Sheridan: How Many Team USA Spots Are Truly Up For Grabs?


LAS VEGAS — Practically every top American basketball player is descending on Las Vegas this week for Team USA’s mini-camp. All of them have their sights set on being a part of the 2016 Rio Olympic team. But how many have a realistic shot at joining the very best of the best on what can only be called the SuperDreamTeam? Put it this way: James Harden is a fringe player. So is Blake Griffin. And Kevin Love. The United States has enough talent


Bernucca: Time for the Angriest Man in Basketball to Grow Up

Morris and Gibson

Does Markieff Morris want out of Phoenix? According to a tweet Thursday from The Burns and Gambo Show, who hold the Valley’s sports radio drive time slot, Morris wants nothing to do with the Suns and hasn’t talked to any team member – player or staff – since the season ended. The tweet doesn’t cite a source, either within the Suns or close to Morris. At the same time, Morris’ offseason silence would allow Suns staffers to easily draw some conclusion about


Sheridan: Reviewing the Report Cards for All 30 NBA Teams


Way back in 1979, I got my first taste of Jesuit Education in 9th grade Ancient Greek class. On the first day of high school at Fordham Prep, professor Douglas Tobin gave us our first homework assignment: Learn the Greek alphabet, capital letters and small letters. “There will be a hit or miss quiz tomorrow,” he said. Hit or miss quiz? “You get either a 100 or a zero,” Tobin explained. “If you get one single thing wrong, you get a zero.” Every


Sheridan: Teams with unfinished business include Cavs, Blazers, Sixers


You won’t find Neil Olshey, Sam Hinkie or David Griffin on a beach at some island resort this week. We are deep into summer, but those three general managers have plenty of unfinished business as we head into the latter third of July. If you want to take pity on one of the three, pick Olshey. His Portland Trail Blazers lost four-fifths of their starting lineup from a team that ran away with the Pacific Division, and his only center heading


Nuggets head coach Mike Malone thankful for a second chance

Mike Malone headshot

LAS VEGAS– The people at the NBA who make the schedule for its annual Summer League don’t do anything by accident. For the second year in a row, the featured game on the first day of action pitted this year’s top two draft picks against one another. So Sunday afternoon’s matchup between the Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings was meant to be an awkward, bittersweet affair. In the middle of it all was Mike Malone. Fired in the middle of last


Kristaps Porzingis leaves Knicks fans hopeful after Las Vegas Summer League debut


LAS VEGAS– Thousands of Knicks fans filled the bottom half of the lower bowl inside the Thomas & Mack Center at 1:30 in the afternoon, desperate for something to be optimistic about. Sadly, the Summer League New York Knicks squad had a lot of familiar faces from the 17-win squad, the team’s worst season ever. The one major change was a 7-1 teenage Latvian named Kristaps Porzingis, the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft. After a rude reception on draft night,


Sheridan: Should We All Cut DeAndre Jordan a Break?


The day dawned without a single word of disgust on Mark Cuban’s Twitter account. No even an emoji … even a simple one, like a frowning face. Today is the day after DeAndre Jordan reneged on his verbal commitment to the Dallas Mavericks and instead decided to return to the Los Angeles Clippers, keeping Lob City intact and making the Mavs’ decision-makers go back to the drawing board and their analytics tables to debate the relative merits of JaVale McGee and


Sheridan: Cavs the only true winners in free agency


Let’s be real here for a second. As nice of a job as the San Antonio Spurs did in free agency, along with the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks, does that really make any of them the outright winners? No, it says here. Despite a ton of unfinished business (LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Matthew Dellavedova remain unsigned free agents, and a Brendan Haywood trade is coming), the Cavs are emerging as the biggest winners of the summer for one