Five Things to Watch: Chicago Bulls

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For the first time in years, the Chicago Bulls entered the offseason with salary cap flexibility and great expectations in the free agent market. But they finished second in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes, whiffed on Kevin Love and settled for veteran Pau Gasol as a consolation prize. However, if this team has the look of the same old Bulls, that may not be all bad. Derrick Rose returns from what amounts to a two-year layoff, and if the former MVP can


Ladewski: Bulls should pursue Al Jefferson in sign-and-trade


CHICAGO – After the hated Miami Heat bounced his team from the playoffs earlier this week, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found at the team’s practice facility. Once again, he left coach Tom Thibodeau and a few of his battered, beaten teammates to answer questions about his decision to sit out the entire 2012-13 season. Then again, some things are best left unsaid. For Team Try Hard, it was a season of sprained body parts and unfulfilled promise, one


Ladewski: Heat are Easy to Hate — Especially in Chicago


CHICAGO — Just when I had forgotten how much the Detroit Pistons were disliked back in their Bad Boys days, the Miami Heat awoke the echoes again. Or more accurately, the Chicago Bulls and their fans did it for them. Every time the name LeBron James was announced, the rowdies can’t hold their boos. Every time he touched the ball, it was more of the same. There were enough hard pushes and shoves, well-placed elbows and venomous talk to reach at least


Ladewski: Derrick Rose Held Hostage, Day 377

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CHICAGO – The Heat and the Bulls met in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals Friday night, but the real story wasn’t about who was in uniform. It was again about who was in civvies. The undermanned, overmatched Bulls were without Luol Deng and Kirk Hinrich, and when center Nazr Mohammed was ejected in the first half,  team radio analyst Bill Wennington was next in line, presumably. No matter.


What Should Derrick Do? Be Like Mike

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Nearly a year after Derrick Rose went down on a mindless drive to the basket late in a lopsided playoff victory, the  question no longer is when the superstar guard of the Chicago Bulls will return, but whether he should bother at all.


Ladewski: Can the Pacers and Bulls ever have a rivalry?

Of the half-dozen division races, none is closer than in the Central, where the Indiana Pacers and the Chicago Bulls have been tighter than lockjaw for weeks now. The Central Division chase may be the most intriguing as well. I can’t recall the last time two teams have been this close in style, substance, record and proximity at the same time.


Ladewski: Postseason without Celtics, Lakers? Parish the Thought


I know you’re out there, so fess up. You’re a basketball fan who falls into one of three categories: You either love the Boston Celtics and hate the Los Angeles Lakers, or embrace the Lakers and despise the Celtics, or throw poison darts at both of them. Well, I hate to break this to you, Jim Mora breath, but you may be very disappointed this spring. Playoffs?! You mean the Celtics and the Lakers won’t be in the playoffs?! Both of them? With Rajon Rondo