10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Mavericks and Hawks Make Playoffs, Clippers Match Franchise Record

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7dcc14b4c2bd11e38ceb0002c954fee0_8With the final days of the 2013-14 NBA regular season upon us, only one spot remains in the postseason. On Saturday, April 12, the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference was locked up and a seventh team in the Western Conference clinched a berth in the playoffs.

Here’s everything that you need to know about last night’s action.

10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Corey Brewer Scores 51, Raptors Clinch Division, Warriors in Playoffs

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20140101_Corey_BrewerWhat a strange night in the NBA.

One of the most improbable scoring performances took place as a career role player eclipsed the 50-point plateau. A team that’s unfamiliar with success secured the Atlantic Division title, a meeting between championship contenders ended in a blowout and a legendary organization continued to reach new heights of regular season success.

Here’s everything that you need to know about last night’s action.

Tweet of the Day: Damian Lillard Hits Hard On Final #4BarFriday Of Regular Season

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Portland Trail Blazers superstar point guard/ @ Dame Lill-ard/ continues to drop rhymes hard.

It’s #4BarFriday, and this time around/ as the NBA regular season winds down—

He’s illin’ on some W-W-E stuff/ wreckin’ the beat like he’s wreckin’ the Heat/ his lyrics are tough!

#4BarFriday, sure not to bore ya’/ Rest In Peace Ultimate Warrior!

My apologies. In honor of #4BarFriday, I thought it’d be fun to start with a rhyme. I leave you with Damian Lillard, he’s much better than I.

Sixth Man Rankings: Morris and Gibson are in a Deadlock


question markWith just one more week to go in the NBA season, it’s time for our final round of “Name That Big Man!”

Scotto: Brooklyn Nets are Legit Contenders After Sweeping LeBron — UPDATED

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LeBron James trophyNo team has done what the Nets have done. And going into the playoffs, what they’ve done should not be dismissed.

On Tuesday, the Brooklyn Nets became the first team ever to post a 4-0 season series sweep over LeBron James since he entered the league more than a decade ago.

After being crowned by the Nets, James took out his frustration on TNT’s Craig Sager during a postgame interview when asked if Brooklyn was Miami’s biggest challenge in the East.

“Get out of here, Craig,” James replied. “Next question.”

While James avoided the question, there’s no denying it – Brooklyn has a legitimate chance to win the East now.