Despite Success, Price of 2014 Clippers Playoff Tickets Below 2013 Lakers

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When it comes to professional basketball in Los Angeles, the Lakers have dominated the conversation. The Clippers have always been the little brother compared to the Lakers, but this season the Clippers are in the playoffs without the Lakers joining them for the first time since both teams have played in LA. The last time the Clippers franchise was in the playoffs in a season in which the Lakers weren’t was the 1975-76 season when the Clippers were still the Buffalo Braves. Even though the Clippers have surpassed the Lakers in the standings, they can’t make the jump in ticket prices.

LA Clippers playoff tickets at Staples Center are averaging $229.75 on the secondary market, according to TiqIQ. Even as one of the higher averages in the playoffs this year, that price is still 39 percent lower than the average price of Lakers tickets last year when they struggled to the seventh seed. The Lakers were swept by the Spurs in that series and were without Kobe Bryant.

The price for Clippers playoff tickets has increased from last season, though. last year they had an average price of $185.51, but were directly competing with Lakers sales. Last year the Lakers averaged $378.57 a ticket, which would be second only to the Toronto Raptors this year. The Raptors are a three seed, back in the playoffs for the first time since the 2007-08 season, are in a big market and have the highest playoff premium above the regular season average than any other team in the playoffs.

History is likely in play for why the Lakers continue to cast a shadow over the Clippers. The Lakers have won 16 championships, which is second only to the Boston Celtics all-time, have been a perennial playoff team every season, and always seem to be led by one of the biggest names in the sport. Even last season, when they barely made the playoffs, the Lakers had name value in Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.

On the other hand, the Clippers have had a tortured history on par with some of the worst franchises in sports. They have only recently been able to turn things around with the drafting of Blake Griffin and the trade for star point guard Chris Paul. But that hasn’t been enough to reverse the fortunes of the two franchises.

The Clippers have a legitimate chance of winning a title this year as the third seed in the West, and sport the second-best point differential in the league. They will face an exciting Golden State Warriors in the first round, a team that almost found a way to beat the San Antonio Spurs in the Conference Semifinals last postseason. The Clippers finally have the spotlight to themselves and could use a successful playoff run as the next step to escaping the Lakers’ shadow.

Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones III With Hilarious Memes

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In the late-1990s Bill Cosby hosted a television show that showcased children giving hilarious answers to simple questions. The show was called, “Kids Say The Darndest Things“.

The modern internet era could breed a show of its own using funny pictures accompanied by comical captions—generally called memes. Title the show, “Pictures Say The Darndest Things” and give it a funny host like Ced the Entertainer or Kevin Hart, you might have a syndicated hit.

Some people find humor in taking photos of their friends and making them into memes. Some pictures succeed, some fail.

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Jeremy Lamb may have had one of the most successful attempts at turning a picture of someone he knew into an internet meme. His caption, though crude, truly makes sense of teammate Perry Jones III’s facial expression.

Jones’ response completed the image, complete with comic book font and a thought bubble for Lamb.



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DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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draftstreet I didn’t fare well last night with my DraftStreet fantasy team. It’s been a rough go for me in the fantasy basketball world. None of my players did bad, but none did particularly great either.

Andre Drummond ($15,850) did well for me. Not his best game but he was still a monster. He had 19 points and 17 rebounds, as a reward I’ve picked him again on another team of mine. Trey Burke was a bit disappointing, he only managed to score four points and missed six shots.

Tonight I will be doing something many will find crazy. I’m picking a player that was arrested two days ago. jonas v

Jonas Valanciunas ($13,115) was arrested in Ontario on drunk driving charges, but I think he’s a great pick. The Raptors announced he would play tonight, and I think Valanciunas will use this situation as motivation for a dominant game.

Another surprise pick is Oklahoma City Thunder’s Caron Butler ($7,378). OKC plays the Los Angeles Clippers and Butler does well in high-pressure situations. Also, he’s playing against his old team. They always say it’s not personal but it is.

Here’s my full roster for tonight.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 12.34.33 PM




NBA Games Tonight

Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavs

Brooklyn Nets at Orlando Magic

Charlotte Bobcats at Washington Wizards

Philadelphia 76ers at Toronto Raptors

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks

Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Pelicans

Indiana Pacers at Milwaukee Bucks

Chicago Bulls at Minnesota Timberwolves

Miami Heat at Memphis Grizzlies

Houston Rockets at Denver Nuggets

Sacramento Kings at Portland Trail Blazers

Oklahoma City Thunder at LA Clippers

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DraftStreet Fantasy Spin: Sunday, April 6, 2014

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draftstreet So Kyrie Irving scored 44 points last night. If you claim you knew that you’re a hardcore Cleveland Cavs fan or a bald-face liar. This rarely happens, but the NBA was put on the back burner and even the league knew that. Not one exciting matchup in the association, I guess the league knew best when they assumed the entire basketball world was glued to the Final Four. For the record, I called Kentucky to win.

Now, on to fantasy.

If I had Irving on my DraftStreet fantasy team last night there’s a good chance I’d be doing a happy dance. He finished with almost 60 fantasy points, almost an unheard of number.

Take a look at my fantasy team for today.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.14.28 AM




For a Sunday in the NBA there’s surprisingly a lot of games, nine in total and some exciting ones too.

New York Knicks at Miami Heat
Both of these teams are fighting for something, which is odd. New York wants the eighth seed and Miami wants the first. This is a potential first round playoff matchup and should be fun. I think LeBron James ($21,422) will have a huge game.

LA Lakers at LA Clippers
Will there be more Lakers fans in attendance? The Clippers will humiliate their rivals at Staples today. It won’t be much of a game but look for Blake Griffin ($20,884) to do big things.

Atlanta Hawks at Indiana Pacers
I like Kyle Korver ($8,148) in this game, let me tell you why. The Pacers are so focused on protecting the rim they sometimes forget about shooters. Korver has the opportunity to stretch the defense and score 15.

Dallas Mavs at Sacramento Kings
Dirk Nowitzki ($17,151) ages like wine, it’s incredible. Dallas has been rolling and won’t be slowed down by the Kings, who can’t guard Dirk. Look for him to score 28.

Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets
The Rockets have been playing well without Dwight Howard but they definitely miss his presence. Fortunately for them the Nuggets aren’t a great low post team and shouldn’t have any problem getting by them. This will be a fast game so Kenneth Farried ($15,666) should do well.

Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs
Two very fundamental teams that will have to grind each other out for the win. I’m picking Zach Randolph ($15,205) to have a good game despite a challenge from Tim Duncan defensively.

Utah Jazz at Golden State Warriors
Trey Burke ($8,456), why not? I picked him because he’s cheap, so let’s see what the young gun can do against the star Steph Curry.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns
This is a really fun game. The Suns, when healthy, have a top three backcourt in the league. Durant is going for Michael Jordan’s record for most consecutive game with 25+ points, he’ll get it.

New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers
Anthony Davis is so good for fantasy but he’s been in and out of the lineup. Go with Damian Lillard ($13,445), he’s very affordable.

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10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Spurs Win 18 Straight, Duncan Passes Ewing, Heat Overtake Pacers

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Tim DuncanRoughly two weeks remain in the 2013-14 NBA regular season and only seven teams have secured playoff berths. Thus, the action on Monday, March 31 was of the utmost importance to the postseason picture.

There was a shuffling of the powers in the Eastern Conference, the progression of a stellar streak and the continuation of a late-season push. Individually, multiple players set or matched career-highs and a legend continued his ascent up the all-time scoring list.

Here’s everything that you need to know about last night’s action.