SH Blog: Myers says desperate times are over in Golden State, Howard intrigued by Rockets and Mavericks

Dwight Howard

If you’re the general manager of the Golden State Warriors, how should you feel about the state of the team now that they have been removed from postseason action? Pretty damn confident, if you ask me. Lets put things into perspective here: The Bad:They were 23-43 just a season ago, good for third worst in the Western Conference. Brandon Rush, arguably the team’s best perimeter defender and slasher, was lost for the season two games into the season. Andrew Bogut missed 50 games and


SH Blog: Did the Grizzlies win Gasol-for-Gasol trade? Cavs like Noel; J.R. Smith a goner from NY?


It seems like every couple years or so, there’s a dilemma about who to select first overall in the NBA draft, and one of the options is almost always a defense-first center with an “unrefined” offensive game. This year’s model is Nerlens Noel, and right now it’s looking like he’ll go No. 1 unless a team with no need for a center lands the No. 1 pick. Our own Joe Kotoch, whose next Mock Draft goes up Tuesday, has already


SH Blog: Raptors pursue Ujiri; Coach K to coach USA again?

Mike Krzyzewski, Team USA

Well, the Knicks are done. Kind of anti-climactically, as well, at least compared to previous playoff series against Indiana (see right). Now it’s up to the Pacers, who are kind of like the anti-Heat, to stop the Miami freight train that seems destined to roll right on through to the finals. For all the gory details on just what went wrong in the Knicks’ elimination, I’ll point you over to Chris Sheridan’s latest column and podcast. In the West, we’ve got the


SH Blog: Knicks, Pacers Look To Game 6; Phil Jackson Won’t Return For Sacramento; The Bynum Dilemma


On one of the rare off nights in the NBA playoffs, we have a few precious hours to catch our breaths and take care of everything we’ve neglected — our friends, families and most importantly, errands — for the last six weeks, and reflect. While a handful of teams focus on the NBA draft combine, the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies are gearing up for the conference finals, which the Spurs and Grizzlies will kick off in San


SH Blog: Phil Jackson compares Kobe and MJ, Noah says seeing Rose not come back was difficult

Derrick Rose

For quite some time, there was an ongoing debate about whether Kobe Bryant deserves to be in the same conversation as Michael Jordan in terms of overall play and greatness. It’s still discussed by some to this day. One person that would really have a concrete idea of the matter is Phil Jackson, who coached both players and saw the best and worst of the two in their respective prime. He, however, never wanted to get into great detail when comparing the


Dayton: What it means that the Kings are staying in Sacramento


At around 7 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday night, I became whole again. The author (right) with Kings play-by-play man Grant Napear in Philadelphia. He thought it was the last time he would be able to see his team in person. I found out that the Sacramento Kings, my favorite NBA team is, this time, for sure, going to exist next season. I found out that the squad I’ve been rooting for since I was 12 years old is staying