Draft Prep: NBA Positional Overview


The NBA is currently mid-stage in one of its follow-the-leader transitions. This era has been in process for several years. Previously it was called position-less basketball; today we’re calling it small ball. [Read more…]


Fantasy Spin: 2-Day MLB Contests On Wild Card Games

Jake Arrieta

Over 55 years as a serious baseball fan, this was the best season ever. It may take a while for casual fans to realize just how great the rookie crop is — several with Hall of Fame upsides and dozens who are as good or better than many players who have won Rookie of the Year honors in the past. [Read more…]


Fantasy Spin: Angels Should Continue To Soar

Albert Pujols

Congratulations if you profited from three rainouts and keyed on both L.A. teams last night. There’s a massive 18-game MLB slate today as a result. Only the second game of the three doubleheaders matter in DraftKings contests at 7:05 Eastern. [Read more…]