VIDEO: Danny Schayes on the One and Done Dilemma


Are NBA players likely to be better if they stay in college longer? Do NBA executives know the difference between a stud and a dud based on how long the player stays in school? There is anecdotal data everywhere, from Kobe Bryant to Korleone Young. But former NBA player and current SheridanHoops columnist Danny Schayes works for Intensity Corporation, a firm that did its own exhaustive study on early entry candidates for the NBA draft. Schayes has written a three-part series explaining the


10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games — Memphis Snaps Golden State’s Streak, Durant Reaches 15,000 Points

Marc Gasol

Congrats to @easymoneysniper on reaching the 15,000 career points plateau tonight! A photo posted by NBA (@nba) on Dec 12, 2014 at 7:49pm PSTThe 2014-15 NBA regular season continued on Tuesday, December 16 with a number of the league’s elite in action. One of the game’s current greats reached a marvelous milestone and the two teams with the best records in the association clashed. Here’s how it all transpired.


Sheridan: Top trade candidates include Stephenson, Rondo


Anybody who signed an NBA contract prior to Sept. 16 is now eligible to be traded. And the “Most Likely” list begins and ends with Lance Stephenson … sort of. In the NBA, you never really know when someone will have a hair trigger and pull off a deal that becomes addition by subtraction (yes, we are talking about you, Stan Van Gundy/Josh Smith). But the primary guy who fits under that subcategory is Stephenson, the prized offseason acquisition of the Charlotte