SH Blog: Curry says he and Thompson are the best backcourt duo, Matt Barnes calls Mo Cheeks a d*ck

Curry Thompson

What backcourt is considered the best in the NBA heading into the upcoming season? That’s the question in the minds of many this week, including the players themselves. For example, John Wall and Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards openly stated that they are the best backcourt duo in the league on Tuesday. Dion Waiters of the Cleveland Cavaliers disagreed, word got back to Wall, and then the fun back and forth ensued between the two. Waiters got the final word,


SH Blog: Miami Upset LeBron With Miller Amnesty, Durant Plans To Rejoin Team USA in 2016


Many believed the Heat’s loss to the Spurs in the NBA Finals was when LeBron James first began to seriously consider leaving Miami. As it turns out, the wheels may have already been put in motion. Mike Miller, who followed James this offseason to the Cleveland Cavaliers, told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer this week that James initially began questioning the Heat’s brass when they used the amnesty provision on Miller in July 2013, sparing owner Micky Arison millions in salary and luxury-tax fees


SH Blog: Daryl Morey Fires Back at Mark Cuban


The San Antonio Spurs may be the reigning NBA champions, but it’s the Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets who are stealing headlines out of Texas. From players swapping teams to front office members trading barbs, there’s been no shortage of drama in the state where everything’s bigger. On Monday, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey took the gloves off and returned shots at Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. In an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Morey responded to the consistent jabs that Cuban


SH Blog: Kidd praises Antetokounmpo’s work ethic; Waiters could play point guard

Jason Kidd Twitter Search Photo

When Giannis Antetokounmpo came into the league, the buzz was that he was a point guard in the body of a power forward. That’s not an especially uncommon description, especially coming out of the shallower talent pools of Europe, where the best players are often allowed to essentially play wherever they’ll touch the ball most at young ages. Dario Saric is another recent prospect in that mold. Even a couple big-time American prospects got the “point guard athleticism, big man frame” tag:


SH Blog: Rajon Rondo Undergoes Surgery, Jeffery Taylor On Leave from Hornets


Travel back to 2012. Rajon Rondo had ripped off 24 consecutive games with double-digit assists, falling just five games short of John Stockton’s NBA record. In the weeks that followed, Rondo posted four postseason triple-doubles, a 44-point clinic against the Miami Heat and a not-so-sudden emergence as one of the best players in the league. This resulted in the relatively common belief that Rondo had emerged as one of the Top 10 players in the league. In the two seasons since, Rondo has been unable to stay on


SH Blog: LeBron James Says He May have Stayed In Miami Had They Won The Finals


It’s easy to look back at the end of last season and come up with a bunch of “what if?” scenarios about what would have happened if Miami had won the NBA Finals. Well NBA conspiracy theorists can continue coming up with their own possibilities, as word has spread that LeBron James is teasing folks on what this past summers decision could have been. In an interview with  Rachel Nichols that is set to air Friday night at 10:30 pm on


SH Blog: Eric Bledsoe signs $70 million deal with Suns, Bill Simmons suspended by ESPN


All summer long, Eric Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns refused to cooperate with each other. He wanted a max deal and the team had no interest in viewing him as someone worth that kind of money. Based on what was being said and done from each side, it appeared as though the two were headed for an ugly ending. Then came Wednesday, when the Suns could no longer deal with the risk they were putting themselves under by doing nothing with Bledsoe