Mighty Moke’s Free Agent Rankings (Version 5.0)


Josh Smith 1Busted brackets and baseball.

That is what most sports fans are thinking about at the beginning of April.

While the great majority of you guys and gals have been distraught over not correctly picking Wichita State to reach the NCAA’s Final Four, many have overlooked the fact that some of the NBA’s playoff races are getting more and more interesting with each passing week. And a bunch of our pending free agents have something to do with that.

Josh Smith and his Atlanta Hawks have overachieved this season and still have a shot at catching the Brooklyn Nets for the fourth seed in the East. But J-Smoove was not this week’s highest riser. That distinction belongs to a small of very small stature.

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Mighty Moke’s Free Agency Rankings (Version 3.0)


Tyreke EvansI know that the Miami Heat don’t really have a free agent of consequence this coming offseason. But if they did, he would probably need to have a spot in our weekly Top 15 “just because.”

After erasing a 17-point first half deficit and a 13-point deficit in the fourth quarter, the Heat overcame Jeff Green’s career-high 43 points and extended their winning streak to 23 games. Now, 30 is actually in sight. The second-best NBA winning streak of all time merits kudos everywhere, so here is my hat tip.

But back to the teams that actually matter for our rankings.

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Mighty Moke’s Free Agency Rankings (Version 2.0)

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bjenningsIt’s been a very interesting week in the Association.

Aside from the obvious jostling in our weekly free agent rankings, the Miami Heat have now won 18 games in a row and have our very own Chris Sheridan wondering whether or not they can challenge the NBA’s all-time winning streak of 33 consecutive games.

That record belongs to the 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers, who began their championship season by winning every game they played in November and December.

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Mighty Moke’s Free Agent Rankings

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ferryThe Atlanta Hawks will have truckloads of money under the cap this season, and most believe that GM Danny Ferry has his eyes set firmly on Dwight Howard.

But if you’re Mark Cuban, and Chris Paul let it be known that he wanted to come play for you and with Dirk Nowitzki, do you make a run at him? Or would you go out and try to use the available cap space on, say, Al Jefferson and Brandon Jennings?

We don’t know what we would do either. What we do know is that once the trading deadline passes, most NBA teams (and fans) immediately set their sights on June’s draft and the beginning of the free agency period.

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