10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Kevin Durant Returns, LaMarcus Aldridge Scores 39, Monta Ellis Drops 38


He’s back. The 2014-15 NBA regular season continued on Tuesday, December 2. There were 10 games featuring 20 teams, but for all that transpired, nothing mattered quire as much as one player’s return. Reigning league MVP and four-time scoring champion Kevin Durant made his season debut. Here’s how Durant fared, as well as what transpired across the NBA.


10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Kobe Bryant Makes History, Memphis Improves to 15-2


With the NFL and The Walking Dead stealing headlines, the NBA put forth a quietly powerful effort. 16 teams took part in eight games, with some of the league’s best achieving significant feats. One of the game’s all-time greats continued to pad his resume with legendary feats. The team with the top record in the association continued to build upon the greatest month in franchise history. Here’s how it all transpired.