Fantasy Spin: Saturday, January 18, 2014


The feature game of the night was Portland at San Antonio, a battle for the top spot in the Western Conference pecking order. The Blazers have been a tremendous road team this season and their star players, LaMarcus Aldridge/POR and Damian Lillard/POR, carried them to victory. Great individual performances abounded, headlined by Kevin Durant’s/OKC remarkable game against the Warriors. Blake Griffin/LAC, Stephen Curry/GSW, Carmelo Anthony/NYK and Al Jefferson/CHA were no slouches either. While the Saturday night schedule is a bit


SH Blog: Kobe Reflects on Lakers-Celtics, Rondo Set For Return Friday; Magic Takes Heat; LeBron Speaks of Uncertain Future


Kobe Reminiscences on Celtics-Lakers Rivalry You and I weren’t the only ones that were disappointed when the Boston Celtics shipped off Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett this past summer. Kobe Bryant was right there with us. Their departure not only had a domino effect on the competitive landscape of the Eastern Conference, but the entire NBA. The Celtics would no longer be a threat, and that would mean the revived Celtics-Lakers rivalry that this generation finally got to experience to the fullest would also


Scotto: What To Make of Knicks and Nets in mid-January?


After a combined 19-42 record at the end of 2013, the Knicks and Nets have treated 2014 as a clean slate and a springboard to salvage their seasons. Since the start of January, the teams have a combined 12-4 record. The New Year’s winning resolution has removed both teams from the Eastern Conference cellar and back into playoff contention – a seemingly distant thought only two weeks ago when both were the laughingstocks of the league. Below are the three reasons why each


Fantasy Spin: Friday, January 17, 2014


The Thunder-Rockets game was borderline ridiculous. After scoring 73 points in the first half, the Rockets totaled only 19 (!) in the second half and lost 104-92 to the Thunder. That kind of thing is not supposed to happen in the NBA. Reggie Jackson/OKC and Serge Ibaka/OKC stepped up to support Kevin Durant/OKC in the second half. The Nets and Hawks played an up tempo game in London, with the Nets pulling away for an easy win. The Knicks started


Tweet of the Day: LeBron James Acknowledges Wakeup Call

LeBron James

Not for the faint of heart among two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat fans, Wednesday night—after a two-day trip that included a stop by the White House—the “Heatles” fell to the Washington Wizards in disastrous fashion. The loss was their third straight. Many have insinuated that the Heat have been coasting through the early part of the season. Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Wizards, reigning MVP LeBron James addressed the coasting talk, “We’ll see Wednesday how I’m coasting. You’ll see the