SH Blog: Management calls George Karl unbearable, Ray Allen feels vindication for choosing Miami


Remember how delighted and emotional Denver Nuggets coach George Karl was to win his first-ever Coach of the Year award just a month ago? That sure didn’t last long. Despite being recognized by the league as one of the better coaches around, he was shockingly fired by the team on Thursday. Management felt he became “unbearable” due to his constant demand of a new contract. Here is what Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida and NBA insider Peter Vecsey dug up from


SH Blog: Jalen Rose expects Howard to land in Houston, Granger expects to start next season

We’ve done just about all the coverage you can handle about the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs over the past few days, before watching them play a single game against each other. If you missed it, be sure to check out Chris Sheridan’s explanation on why he’s taking the Spurs in 7 in this video, Moke Hamilton’s list of five factors of the series (with staff predictions), and even President Obama’s preparations to watch the final series of the season. That said,


SH Blog: Howard calls D’Antoni a “great person” when asked if he’s a great coach, Riley almost drafted Kaman over Wade

Dwight Howard

Since an early first round exit against the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten absolutely no assurance that Dwight Howard would remain with the team beyond this season. In fact, most assume that Howard will bolt once he becomes a free agent in the summer (including Phil Jackson), and all reports about Howard up to this point have only indicated the possibilities of him landing in a variety of locations, including Houston, Dallas and