Tweet of the Night: John Wall sends his support for the injured Kemba Walker


Charlotte Hornets’ point guard Kemba Walker received terrible news on Monday when it was announced that he would have to undergo surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee. Any time a player gets injured, it’s terrible news. For Walker, it’s particular ill-timed because he had been playing some of the best basketball of his career this season, averaging 21 points or more in both December (21.7 points) and January (23.6 pionts). He had previously scored over 20


Tweet of the Night: Trevor Ariza not happy about $2,500 fine after getting into it with Stephen Curry

Don’t heat up the Curry because it can cost you if you do. Well, if your name is Trevor Ariza, that is. Literally. During a not-so-competitive game between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets on Wednesday in which the Warriors were up by as many as 30 points, things got rather tense between Stephen Curry and Ariza in the third quarter. Here’s how it went down: Golden State had already beaten Houston three times this season and were well on its way


Tweet of the Day: Robin Lopez Has A Problem With Selma


The film “Selma”, which opened nationally on January 9th, details the Civil Rights efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the small city of Selma, Alabama, as he and his followers sought voting equality. The movie has achieved critical acclaim, even earning an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Yet, for all the praise that the film has received, it is not without it’s critics — many of whom will cede that the film is good, but point out its failings. Count


Tweet of the Night: Mo Williams shares his list of All-Stars, puts Kobe Bryant over James Harden as starter and excludes Jimmy Butler

Mo Williams

With February quickly approaching, the discussion for who belongs on an All-Star team this year is the hot topic in the minds of many. The time for fans to vote in the starters is officially over, and the coaches can then consider who they’ll want to select as the reserves of their respective conferences. I’ve already put plenty of thought into this (which you can check here), but we’ll have to see what the fans did first before going into detail on


Tweet of the Night: Michael Wilbon critical of the Chicago Bulls again


Things can change rather quickly in the NBA. A team can look completely hopeless in one month to dominant in the next (Detroit Pistons come to mind). Conversely, a team can look absolutely dominant in one month but can go through a rough stretch where questions begin to pile up. The Chicago Bulls have been a good example of the latter: after starting the season 25-10 and looking like one of the top teams in the league, they have dropped six of