Garnett and Pierce, introduced as Nets, did not utter the word “Knicks”

Garnett Pierce

BROOKLYN — Two significant things about today’s Brooklyn Nets news conference — what was said, and what wasn’t said. First, the latter: The word “Knicks” was not mentioned one single time. It would have been like being at a wine-tasting, and uttering the word “Thunderbird.” No bigger sign of disrespect than treating an adversary as though it does not exist. Because in the new world of the Nets, the only other team that merits mention, the only other team that is in


May: Celtics-76ers Rivalry Needs a Rebuild on Both Sides


Less than 14 months ago, the Philadelphia 76ers were four minutes away from a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Four players remain from that team. Less than 14 months ago, the Boston Celtics were one win away from a trip to the NBA Finals. Two players remain from that team. The Celtics prevailed against Philadelphia on that Saturday in May, 2012, with Rajon Rondo recording a triple-double after Paul Pierce fouled out with 4:16 to play and the Celtics clinging to


Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining NBA Free Agents — July 17 Update


Mike Miller If you had a nickel for each time you read the word “amnesty” since July 1, you would probably have as much money as Chris Paul. The good news today, though, is that you will not have to be overly concerned with the 2011 CBA’s amnesty provision until next summer. By rule, an NBA team that wishes to waive a player via the amnesty clause must do so within the first seven days that immediately follow the


Mitnick: Top 16 Summer League Breakout Players


After going through an 82-game NBA season, many young NBA players are like caged lions ready to bust out when given the chance. I have just spent the better part of two weeks witnessing it first-hand, watching 15 games in Orlando and more than two dozen so far in Vegas, baby, where the games continue through July 22. The NBA summer leagues are a great opportunity for unproven players to show NBA coaches and decision makers that they deserve a chance


Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining Free Agents — July 16 Update

Metta World Peace receives a warm "Thank You" from the Lakers.

Andrei Kirilenko, AK-47 The Brooklyn Nets went out and got themselves an AK-47, and the New York Knicks responded by calling for World Peace. Could there possibly have been any better storyline on Day 15 of NBA Free Agency? Perhaps, but this was pretty good. As we mentioned in our July 14 update, World Peace cleared amnesty waivers at 5:00pm ET on Sunday and was a free agent for all of about 24 hours before it was announced that he


Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining Free Agents — July 14 Update


Brandon Jennings When Monday morning rolls around and the NBA free agency period continues, the biggest winner over the weekend will not be Metta World Peace and it will not be Jeff Teague. Brandon Jennings is now the man with much of the power. Over the weekend, it was reported that the Atlanta Hawks decided to match the four-year, $32 million offer sheet that Teague signed with the Milwaukee Bucks. As a result, Teague will remain a Hawk for


Hubbard: Jason Kidd Still Seeing The Whole Court


After a practice at the Team USA training camp in Las Vegas before the 2008 Olympics, Jason Kidd sat in the first row of the bleachers and talked about Chris Paul and Deron Williams, who were sitting on the opposite side of the court. At age 35, Kidd knew he would get limited playing time in the Olympics because of Paul (23 at the time) and Williams (24), who were extraordinarily talented although each still had much to learn. Kidd played the