Tweet of the Day: Heat Owner Says Justin Bieber Not Banned From Games

If you haven’t heard about Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s infamous DUI earlier this week, you must be living under a rock. Early Thursday morning Bieber was pulled over while drag racing in Miami Beach. Police noticed he had been drinking and asked him to step out of the vehicle, upon doing so a small struggle ensued and he was placed under arrest. Bieber was later charged with driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, and using an invalid driver’s licence. In a world


Omer Asik sits vs. Knicks, Wants to be Traded Again

omer asik

The result of the game Thursday night was almost secondary to what happened behind the scenes in the cavernous tunnels of Madison Square Garden. Unhappy with his role and the lack of playing time, Omer Asik reportedly asked for a trade at some point before the Knicks and Rockets took the court, as broken by Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.  [Read more…]