Marks: Sixers Finally Have a Coach. Now All they Need is a Team


PHILADELPHIA – No, that wasn’t a puff of white smoke emanating from the Philadelphia 76ers offices when their 118-day vigil finally came to an end Wednesday. It was more like they were waving the white flag, as if to say “Okay, we surrender. We’ll hire a coach, even though we all know the goal is to stink so bad this year we have the best chance to win the lottery, and a good coach might mess up the plan…’’ With that, “Nice


Schayes: Adam Silver Needs to Embrace NBA’s Living Pioneers


The NBA is about to go through one of its most important transitions in history. In fact, it is going through several simultaneously. While some are dramatic and others symbolic, the final cumulative effect should be an evolution — not a revolution. The most public and obvious is the retirement of Commissioner David Stern and the ascension of Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver to that powerful post. While their styles are very different, the succession has been planned out and should be very


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Improved Depth Makes Playoffs Possible for Portland

Phoenix Suns v Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard, last season’s Rookie of the Year, led the NBA in minutes played. To put that into perspective, over the last five seasons, only two rookies – O.J. Mayo and Derrick Rose in 2008-2009 – even placed in the top 15 in minutes played. That comes out to three rookies among 75 players, a minuscule 4 percent. It is beyond a tremendous burden to put on a rookie, much less one who is handling the ball. That burden extended to the


Bernucca: Will the $30 Million Player Become Extinct?

Kobe Bryant

Like three to make two, the 10-second violation and low-top sneakers, the $30 million NBA player may become a thing of the past. A handful of stars have approached and even crossed the magical monetary mountaintop, which is something when you consider that the collective bargaining agreement has a maximum salary restraint. Michael Jordan – who else? – was the first player to make $30 million in one season, negotiating about an 800 percent raise after the 1995-96 season. That was Jordan’s


Bernucca: Will Work For Food: The NBA’s All-Six-Figure Teams

Isaiah Thomas

There are a scant few career tracks where an annual salary of at least $1 million does not mean you have reached the pinnacle of your profession. Only the best doctors and lawyers pull down more than a million a year. Before bonuses, most of the world’s top bankers draw salaries in the low seven figures. Some veteran TV news anchors have climbed above $10 million annually, but most operate in the seven-figure statosphere. And no one in politics comes close


StatBox Free Agency Breakdown: Bucks, Mavs, Pelicans had most puzzling offseasons


Did your NBA team confuse you this offseason? Were moves made that left you asking questions? Scratching your head? Leaving you angry and befuddled? This column is for many of you. It discusses the three teams with the most puzzling offseasons. After a lot of thought and consideration, there were three teams that really stood out and left this writer really question their thought processes. The first is easily the Milwaukee Bucks. After trading an interesting long-term asset in Tobias Harris for


Whatever Happened To Jonathan Bender?

AP Photo/Tom Strattman

If you remember Jonathan Bender at all, you probably think of him as one of those high school prodigies who never went to college and washed out quickly in the NBA. Selected with the No. 5 pick in the 1999 NBA Draft, the lanky 7-foot teenager was destined to become the future of the Indiana Pacers, that weight to be slung on his shoulders in the post-Reggie Miller era. You might remember the promise Bender once had; the guard-like quickness with which


The 10 Strangest NBA Moments of July


The month of July is typically an awkward one for NBA fans. We’re fresh off the NBA Finals and the NBA Draft, but suddenly realizing that there won’t be any legitimate competition played for the next three months. Of course, as with any NBA summer vacation, there are plenty of things happening with player movement and free agency, but also incidents of the more peculiar variety. Deals are made, teams are transformed, and players find themselves with a bit too much free time