Incredible Facts About the 2016 Olympics

The Olympics, as we know it today, is a world renowned event that takes place every 4 years. There are many types of sports and countries that participate in the games and represent their country and with the hopes of taking home a medal.  Over the years the Olympics have grown and become one of the world’s premier sporting events, with it generating interest worldwide. There have been many impressive world records set by athletes such as Florence Griffith-Joyner, who set


Olympic Profile – Debuting Dabović Dynasty Declassified

Ana Dabović, pictured in the colors of Dynamo Moscow, arrives in Rio in her playing prime with experience of playing in the States. She is set to line up alongside her older sister in attack.

After twenty four years of dogged perseverance, Serbia will finally send a women’s Basketball team to an Olympic Games. It represents a full vindication the investments made in Serbian basketball since the country gained independence through a union with Montenegro in 1992. With the United States women’s team set to face Serbia in Group B on August 10, the world is anticipating a true clash of David and Goliath. However, there is no place for complacency in the U.S camp, and


China Update: CBA Finals, and more CBA alumni in the NBA


As the NBA regular season approaches its final stage, it’s already Finals time in China. Contending for the title after a 1-1 tie at the conclusion of Game 2 it’s Liaoning and Sichuan. We’ve already introduced the two teams here and here respectively (not only that, we’ve also praised their accomplishments here), so we’ll spare the formalities and dive right into what’s going on in these Finals. But we’re not stopping here: while the last stage of the Chinese season is unfolding, some of its


China Update: Beasley, Marbury Out As Upsets Punctuate Playoffs


Major surprises are overthrowing the longstanding hierarchies in China, as both Beijing and Guangdong – the two dynasties of the Chinese basketball empire – are relinquishing their thrones. With two best-of-five series already at 2-0, the sides of Xinjiang and Guangdong have to climb out of huge holes. Xinjiang is the home of Andray Blatche, Bryce Cotton and Zhou Qi, China’s next NBA player; and Guangdong for many years has been a de facto equivalent to the Chinese national team, captained


CBA imports are coming! – Scouting report on potential NBA signees coming from China.


The CBA has bid farewell to another regular season, and as the eight best teams in the Middle Kingdom get ready for postseason basketball, for 22 imports the season in China is already a thing of the past. No matter how gaudy their stats are, missing the playoffs is always bad news. The good news, however, is that they’re now available for NBA action. The timing couldn’t be better: playoff (or playoff-hopeful) NBA teams are absolutely OK with bolstering their second units with


China Update: Beasley Beasting on the CBA; Eternal Rivals Liaoning and Guangdong


While the star-studded Xinjiang Flying Tigers, previously led by the Andray & Andrew Show, are stumbling out of the All-Star break, the Chinese Basketball Association playoff picture is shaping up quite clearly. Eight teams qualify for the postseason. Zhejiang is eighth and has a three-game advantage over ninth place. And there are three teams climbing with impressive late-season winning streaks. For those of you who have kept a watchful eye on our China updates, we’ve already discussed the three top CBA teams here. As


Sheridan: Who Will Play For Team USA?

Durant USA

We have two pieces of news to pick apart today: The announcement that USA Basketball has released a list of 30 finalists for the 2016 Olympic team, and the “non-commitment” from LeBron James regarding whether he will be part of the party. And yes, it will be a party. The games are in Brazil, after all. And LeBron, whose non-commitment is disingenuous at best, does not miss a good party. So let me tell you a little story about the Brazilians. [Read more…]


China Update: Blatche, Goudelock lead Xinjiang to 22-3 start

china flag

In the land of the NBA expat, the standard being set by the Golden State Warriors has not gone unnoticed — and in a few cases, it has nearly been matched. No team has duplicated what the ‘Dubs have done in the NBA, opening 24-0 en route to a 30-2 record that they took into their Saturday night matchup with the Denver Nuggets. But behind Andray Blatche, Andrew Goudelock and future lottery pick Zhou Qi, the Xianjing Flying Tigers are not all that