Hubbard: In Dealing with Sterling, Silver Should Overdo It

Donald Sterling

In what surely would be a failed attempt at objectivity, I searched the Internet to see if there was any way I could give Donald Sterling the benefit of the doubt. I have to admit I was giggling at the premise. Sterling has a long and glorious history of idiocy, so any attempt to paint him as a party wronged in his current racist controversy — or, in fact, any of his controversies — would be spectacularly futile. But miracle of miracles,


Sheridan: Adam Silver gets an F on his First Big Test


That’s it, Adam? Donald Sterling has agreed to miss one game? And you didn’t say anything negative about him? Damn. I guess David Stern spoiled us. The old commissioner would never have delivered such a vanilla series of statements in reacting to one of the biggest scandals the NBA has seen in years. Let me get this straight: We have an owner (allegedly) making statements that he doesn’t want his girlfriend to bring black people to Clippers games, and he doesn’t want her to


Scotto: Eff This: Brooklyn’s Backcourt Spoils Masai Ujiri’s Trip to Brooklyn

Masai Ujiri Raptors rally

Masai Ujiri made his first trip to Brooklyn since his infamous remarks about the borough before Game 1 at a fan rally in Toronto. “F*ck Brooklyn,” Ujiri said. (Some of you might not have known exactly what Ujiri said. Now you know.) Sitting courtside at Barclays Center before Game 3, Ujiri spoke with SheridanHoops about the incident and the hostile environment the Raptors would face in Brooklyn going forward. “It wasn’t about Brooklyn, honestly,” Ujiri told SheridanHoops. “I apologized to Brooklyn, I apologized


May: Memo to Shaq: STFU and Look in the Mirror


Here’s an appeal to Shaq: As Pat Riley would say, STFU when the topic of discussion is Dwight Howard. Shaq’s ongoing, unrelenting and borderline ridiculous criticism of Howard is old and tired. He’s been at it for years, whether it’s Howard’s play in Orlando, Howard’s decision to leave the Lakers, Howard’s decision to sign with Houston or Howard’s play in the Rockets’ playoff series with Portland. He’s ripped him on TV, in the newspapers and in his autobiography. Shaq, whose dim-witted presence on


Schayes: How Players Handle the Ups and Downs of a Playoff Series


March Madness seems like ages ago, and it did not leave all that many enduring memories. Well at least for those outside of Connecticut. While the NCAA basketball tournament is full of ups and downs, upsets and buzzer beaters, it is over in a flash. Three weekends of a basketball binge … and it’s gone. One team celebrates while 67 others just go home. It’s so impossible to predict that even a $1 billion  bracket bet was over the first week. Now


Former NBA Coach of the Year Compares Wheelchair NBA Player to Karl Malone


SALT LAKE CITY, UT — While the start of the 2014 NBA Playoffs mark the end of another marathon of a regular season, the eyes of the nation were just focused on Massachusetts as the country honored the departed from last year’s bombings in Boston and celebrated its survivors.The more than 200 surviving runners and spectators from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings are adapting to their new lives with a variety of prosthetic limbs, crutches, wheelchairs and rehabilitation; all of which will


Scotto: Future Stars Shine Bright in Jordan Brand Classic

Jordan Brand Classic Logo

The Jordan Brand Classic introduced us to the game’s future stars. And from the looks of it, the future is bright. Top recruits from Duke, Kansas and Kentucky dazzled in the All-American Game and showed why each program has drawn considerable buzz heading into next season. Seton Hall – which had five recruits named to the Jordan Brand Classic – dominated the Regional Game. Canada shined in the International Game once again thanks to Jahvon Blair’s MVP performance with the help of his


Bernucca: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of the 2013-14 NBA Season


There were 1,230 games during the NBA season, and I read the stories and boxscores for every single one. That is how I compile Page 2 of my weekly notes column, which features the categories Quote of the Week, Line of the Week, Line of the Weak and the Trillion Watch. It’s also how I find gems like Mo Williams mysteriously playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. After my column is published every Monday, I take the winners of those weekly categories and save