Schayes: An Open Letter to Dennis Rodman


Memo to Dennis Rodman: Dictators don’t have friends. Kim Jong-Un is using you. While I don’t know the North Korean dictator personally, I find it pretty hard to believe that Kim Jong-un is your “friend for life.” I don’t think that he is available to discuss a personal problem or offer advice on a business matter. I am pretty sure that he is using you for his own ends, not the other way around. While you may somehow believe that you are


Sheridan: Deng to Cavs is Coup for Chris Grant, Mistake by Mitch Kupchak


Well, Lakers fans, you get to keep staring at Pau Gasol and watch him age before your eyes — until the trade deadline, that is. OK, maybe a couple months longer. And the rebuilding plan that coincides with Kobe Bryant’s two-year contract extension? Don’t expect the Lakers to be flooded with max players. They still need to stay under the luxury tax line for two seasons to avoid the dreaded repeater tax, and it doesn’t look like this season will be


Bernucca: Memo to Mitch Kupchak: Stop Haggling and Start Tanking

gasol and nash

Mitch Kupchak shouldn’t be playing hardball.  In his desire to trade Pau Gasol, the GM of the Los Angeles Lakers should not have insisted on receiving Dion Waiters or a first-round pick from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nobody has overpaid for a rental since Ernie Grunfeld sent Ray Allen to Seattle for Gary Payton — and that was a long time ago. Kupchak should have lowered his demands to match the team’s expectations. The Lakers are done for this season and should be


Americans Playing in China: Top 10 Performances


Have you ever wondered what became of Delonte West? How about Randolph Morris? Hamed Haddadi? Marcus Williams? They are all part of the growing contingent of former NBA players in the Chinese Basketball Association. The CBA is definitely a league of its own and well worth following for its American star power. Defense is not a priority in the CBA, an offensive-minded league which emphasizes transition and the 3-pointer. It is a great place for undersized guards, tweener forwards and big men not


Your 2014 Guide to the Chinese Basketball Association


The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) is an amazing league for North American fans to follow. It features old-school, up-tempo basketball with a lot of American players. You’ll undoubtedly see some familiar faces and more than a few career revivals. The CBA is well run and very fan friendly. This is as good a time as any to start following the CBA – teams are just over the midway mark of the regular season, with the 2014 All-Star Weekend coming this month.


Hubbard: Hornacek has Suns Shining Brightly

Jeff Hornacek Suns

When the season was at hand, a number of distinguished correspondents on this site and many others offered predictions that ranged from serious to absurd. Preseason predictions are a little like Donald Sterling utterances – they’re made to be forgotten. But one I would have remembered if anyone had ventured it was this: After the month of December, Jeff Hornacek will be named Coach of the Month. Now that would have been impressive, particularly since the only handicapping involving the Phoenix Suns was their


Gambling on the Western Conference: A Free-For-All


Advertisement The Western Conference is absolutely nothing like the Eastern Conference when it comes to championship odds. We have what I call a two-horse race in the East versus what I am going to call the six-plus team race in the West. In the 15 previous seasons, only four teams (the Lakers, seven times; the Spurs, five times, the Mavericks, two times; the Thunder, once)  have won the Western Conference, which is a similar concept to what the Eastern