Sixth Man Rankings: The Madness is Here

Will Barton

It’s March. And for those of us basketball junkies, that means it’s the most glorious time of the year. March is filled with sneaker-squeaking, channel-flicking, mini-hoop jamming madness. It’s a time when we fill out brackets until the blood from our paper cuts advances to the Sweet 16. We place an inordinate amount of self-worth into our clicker skills and hear buzzers sounding in our sleep. During media timeouts, we chase down the leftover pizza in the fridge down like LeBron


Scotto: Big East Tournament NBA Draft Stock Watch

Big East Tournament

NEW YORK – The Big East tournament featured two lottery picks, a local high school phenom, a breakout draft candidate and the latest Georgetown center with NBA potential. Kris Dunn and Henry Ellenson headlined the event as the top draft prospects, but it was former Lincoln High School star Isaiah Whitehead who stole the show. Whitehead made a runner off the backboard while being fouled against Villanova and then made the free throw to give Seton Hall the Big East tournament


Should Have Seen This Coming? Not With The Media’s Love For Legendary Larry Brown


Larry Brown was like your grandfather. Or at least, that’s how everyone around college basketball described him. He was an unchallenged legend, revered as one of the game’s great teachers, a man who could parachute in to an irrelevant program in a borderline-irrelevant conference and turn it into a budding basketball hotbed. He was old (75), small, gentle and soft-spoken. He wore little circle glasses, paced around nervously and looked and acted like an English Lit professor. He talked constantly about teaching kids, teaching


Schayes: Watching Frank Kaminsky was like looking in the mirror


Like most fans, I found this season’s Final Four to be really good. I guess college basketball isn’t being ruined by “one-and-done” after all. While we saw a one-and-done factory (Duke) win it all, we also had a sighting of a dodo bird. That creature thought to be extinct, known as a senior star. Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan prides himself on building from within and having well-coached teams. He develops players and teams over time by having rosters dominated by kids from


PODCAST: Autopsy of Duke’s NCAA Championship win over Wisconsin


I did pick Duke in last night’s NCAA Championship game, in large part because I felt Wisconsin won a sort of national championship of their own on Saturday night when they beat the 38-0 Kentucky Wildcats. Duke cruised into the final after a 20-point win over Michigan State, and I thought it really showed last night in final stretch of the game as Duke had a little more in the tank to close it out. In this interview with Robin Lundberg on


PODCAST: Kentucky-Wisconsin autopsy with Bobby Gonzalez


Yes, I picked Kentucky to go all the way … but I always included the caveat that a lot would have to go wrong for them to lose in this tourney, and a lot would have to go right for someone else to beat them. That’s exactly what happened last night. Kentucky only made three 3-pointers, only shot 10 free throws, got outrebounded by 12 … but more than anything else, they did not do the things they were known for, the


VIDEO: Bobby Gonzalez on FOX Sports


“Even without a team. I’m still a coach.” That’s how Bobby Gonzalez opened this interview with Tamara Holder on Sports Court on FOX, and that is the truth. Yes, Gonzo is spending a season as a columnist, video analyst and radio guest for this site, but the endgame here is for Gonzo to land a job in the NBA, helping lead the team that is smart enough to hire him to an NBA championship. I like to tell people that Gonzo has


Gonzo: NCAA Final Four Preview

Karl Towns Kentucky

Editor’s Note: Whether coaching or forecasting, Bobby Gonzalez knows college basketball. He went 8-0 picking games in the Sweet Sixteen a year ago, 7-1 in that round this year and 3-1 in last weekend’s regional finals. This is not some Bozo. It’s Gonzo. He knows what he’s talking about. It was 1991 and I was standing in the crowd at the Final Four as a New York City high school coach, watching All-American Larry Johnson of the dominant, unbeaten UNLV team