DraftStreet Fantasy Spin, April 22, 2014

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The difference between winning big and winning small in daily fantasy is painful to experience.

I won $9 last night in the $2 two-day league that I referenced in yesterday’s fantasy column, and I would have done better — maybe even earned the $300 first prize — if Harrison Barnes had made more of his garbage time in Golden State’s 40-point loss to the Clippers.

Barnes played 30 minutes — second on the team behind Stephen Curry’s 31 — but scored only eight points on a night when Mark Jackson emptied his bench early.

That lack of production left me with a final total of 251.75 points on a night when 275 would have meant some serious cheddar.

As it was, I finished 34th out of 1,100. Not bad.


My big play in Monday-Tuesday leagues was an $11 wager, and I also put two entries into $2 leagues and loaded up on players from the Warriors-Clippers series because the over/under was set so high.

A stunning 40 percent of the entrants selected Blake Griffin, and he did not disappoint with a 35-point night that produced 42.5 DS points. I also have Russell Westbrook on that team, but it appears I will be undone by two of my other picks — Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala. Hey, when you go hard on one team or one game, you run this risk.

Today, I will be keying on the players in the Rockets-Blazers series with the over/under having been set at 214 1/2. It is the only over/under over the next two nights that is higher than 200.

For the uninitiated, here’s how DraftStreet’s two-day playoff fantasy leagues work.

You pick three guards, three forwards, one center and one utility player using a salary cap of $100,000, and then you root for them to fill up the box score. You can sign up here, or by clicking the banner at the top of this post.

For tonight, I debated putting three or four teams in the $5 leagues, but instead went for the gusto with a $22 league chasing the $1,200 first prize. Here are the studs and duds:

DraftStreet Mar. 210
Stars Over $15,000
LeBron James $20,929
James Harden $19,426
Al Jefferson $19,023
Joakim Noah $18,962
LaMarcus Aldridge $18,240
Value Plays Under $9,000
George Hill $8,448
Brandan Wright $8,242
Kirk Hinrich $8,105
Kyle Korver $7,932
Roy Hibbert $7,774

I want no part of Al Jefferson and his plantar fasciitis, and though I like LeBron James at that price — it is about $2500 less than he usually costs, I am worried that the Heat are due for a letdown. Hey, they had a ton of them during the regular season, so better safe than sorry. There are plenty of value picks who can produce 20-plus points.

My team WILL include both James Harden and LaMarcus Aldridge, but I am sure I will not be alone — especially after the monster game Aldridge produced in Game 1.

As for my value picks? Hey, I am trying to win this thing.

I am listing five of them, but prudence dictates that I not divulge which ones I am taking. But I will say this … I like playing players who are expected to be involved in high-scoring games.

Hill’s price is up from where it was listed yesterday, and Hibbert … well, as I mentioned yesterday, he needs to break out of his slump sometime, right?

There will come a time when Luis Scola breaks out his his doldrums, too, and the trick will be to have those guys in your lineup when they figure things out. It would seem to me that Game 2, trailing 0-1, would be the proper time for the Pacers’ funk to end.

So I will use at least one Indiana guy.

But that piece of advice is as far as I will go without tipping my hand.

So good luck to all of you tonight, and as the playoffs continue. Also, DraftStreet offers daily action on baseball, too. And for golf fans, you can enter four-day PGA Tour tournaments. There are a pair this weekend with $10,000 prize pools. Again, this is your link for signing up.

Draft Street Fantasy Spin: April 21, 2014

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Click on this banner to sign up for DraftStreet’s two-day NBA playoff fantasy leagues

I lost a fantasy writer over the weekend, so I am taking over this column temporarily .. and we’re going to have some fun with it.

The aim in fantasy basketball is to win money. I don’t care if you play in a season-long league in which you hold a draft or an auction, or if you play in daily leagues, like the ones we sponsor through DraftStreet. We are all trying to cash. (I love using “cash” as a verb.)

For those who are new to this, I plan to make it easy for you. For those who have been doing this already, I will offer my insight.

I warn you to take it with a grain of salt.

DraftStreet Fantasy Spin, April 19

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NBA Playoff Fantasy: Play for $100,000 in prizes

This Saturday the NBA Playoffs begin. To celebrate DraftStreet.com is having a 2-Day first round Fantasy Contest with $100,000 in guaranteed prizes.

Simply select a line-up of 3 Forwards, 3 Guards, 1 Utility and 1 Center from the games Saturday and Sunday night. You have a $100,000 salary cap to make your selections and your roster must be submitted by 12:30pm on Saturday.

If your fantasy team scores the most points you win $20,000 and the top 300 scores share $100,000 guaranteed.

This is an example of completed roster for the $100,000 Guaranteed NBA Contest:


How to Enter the NBA Playoffs $100,000 Fantasy Contest

  1. Sign up at Draftstreet.com
  2. Make a minimum deposit of $55
  3. Select your NBA lineup while staying under the $100,000 Salary cap.

Add excitement to the NBA Playoffs this weekend by entering the $100,000 Guaranted NBA Playoff Big Score. Only @Draftstreet.com.


DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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draftstreet With only two game days left before the NBA playoffs begin, literally anything can happen. Over the next two days, six playoff matchups will be determined.

This is a crazy time to play fantasy basketball at DraftStreet. It’s unpredictable and a lot of fun because players will leave it all on the line to leave an impression over the summer.

Tonight there are only two NBA games on the schedule.

New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets 

JR Smith will probably take 30 shots, so I picked him. He didn’t care when his team was fighting for a playoff spot so I’m sure he’ll have no regard for anyone now.

Denver Nuggets at LA Clippers
This should be a fast paced game with a lot of up and down action. Kenneth Farried and Blake Griffin thrive in these type’s of games.

My DraftStreet team

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.57.20 AM




Amar’e Stoudemire: He has shown spurts of the Amar’e from 2011. He doesn’t have much to play for but with a lot of eyes on this game he’ll want to prove a lot of people wrong.

Paul Pierce: He’s a playoff guy. With the post season around the corner Pierce will heat up, plus he recently joined the 25,000 point club.

Kenneth Faried: He’ll be jumping around all game, who can blame him. Denver has a high volume offense which allows Farried to exceed in.

Darren Collison: I needed a guard that will play, he was cheap ($9,635). There’s no method to this pick.

Jamal Crawford: Always thought this guy could be a top-5 scorer if given the chance. Coming off the bench in LA he’s deserving of the Sixth Man of the Year Award.

J.R. Smith: Like I said, he will shoot like there’s no tomorrow. So pick him and let him heave.

Mason Plumlee: The kid’s got game. Filling in for Brook Lopez this season he’s done a good job of managing himself surrounded by so many vets.

Blake Griffin: He’s actually in the MVP running (won’t win it, but still). Having a monster year he’s proven any night he can score 30 and pull down 15 boards.

Click here to play fantasy basketball with me.

Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.

DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Saturday, April 12, 2014

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draftstreet If anyone had Minnesota Timberwolves forward Corey Brewer on their DraftStreet fantasy team, chances are they money last night. In 45 minutes of action Brewer recorded 51 points in the Timberwolves win over the Houston Rockets. Maybe Minnesota is fine with Brewer as its star going forward and can let Kevin Love go to Los Angeles right now. Kidding. But seriously, great game.

I picked Landry Fields of the Toronto Raptors on my fantasy team, that didn’t go so well. He came down with a respiratory illness before the game and wasn’t able to play. On the flip side, I got a surprise from Amare Stoudemire who recorded 24 points and 11 rebounds in a New York Knicks win over the Raptors.

Tonight there are eight games on the NBA schedule.

Here’s a look at my fantasy lineup

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 2.20.08 PM




Dirk Nowitzki – He has been average 22 points and eight rebounds per game over his last 10. The Dallas Mavs are playing their best basketball of the season and its a rival in the Phoenix Suns so Dirk should show up.

Gordon Hayward – Averaging 26 points per game against the Denver Nuggets this year, Hayward and his Jazz are playing for pride but they might as well get the win, too.

Tristan Thompson – He’s playing against the non existent low post of the Boston Celtics. What more do I need to say?

Monta Ellis – This guy scores four more points per game than his season average against the Suns. He is affordable but somewhat inconsistent.

John Wall – Scoring on the the Bucks backcourt is as easy as getting hit by a car walking across a freeway. Wall can drop 30 on Milwaukee in his sleep.

Jose Calderon – Calderon and Ellis work well together. Ellis does the scoring and Calderon does the dishing, things are smooth in Dallas and it looks like they’ll find a way into the post season.

Jeremy Lin – With Patrick Beverley sitting out again, Lin is a cheap pick and could easily get a double-double if his passing is on point.

Click here to play fantasy basketball with me.

Brett Poirier is a contributor to Sheridan Hoops.