Buyout Bonanzas: Granger, Gordon, Fredette Could Help Playoff Teams

danny granger

Does anyone want Danny Granger? How about Jimmer Fredette? This is the last week for contenders to shore up their playoff  rosters with NBA players for a run they hope will last into June. Teams have until March 1 to sign players eligible for the playoffs. The Los Angeles Clippers already made a big splash on that front by signing Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who had the final two years of his contract bought out by Orlando. It’s a good fit. The Clippers desperately


Schayes: March Numbness Around the Corner; Doldrums Await


Enjoy “February free agency” while it lasts, folks. After Metta World Peace and maybe even Danny Granger get bought out and waived, you know what awaits? The dark days. March Numbness … or Sadness … or Badness. If you think the Sixers are bad now, allowing 130 points to the Bucks on Monday night, just wait. It will be mind-numbing. The six weeks after All Star Weekend is the part of the schedule that players dread. It’s the part of the season


Bernucca: Feeling the Heat, Pacers Had To Make a Move


All season, the Indiana Pacers have maintained that homecourt advantage for the Eastern Conference playoffs, and their chemistry will give them a great chance to dethrone the two-time NBA champion Miami Heat. Are both slipping away? In the last two weeks, Indiana’s grip on the East’s best record has loosened considerably. And the Pacers’  big move at Thursday’s trading deadline, acquiring Evan Turner, illustrated that their belief in chemistry may have been overstated.


The Third Banana Awards, Team by Team


I noticed recently that  ESPN’s Bill Simmons had been using the term “Third Banana” when referring to the third-best player on a team. A simple concept, but it did get me thinking. Who are the best “third bananas” in the NBA? I decided to put together a list ranking every team’s third-best player, and then I’d put that player into an overall league ranking, from 1-30. Ultimately I was hoping to stumble upon a correlation between how high a teams Third Banana


May: Celtics-Lakers was a Battle For Ping-Pong Balls


Catch that riveting Celtics-Lakers game Friday night? Yeah, neither did I. Talk about a scheduling nightmare. The game featuring the two marquee franchises – as opposed to teams – was the second of ESPN’s Friday Night doubleheader. It featured two teams who have a combined 13 wins over the last two-plus months. With Kobe Bryant and the calcifying-before-our-eyes Steve Nash out, the Lakers’ only discernible attraction was Pau Gasol. The Celtics had Rajon Rondo, whose much-trumpeted comeback from knee surgery has helped


Sheridan: Trade Analysis as Deadline Day Deals Go Down


Now you know why we call it the best day of the NBA season. Deals go down, fact triumphs over fiction, Sam Hinkie is outed as a hoarder and Larry Bird wins big at the buzzer. A total of 10 trades were agreed to already today after two deals were made Wednesday on the day before the NBA trading deadline (Steve Blake from the Lakers to the Warriors for Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks; and Marcus Thornton from Sacramento to Brooklyn for


Larry Brown, Still Going Strong at 73, Had Iverson Lecture SMU Team


PHILADELPHIA—Did you hear the one about Allen Iverson extolling the virtues of “practice” on a recent trip to SMU? Probably not. And we are unsure if Iverson actually did extol those virtues, although he was brought in to give a pep talk to the team. Why? Because Iverson and Larry Brown still have a bond, and the in-person tutorial was Brown’s idea. And the pep talk helped fuel the team’s rise to a 20-6 record. To fully comprehend the strength of the relationship between