on each team expected to receive the most minutes. It’s a work in progress, to be updated often throughout the season as injuries occur and roles change.


Playing Hardball: Hope You Followed Our Advice

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Featuring picks and comments by Rob Dudek Click on this banner to sign up for DraftStreet daily baseball leagues It was an enjoyable walk down DraftStreet on Wednesday. Clay Buchholz was my best bet and Hiram Burgos my longshot pitcher. Using both of them and Lance Lynn produced 28.45 points for $33,501 in salary. While I didn’t have Mike Napoli (21.25) and Mike Trout (10.75) was my only hitter above 7.25 points, all the bats contributed something and