Heisler: David Stern, the MJ of NBA commissioners, Calls it an Era


As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end, an NBA without David Stern, amen. It’s true. There is going to be an NBA without its commissioner of the last 30 years, who’s handing over his axe, er, stepping down in favor of Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver on Feb. 1. It just won’t seem like the NBA, though. Not that the league won’t continue on its merry way. The stars will still be stars. The league will continue to


May: How David $how Me The Money $tern Ruined the NBA


These fans are sitting in what used to be press row at Madison Square Garden David Stern never really cared about the people who did more to publicize his product than any other group: the NBA beat writers for the daily newspapers, and later, for the major Web sites. Stern pretended to evince a modicum of interest in his meetings with us, which came a couple times during the year. He’d listen, then basically ignore everything he heard.


Scotto: What To Make of Knicks and Nets in mid-January?


After a combined 19-42 record at the end of 2013, the Knicks and Nets have treated 2014 as a clean slate and a springboard to salvage their seasons. Since the start of January, the teams have a combined 12-4 record. The New Year’s winning resolution has removed both teams from the Eastern Conference cellar and back into playoff contention – a seemingly distant thought only two weeks ago when both were the laughingstocks of the league. Below are the three reasons why each


Zagoria: Has Andrew Wiggins Dropped From the No. 1 Pick in the Draft?

Andrew Wiggins

The Canadian invasion of the NBA has hit a speed bump. Anthony Bennett, the Canadian chosen No. 1 overall in 2013 by the Cleveland Cavaliers, is trending toward being a full-scale bust. And Andrew Wiggins, the Ontario native widely expected to be the No. 1 pick in 2014 when this college basketball season began, could “fall” to No. 2 or 3 come June. “I think Wiggins is still in the proper range,” one NBA executive told SheridanHoops.com. “No. 1 if things go well,


Why Australia’s Dante Exum Will Be a High Lottery Pick

Dante Exum

Australian basketball has received a much-needed shot in the arm over the last 12 months. And just wait and see what’s coming next. Former top overall draft pick Andrew Bogut has returned to full health and is again playing solid two-way basketball for the surging Golden State Warriors. Patty Mills has emerged from chief towel waver for the San Antonio Spurs to knockdown 3-point gunner. And undrafted rookie guard Matthew Dellavedova has worked his way into the rotation for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It


Schayes: End of an Era With David Stern Retiring


As we approach February and the 2014 All Star Weekend, the league will approach a milestone that for the vast majority of NBA players, fans, and executives will represent uncharted waters .. . the great unknown. David Stern will not be the commissioner. As Stern retires after serving a 30-year term as commissioner, the game as we know it today is largely a product of his influence. Stern took over as commissioner when Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuon entered the league and Bird/Magic


Bernucca: Grading the Trades That Have Already Been Made


Since training camp opened, there have been five significant trades involving 10 teams, 19 players and seven draft picks. The big winners have been a team that got rid of the highest scorer among the traded players and a team that acquired a player who has yet to play. The big loser has been a team that swears by analytics. Another way to look at it is like this: The biggest trades thus far have been the ones that haven’t been made