Gibson Column: Team USA’s “Other” Preliminary Roster

James Harden, Oklahoma City Thunder

BARCELONA — Four days ago, this site was the first to publish Team USA’s preliminary roster, 19 names out of which Mike Krzyzewski is expected to whittle another Olympic champion. After winning golds at both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 World Championships with entirely different dozens, I’m in no position to question how the Jerry Colangelo regime at USA Basketball does business. But the problem with these 19 is that they don’t leave you with much firepower for friendly argument. Sure,


Mitnick: Euroleague Round Of 16 Preview


After an exciting first round that featured an unprecedented amount of imported talent due to the NBA lockout, the Euroleague is set to move on to its second round of competition. The “Round of 16” features the same number of teams as the NBA playoffs with a far different format. The 16 teams are split into four groups of four teams, where each group will play a round robin from which the top two teams in each group will advance. This type of


Gibson: NBA Scouts Eye European Prospects


BARCELONA — In a couple of years, Augustinas Jankaitis might be a name NBA fans can get excited about. A 6’7″ forward for Lietuvos Rytas who’d rather dribble through you than around you, the Lithuanian has already garnered attention from draftniks far and wide for his versatility and toughness.  Yesterday, Jankaitis led Lietuvos Rytas’ junior team to a 72-68 win over Barcelona for first place in the 2012 Ciutat de L’Hospitalet Junior Tournament. Then, he held in his hands much more tangible evidence


Mitnick: Top 10 International Draft Prospects

Evan Fournier, France

The 2012 NBA Draft has the potential to be one of the strongest drafts of the last few years, mostly due to the number of talented American college players. Not so much with the internationals. While the 2011 draft had several top-level European players including Jonas Valanciunas, Nikola Mirotec and Jan Vesley, this year’s crop is significantly weaker. While there may be several NBA caliber players coming out this year, it is looking very likely that there


Chandler says Marbury is still NBA material

BEIJING _ That is the video from the Beijing Ducks’ third consecutive loss after their 13-0 start to the season, a game in which Wilson Chandler scored 44 points and grabbed 18 rebounds. (Shoutout to for the footage). At one point in the game, Stephon Marbury told his coach he would defend Chandler. Marbury, 34, is 10 years older, 6 inches shorter, and 15 pounds lighter. “Nobody asked me, but I have to do that. Because at the time my teammates were


Gibson: Bulls’ Mirotic Is Worth The Wait

BARCELONA — In prison movies, when a freshly incarcerated inmate wants respect, he drops his tray, strolls up to the baddest dude in the cafeteria and knocks him in the jaw. Real Madrid’s Nikola Mirotic picked out one of the biggest, baddest dudes in Euroleague and dunked on him. The 220-pound Montenegran let out a yell as he threw the ball through the net and off the head of 350-pound Sofoklis Schortsanitis. Mirotic landed, shot a searing gaze at Big Sofo and


Mitnick: NBA “All-Import” Team, Euro-rules style

TEL AVIV –In most European countries, there are separate post-season awards for local players and import players.  The NBA justly classifies all of its players into one category, as passports are a non-factor when post-season awards are up for discussion. While the approach taken by the NBA is certainly the right one, as the absolute acceptance of foreign players into the NBA has made a big impact on the league in the last two decades, and fans are always looking for


Gibson Column: Krstic, Weems among Euroleague’s best

BARCELONA — After nine weeks and 108 games, the final session of the Euroleague’s regular season tipped off with four Top 16 slots still empty, and eight teams vying to fill them. Fenerbahce Ulker bested Cantu 83-76 and Bilbao took care of Caja Laboral 77-72, leaving the Basque powers out in the cold after seven straight trips to the quarterfinals. In Group B, Zalgiris tucked Ty Lawson and their organizational turmoil under the rug long enough to end Zagreb’s season with an 87-76 victory, while