Photo of the Day: Arizona State Retires Harden’s Jersey

James Harden Jersey Retirement

James Harden has one of the most incredible, bushiest beards you’ll ever see in your life. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t shave for years at a time. But, there was a time when he didn’t have his famous calling card growing on his face. He was actually still a teenager and was enrolled at Arizona State University, which was pretty much the last time anyone saw from below his ears to his chin. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: Danilo Gallinari Hangs with Pitbull

Gallinari and Pitbull Feature

For anyone who doesn’t know who Pitbull is, you’re not alone. He is a Latin hip hop/pop singer (I guess?) who is literally on the radio all the time. Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari is apparently a fan of his, for some strange reason. He attended his concert on Tuesday night, which is where today’s Photo of the Day comes from. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: Enjoying the Break From Paris

Ariza Paris Feature

The All-Star Weekend and its festivities have come and gone. It was a fantastic, unbelievably entertaining series of events and competitions that did not disappoint. But, let’s not forget about the players and coaches who weren’t involved in the weekend’s activities, but still had their own time for some fun and relaxation. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: Russell Westbrook, “Fashion King”


Regardless of the title of this Photo of the Day, Russell Westbrook is not the fashion king. I’m sorry to say it, because I like Westbrook as a player, but this can’t be how a so-called “fashion king” should dress. With all of the celebrities and activities and events in New York this weekend, and being the first night of the festivities, Russ was in the fashion capital of America for this photo, and will be the entire weekend. So, look


Photo of the Day: Shoe or Cake?

Curry Cake Feature

Several stars in the NBA have their own shoes made just for them. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry, and soon to be Russell Westbrook. The shoe deals seem to be plenty these days, and that’s due to the fact that several players are reaching stardom on new levels in the past couple of years that have warranted such privileges. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: Benny the Bull’s Free Ride

Benny the Bull

Whoever is under the Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull seems like a great person. He or she is always at events to represent the Bulls in a great way, and always seems to come through. Then there was Wednesday night at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where some players were present to help spread some joy to the children. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: Kevin Hart is Kristen Ledlow’s Practice Dummy

Ledlow Kevin Hart

NBA TV and “Inside Stuff” host Kristen Ledlow is punking Kevin Hart on the verge of their potential meeting in the Celebrity All-Star Game this coming Friday. She posted a picture and a video to her Instagram on Tuesday with a cutout of Kevin Hart’s face on two shooting/defense dummies, which is extremely hilarious. [Read more…]


Photo of the Day: NBA’s “History of NYC Hoops” Map


In honor of the NBA All-Star Game in New York City this coming weekend, the NBA has released what they’re calling the “History of NYC Hoops” map. It is a collection of nearly every notable or iconic basketball figure to come out of New York on the map that includes, photos, highlights, and descriptions of the biggest and best from the Big Apple. [Read more…]