Mo Williams trade gives Hornets much-needed PG stopgap

Mo Williams

The Charlotte Hornets got much-needed point guard depth on Tuesday in their quest for an Eastern Conference playoff spot by acquiring veteran Mo Williams from Minnesota in exchange for shooting guard Gary Neal and a 2019 2nd round pick. Charlotte can now start Williams at the point with Kemba Walker still out after undergoing knee surgery, and avoid using the much-maligned Lance Stephenson at the position. “Mo Williams is a proven NBA player who gives us additional versatility and depth in the backcourt, both


Scotto: Draymond Green’s Free Agency Value Is Skyrocketing Amid Breakout Season


NEW YORK – Draymond Green picked the best time to have a breakout season – his contract year. Several general managers and executives, who spoke to SheridanHoops on the condition of anonymity, pegged Green’s value between $10-14 million per year as an unrestricted free agent this summer. After leading Golden State to the team’s 40th victory against New York on Saturday, Green discussed his breakout season and upcoming free agency with SheridanHoops.


Photo of the Day: NBA’s “History of NYC Hoops” Map


In honor of the NBA All-Star Game in New York City this coming weekend, the NBA has released what they’re calling the “History of NYC Hoops” map. It is a collection of nearly every notable or iconic basketball figure to come out of New York on the map that includes, photos, highlights, and descriptions of the biggest and best from the Big Apple.


Bernucca: “Soft” Wizards Staggering Toward All-Star Break


After the Washington Wizards ended a season-high five-game losing streak Saturday with a 37-point victory over the Brooklyn Nets, Marcin Gortat wasn’t quite ready to declare that their earth was back on its axis. “At the end of the day, it was Brooklyn, so we can’t get really excited,” he said. There’s nothing like perspective. And Gortat is right: One win against a plodding, tired team is nothing to get excited about. What the Wizards should be is concerned. Prior to the win


Photo of the Day: Ty Lawson and the Smurf Gang Chain

Ty Lawson Smurf Chain

We know that professional athletes are very well compensated for what they do. We also know that sometimes, what professional athletes spend their money on and how much they spend on certain things can get a little ridiculous. I have not seen this before that I can recall, but Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson posted a picture of something he bought for himself on Friday night.


Photo of the Day: Boris Diaw Enjoys le Cirque du Soleil


If you’re a grown man and you’ve ever been to Cirque du Soleil, you’re not alone. However, you should still feel alone. San Antonio Spurs crafty forward Boris Diaw posted a photo on Thursday night of his viewing of the Canadian entertainment company. Canadian, yes, but still French to me.


Photo of the Day: Robin Van Dyke Lopez

Lopez and Matthews

I hate to put the same guy in the Photo of the Day for two days in a row, but there was nothing I could do today. I had no other choice, and after you see the picture you’ll know why. Robin Lopez is once again our chosen athlete for the POTD, but for a good reason.