SH Blog: Melo says Knicks are better than Pacers, Nick Young sued for alleged rape

Nick Young

The New York Knicks are on the brink of elimination. That, of course, has caused much  chatter from the team, with plenty of talk about who deserves blame for the team’s demise. [San Antonio Spurs Tickets] Tyson Chandler somewhat started it all when he said the team wasn’t playing team basketball. Confronted by Carmelo Anthony about the statement, the center had to clarify his statement, from Al Iannazzone of Newsday:


The Evening News: Nowitzki willing to take pay-cut to ensure future success in Dallas; Teams looking at Noel with “double play” in mind; Mobley eyes comeback

Nerlens Noel

Hello and welcome to the Evening News.As the playoffs continue, we’ll keep you updated every evening. What’s happening today?Here’s the latest news from around the league:Nowitzki willing to take pay cut to ensure future success in DallasAccording to the Dallas Morning News, Dirk Nowitzki told  KRLD-FM 105.3 that he is willing to take a pay cut after his current contract runs out after next season.“I got one year left on this deal and then I’m coming off the books. So if


SH Blog: Pierce Done In Boston? Curry Stars On And Off The Court; LeBron Open About 2010 “Phantom” Injury

Paul Pierce

Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm. And for Paul Pierce, leader of the “old man’s pick-up game,” that adage will define his career as one of the greatest Boston Celtics in its storied history. This is not to begin mourning the death of his Celtics life, but to understand what it all meant if reports today from Greg Dickerson are true. 


We Did Pretty Well Predicting the All-Rookie Team

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The NBA announced the All-Rookie Team on Tuesday. Sheridan Hoops announced it on April 11. We ran a weekly Rookie Rankings this season, and while the Rookie of the Year was decided sometime before the All-Star break, it remained to be seen who would join Portland’s Damian Lillard among the NBA’s top five rookies.


There Were No Mirrors in Dwyane Wade’s Hotel Room in Chicago


Or he lost his luggage and had to borrow a pair of pants from Nate Robinson.Perhaps Wade feels the need to fill the postseason haute couture void created by the season-ending injury to Russell Westbrook, who usually sets the tone for this sort of thing. Unless Wade is headed to a wedding reception on the beach, “fashion” in the NBA has officially reached a new low. (Hat tip to Deadspin, among many.)  


SH Blog: Chandler calls out Knicks style of play, Metta says D’Antoni wasn’t respected enough

Tyson Chandler

Are the New York Knicks suffering from a selfish brand of basketball? When you think of this team, you primarily think of Carmelo Anthony as the team’s offense. That has always been the case (save for a brief period of Linsanity) for any team that ‘Melo has been a part of. And then, of course, you have J.R. Smith, who is known as volume-shooter number two on the team. So you have to figure that when Tyson Chandler is calling out