Schayes: If You Think Jim Dolan is a Bad Owner …


The Zen Master himself has returned to the NBA as the newest Big Kahuna of the Knicks. Of course, he is about the fifth in a long line of saviors who have entered the black hole known as the Knicks front office. The job suffers from the common malady known as “responsibility without authority.” Basketball experts come and go under the whim of owner James Dolan, and the team is famous for its ability to go backward a lot faster than


Scotto: Phil Jackson Rejuvenates Carmelo Anthony, But Will Melo Stay?

Carmelo Anthony

Three years ago, New York literally rolled out the red carpet for Carmelo Anthony upon his arrival at Madison Square Garden while blasting “I’m Coming Home” by Diddy. On Tuesday, as Phil Jackson’s career officially came full circle, his introductory press conference soundtrack included “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” by Bon Jovi and “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen. Once the offseason begins, the nearly $130 million question is if Anthony and Jackson will return New York to the glory days by


Goran Dragic: Creative, energetic, unafraid and the savior of the Phoenix Suns’ season

Goran Dragic slashes, drives and penetrates into the lane like no other NBA player, creatively opening up space to create for himself and his Phoenix Suns teammates. That creativity, though, comes with a heavy price: the beating he takes on a nightly basis as he hurtles into and bounces around defenders with his breathtakingly fun to watch forays towards the basket which sweep opponents and fans alike off their feet like a swift and strong gust of wind. Dragic’s offensive game


Sheridan: Autopsy of Phil Jackson’s Introductory News Conference


Don’t expect miracles right away from Phil Jackson as he takes over the New York Knicks. Unless, of course, you consider making the playoffs this season befitting of miracle status. Because as much as Jackson talked about the future and the past, it was the present where he spoke most definitively. There were at least four occasions on which he discussed the upcoming playoffs, and only once did he hedge and acknowledge the Knicks might not make it. So when Jackson steps into


Chinese Basketball Association Finals Preview: Beijing Vs. Xinjiang


Half a world away from all the Phil Jackson madness, Stephon Marbury is competing for a championship … again. Game 1 of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Finals is Wednesday night. The two best teams in the league — the Beijing Ducks and the Xinjiang Flying Tigers — will play a best-of-seven series for the CBA championship. Beijing comes into the series having just upset the top dog of the league, the Guangdong Southern Tigers. Xinjiang, on the other hand, is the undisputed


Bernucca: Jackson’s Resume Alone Not Nearly Enough To Fix Knicks

Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson won’t be awful as president of the New York Knicks. He certainly won’t be as bad as Isiah Thomas was in running the club. And he will almost certainly be better than David Kahn, Bryan Colangelo, Joe Dumars, Otis Smith and Geoff Petrie have been in recent years. But Phil Jackson isn’t Isiah Thomas, or David Kahn, or Bryan Colangelo. He’s Phil Jackson, with a reputation of all things basketball that he touches turning to gold. And that’s exactly what


How do you defend Doug McDermott, Creighton offensive dynamo?


Click on this banner to search for NCAA Tournament tickets. As we look at our brackets and try to pick who will advance to the Final Four, a lot of focus will be given to likely national player of the year Doug McDermott, the Creighton do-it-all-forward. “McBuckets” is one of eight players to score more than 3,000 career points and could be the most dynamic and discussed player in the field of 68. So how do you defend