Hamilton: Pablo Prigioni and Jason Kidd Are Unsung Heroes In Knicks Game 2 Victory


NEW YORK — Call it irony, but with Floyd Mayweather watching from Madison Square Garden’s expensive seats, in the third quarter, the New York Knicks began to resemble a spent prizefighter. And although Carmelo Anthony turned in an inspiring performance, it was the combination of Pablo Prigioni and Jason Kidd that made the Pacers throw in the towel. Prigioni will turn 36 years old later this month and Kidd, at 40 years old, is older than Pacers head coach Frank Vogel, who


Hamilton: Humbled and Refocused Knicks Will Win Game 6 in Boston


NEW YORK — The quiet demeanor of a champion is unmistakable. His persistence is unassuming. He fights to the end, until the battle is won. When it is, he celebrates… But for a moment. Because then, it is on to the next challenge. The Boston Celtics are champions. The New York Knicks are not, and the unmitigated hubris that the Knicks collectively exhibited heading into Wednesday night’s Game 5—and how the Celtics responded to it—proved that. And you know what? In the long run, the Knicks


Hamilton: J.R. Smith “Very Likely” to Test Free Agency


NEW YORK — On Tuesday night, in Game 2 of the best-of-seven series between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, J.R. Smith checked into the game with 8:24 remaining in the first quarter. Fresh off being minted as the league’s Sixth Man of the Year, Smith received a rousing ovation from the Madison Square Garden faithful. His first four shots found the bottom of the net, and the final one—a buzzer beating 36-footer that gave the Knicks a 26-20 lead after


A First-Hand Experience: Covering New York City’s First NBA Playoff Double-Header


Photo: RFERL.org NEW YORK — In New York City, fans are used to choosing sides. It is either the MLB’s Mets or Yankees, NFL’s Giants or Jets, or NHL’s Rangers or Islanders. Never both. That is why, immediately after it became known that the Nets were planning a move to Brooklyn, many Knicks fans began a personal crusade against all things Nets. Led by outspoken owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, some Nets fans were all too happy to take the fight to


Knicks vs. Celtics Preview: Five Key Factors


Last season, the creaky Boston Celtics entered the Eastern Conference playoffs as the fourth seed, having gone 39-27 over the NBA’s lockout truncated season. They ended up just three games better than the 36-30 New York Knicks, who ended up the conference’s seventh seed. [Read more…]


Mighty Moke’s Free Agency Rankings (Version 7.0)


In all walks of life, in tragedy there is opportunity. So today, as we mourn the loss of innocent lives in Boston, we should all take a moment to send thoughts and prayers to those affected by the horrific events that unfolded yesterday. We can use the tragedy as an opportunity to unite and come together. On any level, sports is a unifying force that has helped bridge economic, social, geographical and political divisions among citizens of the world, and the NBA


Hamilton: Knicks Win Streak Ends at 13 Games, and That’s a Good Thing

Carmelo Anthony

On Thursday night in Chicago, with 1.5 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of a tie game, Carmelo Anthony received a picture perfect inbounds pass from Jason Kidd and launched one of his signature one-dribble 20-footers. Beaten initially, Kirk Hinrich recovered just in time to get under Anthony and disturb his balance. The shot was long, and the Knicks went on to lose in overtime at the United Center. This is a scenario that could easily play out the same exact way when


Mighty Moke’s Free Agency Rankings (Version 6.0)

Nikola Pekovic

Now that Rick Pitino and his Louisville Cardinals have captured the NCAA Mens Division I Basketball Championship, we can get back to focusing on the big boys—many of whom have some big, big problems. Chris Sheridan gave us a rather interesting take on 10 unanswered questions that persist as we head down the stretch run of the season, and Chris Bernucca gave us a nice piece on separating the playoff contenders from pretenders. I am still have a very difficult time