SH Blog: Kobe not planning on retiring after ’13-’14; Clippers really like Hollins; Iguodala opts out of last year of Denver contract

Kobe Bryant

It’s a bad time to be a coach in the NBA. Six of the sixteen coaches whose teams made the playoffs just a couple months ago are no longer with their teams, and the future of a seventh is still in question. Is that really how it’s supposed to go? Jim Boylan in Milwaukee is one thing, the Bucks had a losing record and only made the playoffs because the rest of the East was miserable, but George Karl? Vinny


SH Blog: Karl says Kroenke was stupid and disrespectful for firing him, Magic Johnson wants LeBron to play more like MJ


When the Denver Nuggets shockingly fired George Karl soon after their first-round exit from the playoffs, many around the league questioned the hasty decision. How can you fire a coach that just won Coach of the Year? It was reported by various reporters that some of the reasons for letting him go after winning 57 games in the regular season included the following: Karl’s demand for a new long-term contract became unbearable, they blamed him for losing to the Golden State


Video: Hamilton on coach Jason Kidd – good move for Nets?


It used to be that the path from player to coach in the NBA required at least a couple of years as an assistant, executive or broadcaster. Not anymore. Jason Kidd has shattered that notion, making the switch from player to coach in less than a month when he was hired by the Brooklyn Nets, the same franchise he led to consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals 10 years ago. Kidd is one of the smartest players in league history, and has


NBA issues tampering penalties


At least 3 NBA teams have reportedly been fined for tampering, with the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks being the first two to be named or own up. The league sent out a memo to the NBA’s 30 teams announcing the penalties, but with no specific fines or teams mentioned. You can bet the fines won’t be small though, they will probably be equal in size to the giant jackpots on offer at top casino site , as


SH Blog: LeBron vows to be much better, Deron Williams admits hiring Kidd is risky

LeBron James

LeBron James is struggling in the playoffs, and that means everyone is talking about his demise. When the King struggles – which he rarely does – it is always major news. Usually, his struggles stem from the inability of his teammates to step up and make plays. In Game 3 of the NBA Finals, however, that actually wasn’t the case. For once, LeBron didn’t have a whole lot to blame for his poor performance other than himself, and that’s exactly what


Jason Kidd and the Nets: Perfect Together

Jason Kidd Nets

Until now, the Brooklyn Nets had been methodical and deliberate about naming a new coach. However, that all changed this week. Sources tell me that the Nets have offered their coaching job to Jason Kidd, their former star point guard and future Hall of Famer who recently retired. The Nets have an interview scheduled with Brian Shaw, but I am told that is just window dressing. They are talking contract with Kidd, who is in the process of building a coaching staff.