Bernucca: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the 2013-14 NBA Season

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espnscrewupThere were 1,230 games during the NBA season, and I read the stories and boxscores for every single one.

That is how I compile Page 2 of my weekly notes column, which features the categories Quote of the Week, Line of the Week, Line of the Weak and the Trillion Watch.

It’s also how I find gems like Mo Williams mysteriously playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.

After my column is published every Monday, I take the winners of those weekly categories and save them in a file to create this column, which summarizes the best and worst the NBA had to offer this season.

I do this because no one else who covers the NBA does it. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Top 10 Surprises of the NBA season

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It’s exactly 10 days into this NBA regular season, it feels like 10 weeks for those who cover the league on a regular basis, and a whole hell of a lot has already happened.

Few things have gone as expected, of course the undefeated start for the Pacers is an exception, and surprises abound across the league. Here are 10 that immediately came to mind, including a pair of dazzling young point guards, one major market team in big trouble and another that’s downright irrelevant right now.

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Collapse Comparison: Nets vs. Warriors

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brooklyn nets small logowarriors small logoThe two best games of the playoffs thus far have clearly been Game 4 between the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls and Game 1 between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs, which had a number of similarities.

Both games went multiple overtimes. Both games had plenty of big shots. Both games had role players becoming unlikely heroes.

And unfortunately for the Nets and Warriors, both games had huge collapses late in regulation.

The Bernucca List – Edition 43


No, I didn’t answer my own question.

What fun would there be in that? That would be like throwing a surprise party for yourself.

The previous edition of The Bernucca List was correctly answered by a reader named Chris, who offered, “NBA players who have been named MVP without winning a championship.”

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The Bernucca List – Edition 42


Usually a weekly feature, The Bernucca List took its own All-Star break last week.

We do that from time to time, when we can’t come up with a challenging list while facing a deadline or simply forget, as we did last week.

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