Tweet of the Day: Players React To Deadline Deals

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Thursday in the NBA meant trades, at least it normally would. It was the trade deadline after all.

Trade activity started slow, but picked up as the deadline drew near. A total of nine deals went down Thursday, add the two that occurred Wednesday and a total of 11 occurred before the clock struck at 3:00 PM.

If you’re looking for all of the details, SheridanHoops has plenty of trade deadline coverage.

Of course, while all of the writers, analysts and experts have fun breaking down the trades and talking to their hearts’ content, there is a group of individuals more directly impacted by the deals who have their own thoughts to share … the players.

Here is some of the feedback that they have shared on Twitter.

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Sheridan: Trade Analysis as Deadline Day Deals Go Down


february20Now you know why we call it the best day of the NBA season. Deals go down, fact triumphs over fiction, Sam Hinkie is outed as a hoarder and Larry Bird wins big at the buzzer.

A total of 10 trades were agreed to already today after two deals were made Wednesday on the day before the NBA trading deadline (Steve Blake from the Lakers to the Warriors for Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks; and Marcus Thornton from Sacramento to Brooklyn for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans).

Among the players who were in play but did not get moved were Jarrett Jack and Luol Deng of the Cavs, Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill of the Lakers, Iman Shumpert of the Knicks, J.J. Barea of the Timberwolves, and others.

So let’s have a looksee at the deals that did go down, in the order in which they were revealed to the world.

And let’s all gaze in awe at Bird, who pulled off the shocker of the day by acquiring Evan Turner (and Lavoy Allen) from the Sixers for Danny Granger and his expiring contract. We can also wonder what the Clippers are going to do in case their big men ever get into foul trouble, because Ryan Hollins is their only big coming off the bench (though they could turn to China for help).

And while we’re at it, lets’s gasp at Hinkie, who now has 10 second-round draft picks stashed away — along with the Pelicans’ first-round pick this June. The Sixers now need a scouting staff that’s larger than their roster.

Trash4Trash: Nets get slumping Thornton from Kings for old-timers Evans, Terry

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Marcus_Thornton_KingsHow did the trade deadline frenzy begin? A coast-to-coast our-garbage-for-your-garbage deal.

The Brooklyn Nets got rid of two players they weren’t getting much from, sending Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday for once-promising shooting guard Marcus Thornton.

Why did the Kings do it? They get rid of the second-highest paid player on their team – and an unproductive one at that – and get out from Thornton’s $8.4 million salary next season, cutting their 2014-15 payroll commitment by $1.3 million (if Rudy Gay exercises his $19.32 million option). Terry is under contract at $5.45 million for one more season and Evans is on the books for $1.77 million.

Why did the Nets do it? Because they must see something in the fifth-year guard who was putting up 18.2 points per game two seasons ago. Thornton’s scoring average fell to 12.2 ppg last season and 8.3 this season, and his shooting percentage is down from .429 to .381. But it should be noted that he broke the New Orleans Hornets franchise record for points in a quarter by scoring 23 in his rookie season of 2009-10.

The Nets also did it because they had seen enough of Terry, who scored in double figures only six times all season — not what the Nets expected when they acquired the former sharpshooter from Boston last summer along with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

More from our friends at Cowbell Kingdom: “Thornton had been the subject of trade rumors for much of this season. Last month, the Kings reportedly offered Thornton to the Denver Nuggets in a deal for veteran guard Andre Miller. Thornton was also rumored to be part of a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers for veteran guard Jarrett Jack. The 26-year-old had struggled to find his place with the Kings this year and as a result, posted near career-low numbers. Through 46 games with the Kings, Thornton averaged just 8.3 points while shooting a career-worst 38.1 percent from the field and 31.8 percent from 3-point distance. Two years ago, Thornton led the Kings in scoring, averaging a team-high 18.7 points per contest. By acquiring Terry, the Kings add a veteran presence at point guard that they’ve been seeking since the departure of Greivis Vasquez. The 36-year-old guard, however, arrives in Sacramento having posted the worst numbers of his career. In 35 games this season, Terry has averaged just 4.5 points and 1.6 assists in 16.3 minutes per game.

PODCAST: Could Pacers get Rondo in a trade?

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RondoIndianaIf Rajon Rondo is truly available, there is one team where he’d be such a good fit that it might make the Miami Heat the second choice among oddsmakers to win the NBA title.

And if Larry Bird can get his hands on Rondo, the Indiana Pacers would be that team.

Word was spreading on Twitter yesterday that Celtics GM Danny Ainge was seeking two unprotected first-round draft picks in any deal involving Rondo, and I tweeted my immediate reaction.

I discussed this possibility even further in this interview with Chris Moore and Brian Jones of CBS Sports Radio, also offering my thoughts on the possibility of Carmelo Anthony and/or Kevin Love getting moved (no and no).

But let’s delve into the Rondo to the Pacers possibility, and see if it could make sense for both teams. Scroll down below the media player for more.

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_ First, the Celtics would want to move Gerald Wallace’s contract in that deal, and the salaries for Rondo and Wallace add up to  $22.06 million.

_ Second, two unprotected first-round picks from the Pacers are not the equivalent of, say, two first-round picks from the Bucks. So my guess would be that Indiana would have to throw in a third first-rounder (and they could not include their 2014 pick, since that is already going to the Phoenix Suns)

_The Celtics would not want any onerous long-term salary commitments in this deal, but they would want a serviceable player if they had to take back a second player aside from Danny Granger ($14.02 million expiring deal). That player could be George Hill, who earns $8 million in each of the next three seasons.

Here’s how it would look, courtesy of the ESPN Trade Machine:
















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Sheridan: Top 10 Players Most Likely to be Traded

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feb20There are three days left until the trade deadline, the best Thursday of the season, no matter what TNT might say. Folks stay glued to their Twitter feeds awaiting word of who is heading where, with 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET the most riveting two hours of the entire season.

This season, with so many weak Eastern Conference teams trying to add a difference maker that would allow them to compete with the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, and with the Western Conference race basically a nine-team affair, there is a strong desire to get better immediately among at least half of the teams in the league.

Does that mean that 15 teams will be involved in trades? Heck no. That only happens on draft night.