SH Blog: Phil Jackson does player evaluation of his roster, Blake Griffin accused of bitchslapping a clubgoer

Phil Jackson

Lets talk about the New York Knicks. By now, you all know that Phil Jackson fired Mike Woodson and hired Derek Fisher after failing to entice Steve Kerr to take the coaching job. You also know that the team’s roster still has plenty of familiar faces that played a role in what turned out to be a disastrous season last year, along with some key additions – most notably being Jose Calderon and Sam Dalembert. Carmelo Anthony, of course, re-signed with


SH Blog: Board of Governors to Vote on Lottery Reform


Since the day he took over for David Stern as NBA commissioner, Adam Silver has promised change. He’s acted swiftly and abruptly in some cases, and slowly and methodically in others. On Wednesday, October 22, Silver’s attempted reformation of the Draft Lottery will be voted upon by the NBA’s Board of Governors. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, two teams are expected to vote no: the Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers. Lottery reform vote at NBA Board of Governors Wednesday. 23 of


SH Blog: Blake Griffin scuffles with Trevor Booker; Byron Scott defends old-school approach


Yes, we’re still in preseason. That doesn’t mean anyone wants to get dunked on. So when Trevor Booker saw Griffin going up for a classic Blake Griffin dunk, he did what every basketball player is taught to do: make him earn it at the line. Maybe it was a little rough, though.Griffin certainly thought so, as evidenced by the above clip. Booker got a flagrant-1 for the foul. After the game, he seemed to regret even escalating it as far as


SH Blog: Big Names in Contract Negotiations, Kobe Laughs Off Ranking


When it comes to the NBA preseason, the general population turns its focus to the relationship between coach and player. Not enough attention goes to what transpires between players and their respective front offices. With the 2014-15 regular season nearing, a number of players approaching the end of their rookie deals are working to put an end to the potential speculation. Restricted free agency isn’t the most popular process, as rising stars Eric Bledsoe of the Phoenix Suns and Greg Monroe of