Sprung: LeBron James and Erik Spoelstra preach patience for Miami Heat


BROOKLYN – LeBron James doesn’t like losing. Not one bit. His Miami Heat just barely put up 60 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday night in an 86-62 defeat at the Barclays Center. Was he mad? Nope, he was patient. “We’re just trying to get better and not waste an opportunity to get better,” James said. “We don’t have all our guys playing, but when guys were in the game, they played, worked hard.” Miami didn’t really work so hard rebounding the basketball


NBA Draft 2014: Very Early Mock Lottery


Mid-October is not synonymous with the NBA draft. Basketball fans are usually starting to notice the NBA preseason and getting ready for the start of college ball. But unlike past years, there has been a greater focus on the 2014 NBA draft and the overwhelming star power it has. That is why “Tankapalooza” is already part of basketball lexicon. For a long time, this next draft has been called the Andrew Wiggins Lottery, and one year prior to the 2014 draft, the


Sprung: What does Brad Stevens bring to rebuilding Celtics?


BROOKLYN– Brad Stevens is new to the NBA, and the Boston Celtics have had to grow familiar with his brand of coaching over the course of training camp and the preseason. With just about two weeks before the start of the season – and a new era for the franchise – the Celtics seem pleased with the progress the team is making under Stevens’ early stewardship. If general manager Danny Ainge’s plan for the franchise is for the rookie coach to grow


Preseason Playoff Picture: Eastern Conference

John Wall

Who is crashing the playoff party in the East this season? Conventional wisdom says the two-time defending champion Miami Heat, Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are head and shoulders above the rest of the Eastern Conference and – barring a disaster – will secure the top five spots. At the other end of the conference, you can probably toss out the Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats and Philadelphia 76ers, who could pool their rosters to come up with


Preseason Playoff Picture: Western Conference

gasol and nash

In a teleconference last week, we asked NBA analysts Chris Webber and Greg Anthony to pick a Western Conference team which missed the playoffs last season but will make the playoffs this season. “Dallas, mainly because of Dirk Nowitzki,” Webber said. “He’ll be back healthy. What he does, with spacing, getting guys involved … We take his game for granted.” “I would go with the Pelicans,” Anthony said. “I think that’s a team that could make sizeable leaps and surprise a lot


Schayes: The New Analytics: Fool’s Gold?


Figures lie and liars figure. I remember when I asked my accountant how much I made from my investments one year and his answer was, “How much do you want to make?” Then he dropped the line above. I don’t mean that he was a crooked accountant. As a matter of fact, the opposite was true. His reputation was so good that his clients were almost never audited. The point was that you can use statistics to prove whatever you want them


Scotto: Will Deron Williams Play This Preseason?


Deron Williams practicing free throws. Photo courtesy of Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto) BROOKLYN – Jason Kidd raised eyebrows while addressing Deron Williams’ injury over the weekend. Kidd was asked if he would be comfortable sitting his franchise point guard for the entire preseason. “This is going to be a question that we’ll probably have to deal with every day until he does get the green light to go,” said Kidd. “But we’re not rushing him, so if we have


Dinosaurs Deliver: Senior Staff Predictions for the 2013-2014 NBA Season


If you put together all the years of basketball journalism experience among the six writers listed below (OK, we’ll exclude Danny Schayes, but he DID learn a thing or two during his six or seven decades as a backup stiff center), you’ve got almost a century of combined veteran savvy. Yes, we are older than the Nets. And last year’s GeriatKnicks. Those of you who have been following this site since its inception more than two years ago know that Sheridan Hoops