Tweet of the Day: Atlanta Hawks Admit To Using Michael Jordan’s Secret Stuff


The Atlanta Hawks are on the road Tuesday night facing the Chicago Bulls, the team his airness Michael Jordan put on the map with six championships in the 1990s. With their hometown set to embrace snowpocalypse 2.0, they begin a three-game road trip that ends after the NBA All-Star break. The game against the Bulls didn’t start so well, however. They fell behind by as many as 25 in the first half, eventually going into halftime facing a 58-39 deficit. What was


Isaiah Thomas Takes Halftime Lead of Most Improved Player Rankings

IsaiahThomas crop

We’re nearing the All-Star break, and that means it’s just past halftime in the race for NBA Most Improved Player. So far this season, we’ve discussed Eminem, Seinfeld, the genetic connection between twins, existentialism, John Lennon, Mars Blackmon, and un-seeing the Eastern Conference standings. It’s been a great time, and I think we’ve all learned a lot. I know I have. But now, like middle school gym class, it’s time to separate the men from the boys. So let’s take a look at each candidate,


Fantasy Spin: Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The Philadelphia 76ers have been historically bad the last two days – losing by 40+ point margins on consecutive days is no mean feat. That’s what happens when your shooters get cold, you have a poor defense, and are facing two tremendous offensive teams. Denver is a completely different team without Ty Lawson/DEN: they were no match for a motivated Pacers squad. The Raptors’ first unit was in form, but the second unit gave back lead in the first and


Schayes: Are NBA Players Getting Played Again in Search for New Union Chief?


I will not be the next Executive Director of the players union. I got word of my rejection via e-mail, with no further explanation, so I decided to use my column this week to describe what is going on during the selection process, and what a shame it is. NBA players and all athletes in general have a pretty miserable track record at many things. Outside of actually playing basketball or another sport, their skills don’t necessarily translate into being successful in


Tweet of the Day: Nike Brings Kobe Bryant and Richard Sherman Together


Nike brought two of the most cerebral athletes together for a couple commercial shoots on Monday. The Beaverton, Oregon based shoe and apparel conglomerate paired five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant and recent Super Bowl champion Richard Sherman. The two star athletes were mutually enthusiastic about the opportunity to work in the same building. While the details of their advertisements are not public knowledge, it is rather fitting that the two would be featured together—both have had their battles with negative press (whether


Bernucca: Clippers Captain is Back, But the Ship Ran Just Fine Without CP3


Chris Paul returned to the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. We don’t want to be party-poopers, but it probably should be pointed out that the Clippers were better without him. This does not mean that GM Gary Sacks should start exploring trade possibilities for a top-five player. And it doesn’t mean that coach Doc Rivers should go with the hot hand at point guard at the end of games. But it does mean that if the Clippers want to win a championship this