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If you’re not up to speed on the latest in the Chandler Parsons saga, here’s an update.

The newly acquired Dallas Mavericks forward had a relatively tenuous three-day stretch during free agency while he waited for the Houston Rockets to decide if they were going to match the offer sheet he received from Mavs GM Donnie Nelson and owner Mark Cuban.

Houston was, of course, waiting for Chris Bosh to make a decision on the four-year max contract that they put on the table. When Bosh, instead, chose to accept a five-year max contract to stay in Miami, GM Daryl Morey opted to sign Washington Wizards free agent forward Trevor Ariza, all but rendering Parsons expendable.

Since, both Rockets center Dwight Howard and guard James Harden have chosen to distance themselves from, if not totally belittle, Parsons.

Howard spoke to the Associated Press downplaying the significance of Parsons’ departure:

It won’t affect us at all. We have myself and James. We have the best center and the best two guard in the game on the same team. It’s on us.”

Harden, who is in the Philippines, took things a step further when speaking to the Philipino Star:

Dwight [Howard] and I are the cornerstones of the Rockets. The rest of the guys are role players or pieces that complete our team. We’ve lost some pieces and added some pieces. I think we’ll be fine next season.”

Strong words considering that Parsons averaged 16.6 points last season, just 1.7 less than Howard, the league’s “best center.” The Mavericks new small forward seems to have responded, in kind, on Twitter.

At only 25-years-old, Parsons still has plenty of room to grow, and playing under head coach Rick Carlisle, he’s sure to get the opportunity. The Dallas coach is fond of his new forward’s versatility, and has said that he intends to utilize him everywhere from 1-through-4.

I think he can play the 3, 4, 1 and 2. He can do a lot of different things. He can facilitate, he can drive it, he can shoot it and he and he can defend a lot of different positions. It’s a really good fit for us.”

Considering Carlisle’s plan for Parsons and how his young forward has continued to increase his productivity in each of his first three seasons, it seems fair to assume that he’ll only get better in 2014-15. The question remains, how much better?

Given this recent development, it will be quite interesting to see where the NBA elects to schedule the first matchup between the two Texas teams, not just in location, but also on the calendar. An opening day game between the two might be a marquee game for the season’s start. Any meeting between the two is bound to be considered for national television.

As of right now, Parsons is likely itching to for the opportunity to prove himself to his former teammates and Rockets GM Daryl Morey.



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Has the Indiana Pacers’ championship window closed? Thu, 24 Jul 2014 17:28:59 +0000

Pacers starting fiveHave the Indiana Pacers already gone as far as they can go with this roster?

It’s a question overlooked with all the big moves being made this offseason in the Eastern Conference, and the Central Division in particular. A quick synopsis, for those who watched the World Cup and forgot about basketball since the Finals ended:

  • Cleveland signed LeBron James, drafted Andrew Wiggins and could trade Wiggins to Minnesota in a blockbuster deal for Kevin Love.
  • Chicago got rid of Carlos Boozer and added Pau Gasol, prized European Nikola Mirotic and draft pick Doug McDermott. They could trade trade for Love, too, as SheridanHoops reported.
  • Indiana failed to re-sign Lance Stephenson and replaced him with Rodney Stuckey and CJ Miles.

The moves made this summer objectively makes the Pacers the third best team in their own division.


Paul George has proven he can be a superstar player in flashes, but Stephenson provided really strong wing production at both ends and was consistent when Roy Hibbert was the exact antithesis of consistent since the All-Star break. David West is a really good player and George Hill is a good defender, but it just seems like the Eastern Conference is passing Indiana by.

In a league where Avery Bradley and Channing Frye make $8 million per season, the Pacers’ best offer to Stephenson was reportedly five years and $44 million, just a shade under $9M per season. Charlotte got him for a relative bargain at 3/27, while Indiana could be saddled with regrets for a long time for not upping the ante for last season’s triple-doubles leader.

Replacing Stephenson? Scoring guard Stuckey, a downright laughable downgrade who doesn’t mesh at all with what Indiana does best: rock solid defense and enough efficient scoring to get victories.

Take a look at this comparison between the two players, and you’ll see how the Pacers got drastically worse at the shooting guard position:

2013-2014 Stats FG % 3 FG % Points Rebounds Assists PER True Shooting eFG % TO % Usage Rate O Rtg D Rtg Net Rtg WS WS/48
Stephenson 49.1 35.2 13.8 7.2 4.6 14.7 56.4 54 18 19.4 106 101 5 7.4 0.13
Stuckey 43.6 27.3 13.9 2.3 2.1 14 51.6 45 11.3 24.3 105 113 -8 2.2 0.053

DET_Stuckey_RodneyStuckey is older, started just five games for the awful Pistons last year and man was he inefficient. His field goal percentage was more than five percentage points worse than Stephenson’s, and his percentage from three was brutal for a Pacers team that already lacks in that department.

The scoring is misleading, but the other statistics shine a light on the players’ differences. Stephenson averaged nearly five more rebounds and 2.5 more assists per game than Stuckey did last season. Stephenson’s net rating per 100 possessions last season was 13 (thirteen!) points better than Stuckey’s.

The Pacers pride themselves on defense, and Stephenson gave up 12 fewer points per 100 possessions than Stuckey last season and had more than five more win shares than his replacement. Indiana was first in the NBA in defensive rating last year and second in points allowed per game. Will they be able to keep that up with Stephenson no longer on the club?

Lance Stephenson and LeBron JamesAmong five-man lineups that logged at least 30 minutes for the Pacers last season, Stephenson appeared in the top three and five of the top eight lineups in terms of point differential per 100 possessions. And they replaced him with an average to below average player in Stuckey.

This kind of move is made by a team whose window of opportunity has slammed shut.

Paul George is one of the top five two-way players in the NBA, but now teams can focus on him even more without a viable threat on both ends like Stephenson on the wing alongside him.

George Hill averaged just 3.5 assists per game last season for a team that ranked 27th in that category a season ago. With Stephenson’s distribution no longer there, Indiana could be in deep trouble in that department.

Indiana led the league in rebounding last season, but will David West and Roy Hibbert be able to sustain that without Stephenson’s seven boards per game? Can Hibbert regain the form and consistency he once so prominently displayed?

There are far more questions than answers for this Pacers team in Stephenson’s absence just as Cleveland and Chicago greatly improved their roster.

So have the Pacers peaked? Based on a multitude of factors, there are indeed many reasons to believe that the best days for this Indiana Pacers team are already behind them.

Shlomo Sprung is a national columnist for SheridanHoops who loves advanced statistics and the way they explain what happens on the court. He is also the web editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. A 2011 graduate of Columbia University’s Journalism School, he has previously worked for the New York Knicks, The Sporting News, Business Insider and other publications. You should follow him on Twitter.

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Kobe, Dirk Among Biggest Pay Cuts of the Offseason Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:07:16 +0000

Four players – three of them future Hall of Famers – took pay cuts of a staggering eight figures this offseason.395px-Paul_pierce_nets

Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol and Paul Pierce all took salary slashes of more than $10 million to extend their careers with contending teams. They head the list of the top 10 individual pay cuts this summer.

Our list uses exact salary figures from last season. In some cases, this season’s figures are averages of multi-year deals received by players. For example, Ben Gordon signed a two-year, $9 million contract with the Orlando Magic. But until we receive exact figures sometime next month, we are assigning Gordon an annual average salary.

The list also includes last season’s highest-paid player, Bryant, who despite the pay cut remains the highest-paid player – and three others who took veteran’s minimum deals to secure themselves roster spots.

There are unsigned players who could eventually crash the top 10. For example, Emeka Okafor made $14.49 million while sitting out last season with a neck injury. If a team were to take a chance on Okafor this summer, he would definitely make the list. But if he remains unemployed, he remains off the list.

We also did not include amnesty payments when compiling the list, so you will not see Carlos Boozer or Drew Gooden here.

Let’s run down the top 10.

1. Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas. Pay cut of $14.75 million: One of just two players on this list who did not change teams in the offseason, Nowitzki went from among the top five in salary to making less money than Avery Bradley. It was initially reported that Nowitzki took $30 million over three years. But it was later discovered that he received just $25 million, creating extra cap room that allowed the Mavericks to sign Chandler Parsons.

2. Pau Gasol, Chicago. ($11.98 million): He might have been further down on this list had the Bulls and Lakers been able to work a sign-and-trade involving Carlos Boozer. He also might have topped the list had he accepted Oklahoma gasolCity’s predictable penny-pinching offer of the mid-level exception. He ended up taking a cut of nearly $12 million – and made the Bulls the favorites in the East in the eyes of many.

3. Danny Granger, Miami. ($11.94 million): The former All-Star joined his fourth team in six months, signing with the Heat for the bi-annual exception. That represents about a 700 percent cut in salary from the last year of his max deal signed with the Pacers. As a Sixers fan, I will fondly remember his time in Philadelphia.

4. Paul Pierce, Washington. ($10.01 million): Despite a pay cut of over $10 million, Pierce has the fourth-highest salary on this list, taking the midlevel exception from the Wizards. This seems like a strange landing spot for “The Truth,” who spent years in Boston, talked long-time teammate Kevin Garnett into accepting last summer’s monster trade to Brooklyn and figured to end up with either the Clippers or Lakers, returning to his Inglewood roots. But with Trevor Ariza gone and Martell Webster hurt, Pierce figures to get most of the minutes at small forward ahead of Otto Porter.

5. Richard Jefferson, Dallas ($9.6 million): No surprise here as Jefferson took a veteran’s minimum deal from the Mavericks. The bigger surprise was that Jefferson not only lasted the entire 2013-14 season on the roster of the rebuilding Utah Jazz but started 78 games and averaged double figures.

The list continues below the chart.

PLAYER 2013-14 2014-15 PAY CUT
Dirk Nowitzki, DAL $22,720,000 $7,970,000 $14,750,000
Pau Gasol, CHI $19,280,000 $7,300,000 $11,980,000
Danny Granger, MIA $14,020,000 $2,080,000 $11,940,000
Paul Pierce, WAS $15,330,000 $5,310,000 $10,020,000
Richard Jefferson, DAL $11,050,000 $1,450,000 $9,600,000
Ben Gordon, ORL $13,200,000 $4,500,000 $8,700,000
Kris Humphries, WAS $12,000,000 $4,250,000 $7,750,000
Rodney Stuckey, IND $8,500,000 $1,230,000 $7,270,000
Kobe Bryant, LAL $30,450,000 $23,500,000 $6,950,000
John Salmons, NOR $7,560,000 $1,450,000 $6,110,000

6. Ben Gordon, Orlando ($8.7 million): The former Sixth Man Award winner became Charlotte’s 16th man when he was waived by the Bobcats/Hornets – after the March 1 deadline, preventing him from signing with a playoff team. All in all, he landed pretty nicely with the Magic, who gave him $4.5 million even though they have young shooting guards Victor Oladipo and Evan Fournier. By the end of this season, he could be a 16th man again.

7. Kris Humphries, Washington ($7.75 million): The best part of his appearance on this list is imagining him still married to lifestyle monetizer Kim Kardashian and picturing her face when he tells her that he took a 200 percent pay cut.

8. Rodney Stuckey, Indiana ($7.27 million): Another one of the, ahem, shrewd deals negotiated by former Pistons GM Joe Kobe BryantDumars, who thought a third guard was worth $25 million over three years. Still just 28, he definitely is worth more than the veteran minimum but got squeezed by the market. But he may be able to rebuild his value by playing on a good team for the first time in his career.

9. Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers. ($6.95 million): His fans will point out his presence on this list and make him out to be some sort of “Magnanimous Mamba.” But the truth is he is one of just two players to actually make $30 million in a season, his salary reduction wasn’t enough to help the Lakers quickly rebuild, and his new salary is conveniently $90,000 more than what Amar’e Stoudemire gets, making Bryant – you guessed it – the highest-paid player.

10. John Salmons, New Orleans ($6.11 million): With a $1 million buyout on a $7 million salary for the 2014-15 season, he was a valuable trade chip that allowed Toronto to land Lou Williams and Atlanta to create cap room. Even if you add the buyout cash to his veteran’s minimum deal, he still is making over $5 million less than last season.

Et cetera: As of July 24, the next player on the list is Heat forward Luol Deng, whose $10 million is nearly $4.3 million less than what he made last season. … In addition to Okafor, another player who could crash the top 10 is Shawn Marion, who is headed for a huge reduction after making $9.3 million with the Mavericks last season. … Dallas already has two players on the list and could add a third. The Mavs are talking with Jameer Nelson, who made $8.6 million last season with Orlando and was scheduled to make $8 million this season before the Magic bought him out for $2 million.

Tomorrow: The top 10 pay raises of the offseason

Chris Bernucca is the managing editor of His column appears every Monday during the season. You can follow him on Twitter.

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Free Agency Leftovers: July 24 Update — Durant to Wizards in ’16? Thu, 24 Jul 2014 12:20:14 +0000

WizardsMascotThis is the part of the summer when we wait … and when waiting can be divided into short waits, long waits and really long waits.

In Category One, it’ll be a short wait before the Kevin Durant-to-Washington speculation takes on a life of its own. KD will be in Team USA training camp beginning Sunday, and he’ll be bombarded with questions about what he plans to do when he becomes a free agent in 23 months. The Wizards are a logical destination if Durant wants to follow LeBron James’ lead and return to his hometown.

In Category Two, it’ll likely be a long wait until Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe have some sense of resolution. Both have $12 million per year offers on the table, both are trying to get more lucrative contracts, and both are restrained by the restricted free agency system that works for some (Gordan Hayward, Chandler Parsons, Roy Hibbert, Eric Gordon, Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik) and doesn’t quite work so well for others.

Category Three brings us back to Durant, whose future will dominate the rumors pages on the Internet once we all reach the stagnation state with all the Kevin Love rumors.

In fact, the Durant-to-Washington angle is already gaining traction. In Tuesday’s Washington Post, Dan Steinberg delved deep into the topic: ”

“Over the next few months, and possibly years, you will hear and read lots of speculation about what will happen with Kevin Durant’s NBA future, some of it grounded in fact, some of it based on gut feelings, and some of it just reflecting random stream-of-consciousness blather. Which is fine! Embrace it! The more you’re thinking about whether Kevin Durant could theoretically play for the Wizards one day, the less you’re thinking about the fact that you virtually never clean your stove-top, even that brown greasy blob part that is probably spreading a bit and now seems to be slightly three-dimensional. So why not read about what Gary Williams thinks about the Durant question? “One interesting thing on this LeBron going back to Cleveland, Durant’s watching that very close,” Williams said on ESPN 980 last week. “He’s seeing the adulation pouring out for LeBron James for coming home. And Durant loves this area. He does. He’s back every summer. He plays at Montrose [Christian] against their high school kids sometimes; he’s out there taking charges. He just loves to play basketball. He’s been over at Maryland, he plays with the players over there. He just wants to play. And these are where his ties are. I know one thing, when his career’s over, I’d be shocked if he didn’t live in this area.” … “I think you go in steps,” Williams later said. “I don’t think [Paul] Pierce comes here unless the Wizards did what they did in the playoffs this year. So now take that a step further. If they do make another really strong playoff run this coming year; now all of a sudden there’s somebody that good that’s out there, they have to look at the Wizards. Because I think all those guys – Durant included – are looking at if I go here, will they be good enough to win a championship? So if the Wizards can show that maybe they’re just missing a Durant to win a championship, I think they have a good chance, I really do.”

(RELATED: Wizards will be sneaky good in 2014-15)

Kevin DurantSince basketball journalism is now all about breathless speculation of what will happen in Julys to come, this story has a tremendous amount of legs.

A year from now, Kevin Love may or may not be a free agent. Depends on whether the Wolves trade him, and you can be damn well sure that the Cavs are willing to trade Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and at least one future No. 1 pick to acquire Miami sports radio host Orlando Alzugaray’s least favorite player.

I reported Wednesday that the Bulls have offered Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott. Such a trade could not take place until 30 have have passed from the time (Tuesday) when Mirotic and McDermott signed their deals. Wiggins signed his deal Thursday, starting his 30-day no-trade clock.

The Warriors’ reluctance to part with Klay Thompson is killing their chances. It is unclear if Boston has the goods to outbid other teams.

But back to the longer wait.

A year from now, Marc Gasol may or may not be the No. 1 free agent on the market. The Knicks and the Lakers are hoping he will be, because they will have the cap space to make a max offer to the Memphis Grizzlies’ center. In the meantime, of course, both teams will be treading water — a reality I discussed in this podcast on AM570 radio in El Lay with Petros and Money.

Oh, and another thing.

LeBron James can become a free agent next July, too. Heck, he can become a free agent every July for the rest of his career if he continues to demand two-year contracts with opt-outs after Year One. Yes, it is good to be the King.

So let’s set the reset button as we boldly plunge into the final nine days of July.

Teams sitting on cap space include the 76ers ($35 million), the Suns ($16.5 million), the Hawks ($11.6 million), the Magic ($10.1 million) and the Bucks ($9 million). And since the Suns have a dearth of big men, it would seem they are the team most likely to make a play for Monroe. But that assumes they like Monroe and deem him worthy of a max deal. If not, young Mr. Monroe is going to find himself taking a qualifying offer, or signing for less than what his agent believes he is worth.


Sean Deveney of The Sporting News makes a great point in a column looking at the recent history of restricted free agents: “Last year, Gerald Henderson’s restricted free agency in Charlotte was not settled until he got a three-year deal on July 27. The sign-and-trade that divorced Brandon Jennings from the Bucks did not come about until July 30. Nikola Pekovic did not agree to terms with the Timberwolves until August 14. That’s cold comfort for Bledsoe and Monroe. They don’t have many choices on hand, and their current employers gain leverage with patience, allowing salary-cap space to dry up and chipping away at market value. All they can do is wait.”

That is the big picture as we move into the dog days. Below is our latest Top 10 list, and there is some good talent on it. Even the “Next 10″ list has some guys who can be solid rotation players, so the news will keep trickling in as teams use up their remaining room and/or exceptions.


In our original list of the Top 25 free agents, only five names did not get crossed off the list through July 14. Players with a (R) next to their name are restricted free agents, meaning their teams have the right to match any offer they receive:

1. Greg Monroe, F, Detroit Pistons (R)

Detroit Pistons Media DayI have always said he is going to get a max contract, because there just aren’t that many 24-years-olds standing 6-11 who can be obtained this summer. Also, his agent is David Falk, and if there is one thing that Falk knows how to do (aside from staying on Michael Jordan’s good side), it is getting his clients the most possible money. JULY 15 UPDATE: Offer on the table said to be in the $12 million per year range. Stan Van Gundy said he is “not sweating it.” JULY 17 UPDATE: Zach Lowe of Grantland reports Monroe will only sign his qualifying offer if the Pistons fail to trade Josh Smith. JULY 20 UPDATE: Huffington Post reports the Suns are considering an offer.

2. Eric Bledsoe, G, Phoenix Suns (R)

Phoenix Suns

When he wasn’t injured, Bledsoe showed exactly why teams were lining up to try to acquire him before he was eventually dealt by the Clippers to the Phoenix Suns. The NBA is a point guard-driven league, and this guy is the one great player left out there at that position. We know this about the Suns: It appears they are trying to set up some kind of sign-and-trade, having signed Isaiah Thomas away from the Kings and drafted Tyler Ennis. Bledsoe could return on a $3.7 million qualifying offer and be an unrestricted free agent next summer. JULY 15 UPDATE: Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic throws out Philadelphia (double point guard backcourt with Michael-Carter Williams?) and Milwaukee (sign-and-trade?) as two possible destinations. JULY 17 UPDATE: Chris Broussard of ESPN throws out Houston, Milwaukee and Sacramento as possible destinations. UPDATE II: Broussard says Suns offering $48 million for four years while Bledsoe wants max $80 million for five. JULY 22 UPDATE: Suns president Lon Babby tells the Arizona Republic the team “continues to hope and expect” that Bledsoe will remain a member of the Suns. JULY 23: At a news conference to introduce Isiah Thomas and Anthony Tolliver, unnamed team officials told the Arizona Republic that Bledsoe remains part of their long-range plans and will match a max offer of $63 million over four years if Bledsoe signs such an offer sheet.

3. Shawn Marion, F, Dallas Mavericks

DAL_Marion_ShawnChandler Parsons took his money. No other way to put it. That $14.7 million salary will make Parsons the highest-paid member of the team, although the Mavs can exceed the cap to re-sign Marion. They are $13 million below the luxury tax level. So it becomes a question of how much Dallas is willing to pay, and whether The Matrix can get more money than that on the open market. He remains one of the league’s most versatile players and a lockdown defender. JULY 15 UPDATE: In an interview with KESN-FM, general manager Don Nelson said: “His value in the marketplace is much higher than what we have right now, and so I would categorize that as a long long long long long shot.” JULY 16 UPDATE: The Mavericks have reached agreement with Rashard Lewis on a one-year contract, likely ending any hopes that Marion would return. JULY 20 UPDATE: Tyler Conway Of Bleacher Report makes a strong case that Marion is far from washed up, especially when shooting from in close. UPDATE II: Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram posts a tweet loaded with Marion speculation: If Marion can’t get the $5.3 mil MLE (mid-level exception) from the #Spurs or #Rockets, he may take the $2.73 mil room exception from the #Mavs, Chi, LAL or Cha.

4. Mo Williams, G, Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers media day 2013Every year, one guy gets squeezed. Is this the winner of the Squeeze Award for 2014? Williams had a nice season with the Portland Trail Blazers as their sixth man, averaging 9.7 points and 4.3 assists in 25 minutes per game. But his shooting (.417 overall, .369 from 3-point range) left something to be desired, and the Blazers used their cap room to sign Chris Kaman and Steve Blake. Williams opted out of a $2.77 million contract. JULY 15 UPDATE: There is mutual interest between Williams and the Mavs, ESPN reports, but there is a logjam at point guard with Devin Harris and Ray Felton on the team. JULY 23 UPDATE: ESPN’s Tim MacMahon says Williams has offers worth more than the $2.7 the Mavs can offer.

5. Ray Allen, G, Miami Heat

Ray_Allen_HeadshotContemplating retirement, but also said to be contemplating playing a season in Cleveland with LeBron James. He certainly has plenty of game left, and last season was actually a renaissance year for him — especially in the playoffs as he averaged 9.3 points and shot 39 percent from downtown. He turns 39 on Sunday, July 20, and has to come to a decision on whether he wants to risk being a has-been, or whether he wants to be part of the excitement in Cleveland while enduring the cold weather he never had to put up with while playing in Miami. JULY 17 UPDATE: Mike Miller acknowledged he is trying to recruit Allen to the Cavs. JULY 18 UPDATE: Allen is in China until July 27 and seems in no hurry to make a decision, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo. JULY 20 UPDATE: Strange things are happening with Allen in China, reports. JULY 23 UPDATE: Mike Fisher of says Allen is No. 1 on Mavs’ wish list ahead of Jameer Nelson and Mo Williams. JULY 24 UPDATE: Gary Washburn of Boston Globe says he is leaning toward playing with Cavs. 

6. Andrew Bynum, C, Indiana Pacers

IND_Bynum_AndrewYou remember him, right? Started for the Western Conference All-Stars a couple of years back, made more news at the bowling alley than on the basketball court after he was dealt to the Philadelphia 76ers, then had a cameo with the Indiana Pacers before they dumped him, perhaps to keep Roy Hibbert from looking over his shoulder. Yes, his knees are a problem. But haven’t they always been a problem? If it is a question of pain management, he is worth a looksee at the veteran’s minimum. JULY 18 UPDATE: Berman of the Post says he is seriously contemplating sitting out 2014-15 to undergo the Germany-based knee therapy called “The Regenokine Program’’ that would require an extra long rehab, according to his agent David Lee. “If healthy, Phil (Jackson) will be interested,” Lee said.

mavs small logo7. Al-Farouq Aminu, F, New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans Media DayThere hasn’t been a shred of news on this defensive minded combo forward since July 2, when he was said to be on the list of players the Mavericks were looking at. He is definitely getting squeezed at a time when he is looking for his first significant payday. It seems he deserved one after starting 65 games for the Pelicans last season and averaging 7.2 points and 6.2 rebounds in roughly 25 minutes per game. Buried treasure if you ask me. Don’t forget that he was the eighth overall pick of the 2010 draft. JULY 24 UPDATE: Has reahed agreement with the Dallas Mavericks, CSNNW reports. Two years, $2.1 million. 

8. Mike Scott, F, Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Media DayHe was profiled on this site by Jacob Eisenberg, who should be Scott’s publicist. This could be a case of Scott waiting until the Hawks use up their cap space (they have $12 million, and they haven’t re-signed Gustave Ayon or Elton Brand, either) and then re-up their own free agents. Knocked down five 3-pointers in a playoff victory over the Indiana Pacers, but few teams would give him as much of a green light as the Hawks did to shoot 3-pointers (he attempted 200 last season). Once again, a case of buried treasure (unless he is merely waiting on Danny Ferry).

9. Francisco Garcia, F, Houston Rockets

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets - Game SixYou’d think the Rockets would be scrambling to keep this energy guy after their offseason turned into such a disaster (traded Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin and did not match offer sheet to Chandler Parsons), but he is still out there, unsigned and waiting for the right offer. The Latin Assassin was linked to the Utah Jazz early in free agency, but nothing has come of it. Has also been linked to the Knicks. The 32-year-old Dominican has spent nine years in the Association but has never come close to matching the numbers (12.7 ppg) he put up in the 2006-07 season for Sacramento.

10. Jameer Nelson, G, Orlando Magic

ORL_Nelson_Jameer (1)Weird how a guy like Andre Miller can stick around as a backup year after year after year, but this guy — who has played in the NBA Finals and is a great locker room leader — is drawing flies this offseason. Has the best stats of any point guard left on the market, having averaged 12.1 points and 7.0 assists for the Magic last season while starting 68 games. Was in the mix for the Bulls before they signed Aaron Brooks as their third PG behind Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich. Only 32 years old, but his consistent drop in shooting percentage over the past five years may be hurting him. JULY 23 UPDATE: In Dallas for a recruiting visit with the Mavs, ESPN’s Marc Stein reports. JULY 24 UPDATE: Will sign two-year, $6 million deal, ESPN reports.

The next 10:

Andray Blatche, F/C, Brooklyn Nets; Evan Turner, F, Indiana (Celtics); Greg Oden, C, Miami; Metta World Peace, F, New York Knicks; Jordan Crawford, G, Golden State Warriors; Toney Douglas, G, Miami Heat; Michael Beasley, F, Miami Heat; Elton Brand, F, Atlanta Hawks; Gustavo Ayon, C, Atlanta Hawks; Greg Stiemsma, C, New Orleans Pelicans.

Chris Sheridan is publisher and editor-in-chief of Follow him on Twitter.

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SH Blog: Gibson admits trade rumors are tough, Minnesota shows no urgency to get a deal done with Cleveland Thu, 24 Jul 2014 05:09:14 +0000

20140101_Kevin_Love_(cropped)It’s no secret that Kevin Love wants out of town, and that means rumors will circulate throughout the summer as the Minnesota Timberwolves try to figure out what deal will help cope with the loss of their franchise player.

On Wednesday, our Chris Sheridan revealed what the Chicago Bulls offered for the coveted power forward, and it may be the best deal out there for Flip Saunders – at least for the time being:

The Chicago Bulls have offered a package of Taj Gibson and rookies Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic to the Minnesota Timberwolves for All-Star forward Kevin Love, a league source told on Wednesday.


The source who spoke to SheridanHoops said he believed the Bulls’ offer was better in the minds of the Wolves than the Cavs’ current offer of Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a first-round pick.

So that’s a mighty big offer from the Bulls.

It’s interesting that they are willing to go this route right after signing Pau Gasol and finally getting Mirotic to join the team, but it’s not every day that you have the chance to acquire someone of Love’s caliber. They also have to offer something just as enticing or more than what the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to offer, so the amount of tremendous assets offered – both offensively and defensively – is no surprise. In return, they would have a chance to start Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy, Love and Joakim Noah - a lineup that almost sounds too good to be true (Dunleavy aside, that is).

Gibson, who is included in the offer, admits that being a part of trade rumors is never an easy thing to deal with, from Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago:

The power forward has spent his entire career with the Bulls and played a major part in helping them become one of the most intimidating defensive teams over the years, so his frustration is understandable. He has always wanted to be a starter, though, and a trade to Minnesota would likely fulfill that wish.

Despite this latest rumor, the Timberwolves aren’t exactly in a huge rush to trade away their best player just yet, according to Sam Amick of USA Today:

Of course, it’s best to listen to all available offers for a player of Love’s caliber, and it’s possible that offers could continue to improve from various teams as they try to one-up another. Still, the note from Sam Amick has to make some wonder if the Timberwolves are seriously thinking they can convince Love to change his mind. During summer league play, owner Glen Taylor expressed that he hopes and even expects Love to be with the team when training camp begins. It’s not the worst thing to remain hopeful about your franchise player, but if they drag out the process for too long, teams looking to acquire him may eventually wear thin on the situation. Of course, there’s also the risk of holding on for too long and end up losing him for nothing – something Saunders is probably too smart to let happen. One team already looking to move on from the Love sweepstakes is Boston, according to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE

There’s no waiving of the white flag just yet, but the Boston Celtics appear to be ready to move on from their pursuit of Minnesota star Kevin Love, league sources tell

“The more teams step up and show interest in Love, the further Boston falls in the pack,” a source said on Wednesday. “Danny’s a smart guy. He knows when to keep pushing for something and when to move on.”

That’s why the Celtics are reportedly among the clubs to express some interest in being a third team to help facilitate a trade involving Love to what one source said has become his “preferred” destination, Cleveland.

As for the Golden State Warriors, they still theoretically could jump ahead of everyone else by including Klay Thompson in a deal for Love. According to Tim Kawakami of Mercury News, however, losing Thompson to gain Love may ultimately be a risk they do not want to take. And for some reason, they still consider David Lee more valuable than he actually is:

Remember, nobody in the league values Lee as much as the Warriors do. That’s their call and their right, but it’s also just a plain fact.

Lacob in particular doesn’t believe Lee should ever be considered a throw-in on a big deal–and that Lee’s defense isn’t as bad as many say (that’d be me!), that Lee’s hard work on the floor and attitude in the locker room cannot be discounted when you add up his value to the GSWs.

And if the Warriors take Thompson out of their perimeter defense, then they are exposing Curry far more than they ever want to… with no guarantee of ever getting another 2-guard who can shoot like Thompson AND defend the opponents’ toughest perimeter players.

Which gives Thompson even more value. Even if he costs the mini-max (starting at about $15.5M a year, in 2015-16), Thompson does things for the Warriors that they consider integral to who they are and why they can be dangerous in the West playoffs.

Love would obviously do that, too, but the upgrade with Love minus Thompson just isn’t enough in the Warriors’ minds to justify all the other things they’d have to do in this deal.

Joe Lacob should really, really consider re-watching the series against the Los Angeles Clippers in last season’s playoffs to remind himself of this: when it comes down to it against the best teams in the West, Lee is a liability on both ends of the floor and sometimes, he can even be a complete disaster. He is not a good pick-and-roll partner for Stephen Curry because he can no longer shoot from the perimeter and is absolutely terrible at finishing around the basket unless the area is almost completely vacant. If he sees any long or big defender like Serge Ibaka, DeAndre Jordan or Marc Gasol camped around the post area, Lee’s mind simply shrinks in fear. Why? Because he can’t take them out of their comfort zone without a shot, and he knows getting a shot over them in the paint will be a highly-difficult task. Unlike players such as Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Love and other quality power forwards in the West, you can’t just dump the ball down to Lee and expect him to score or create in an effective manner. Again, this is specifically about Lee’s inability to perform at a high level against top notch competition. Against teams like Detroit and Orlando where there is dysfunction, he can be absolutely fantastic.

Against the Clippers, Lee’s offense – just 13.9 points - almost exclusively came from the pick and roll with Curry or on wide-open baskets and put-backs. He essentially attempted no shots from beyond 10 feet despite always being open in that range, and a whopping 80.5 percent of his converted baskets were assisted – by far the highest mark among starting power forwards of the west in the playoffs. In other words, he often mucked up the offense with many of his limitations, and scored almost only in situations where anyone else in his position could have scored. The points he did score were not significant enough to warrant having him out on the floor for 30-plus minutes, but the Warriors didn’t necessarily have a better choice with Andrew Bogut out of the equation. And really, he did a hell of a job making DeAndre Jordan look as if he was an MVP-caliber player. Jordan averaged 12.1 points, 15.1 rebounds and four blocks against the Warriors. He proceeded to average 6.7 points, 9.5 rebounds and 0.8 blocks against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the next round.  

So to be clear, Lee can’t spread the floor, doesn’t finish well, can’t create his own offense and is generally a bad defender. Given the importance of the power forward position in the West, acquiring Love to replace Lee would greatly enhance their chances of moving past some of the better teams come playoff time. Sure, they’d lose Thompson’s defense, but Shaun Livingston (who can play shooting guard if called upon to do so) and Brandon Rush are no slouches in that department. They’d also likely acquire Kevin Martin in a deal for Love, and he’s probably about as good as Thompson is from an offensive standpoint.

Thompson is undoubtedly a rare asset for any team. He shouldn’t be considered more valuable than Love, though, especially given who currently mans the Warriors’ power forward position. 


  • The New Orleans Pelicans have released Omri Casspi, according to Marc Stein of ESPN: “New Orleans, as expected, has released newly acquired forward Omri Casspi, who will find new team in free agency if he clears waivers. Omri Casspi has already publicly expressed interest in returning to Kings and word is Sacramento is planning to put in a waiver claim on him.”
  • Also according to Stein, Jameer Nelson is close to signing with the Dallas Mavericks: “The Dallas Mavericks are closing in on signing former Orlando Magic point guard Jameer Nelson, according to sources briefed on the talks. Sources told that Nelson and the Mavericks, barring an unforeseen snag, are on track to formalize a contract Thursday, when Nelson visits Dallas. reported Tuesday that the Mavericks had arranged to fly Nelson into town for a face-to-face visit Thursday in the hopes of finalizing a deal via use of their $2.7 million room exception.”
  • AnthonyDavisSH1Anthony Davis is looking forward to being more of an exclusive power forward in the upcoming season with Omer Asik on board, from Jim Eichenhofer of “Whatever position the team wants me to play, I’m going to do it and try my best and excel at it, but my game is really more of a power forward’s,” Davis said. “This is going to help my game a lot. I like playing the four. Now I get a chance to work on more stuff, knowing that I’ll be playing the four a lot more than I have in the past couple of years.”… As Davis points out, there are also NBA power forwards who have thicker body types than Davis, including players such as Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin, but that trio prefers to face the basket on offense, instead of backing down defenders. That’s a better fit for Davis’ 6-foot-10, 238-pound frame and elite athleticism. “I think their games are similar to mine,” Davis said of the three aforementioned Western Conference All-Stars. “They’re not back-to-the-basket kinds of players. If a player is a face-up guy, it’s more of a case for me to just be able to stay in front of him on defense. If he’s a five, you have to fight your way and battle with him in that low post. It’s not just that they’re heavier; the biggest difference is the way they play. Most (centers) aren’t doing a lot of facing up or making plays off the dribble.”
  • DocRiversDoc Rivers may not want to coach the Los Angeles Clippers if Donald Sterling remains the owner of the team, according to Arash Markazi of ESPN LA: “As Dick Parsons, the interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers, testified in state court Tuesday about the uncertain future of the team, he outlined an accelerated “death spiral” for the Clippers if Donald Sterling were to remain the owner. “If none of your sponsors want to sponsor you,” Parsons said. “And your coach doesn’t want to coach for you and your players don’t want to play for you, what do you have?”… “We’re in so long as Donald Sterling is out,” Parsons said when describing his conversation with several sponsors that have yet to commit to the team for the upcoming season… “Doc is as troubled by this as anybody, and maybe more so,” Parsons said. “He has told me that if Mr. Sterling continues to own the team, he doesn’t think he wants to continue as coach.”
  • Raymond Felton cropRaymond Felton pleaded guilty in court to gun charges, according to The A.P.: “Dallas Mavericks point guard Raymond Felton pleaded guilty Wednesday in a New York gun case, taking a plea deal that involved admitting a felony but spares him jail.Felton pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. He admitted he knowingly had a large-capacity ammunition magazine and a semi-automatic pistol without a license. “Are those charges true?” Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Larry Stephen asked. “Yes, sir,” Felton said, later adding in a soft voice: “I apologize. I realize what I did was wrong.” He was immediately sentenced to 500 hours of community service and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine. Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Rebold said Felton will be allowed to do the service outside New York.”
  • Nikola Mirotic, Real MadridNikola Mirotic described what the Chicago Bulls can expect out of his game, from Sherron Shabazz of SLAM Online: “I think I’m a smart player. I like to create a lot for the team but I know that I need to be strong, especially mentally. I know that I have to do a lot of things to improve, but I’m ready. I know that my coach and my teammates will help me, but it’s important to do the job step by step. I’m ready and I want to help them… I like to put the ball on the floor. I like to run the court. I like to play pick and pop to the three-point line. This is the strongest thing in my game. Sure, I know that Chicago is a great defensive team so I need to help them in the defense. I need to improve so I think that I can help them a lot… I’m ready to accept my role on the team. In Madrid I’m always starter. For sure this is different. This is NBA. I don’t care if I start or don’t start. I have to do my job and I play, so that’s it.”
  • BledsoeZach Lowe of Grantland explains one of the reasons why Eric Bledsoe is still somewhat of a question mark in the NBA from a health standpoint: “The Suns’ offer would pay Bledsoe exactly what fellow bulldog Kyle Lowry will make over the next four years, and much more than Mike Conley, Brandon Jennings, and Jeff Teague. That seems fair, considering Bledsoe has never logged 2,000 minutes in any season, and missed major time last season after undergoing a second operation on the meniscus cartilage in his right knee. Lawson and Holiday logged more combined minutes in their first three seasons, before signing contract extensions, than Bledsoe has in four full NBA campaigns. The luck of landing on Chris Paul’s team obviously affected that, but so have injuries and major early issues with shooting and turnovers.”
  • Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas reports that the Mavericks have voided the contract of Rashard Lewis: “The Dallas Mavericks voided the contract for Rashard Lewis after discovering that the veteran forward needed surgery on his right knee. “It came to our attention during Rashard Lewis’ physical that he is in need of a medical procedure on his right knee,” Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said in a statement released by the team. “We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and continued success in his remarkable career.” Lewis signed a one-year contract for the veteran’s minimum with the Mavs last week.”

James Park is the chief blogger and deputy editor of Sheridan Hoops. Find him on twitter @SheridanBlog.

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Tweet of the Day: Joel Embiid’s Hilarious Twitter Pursuit Of Rihanna Thu, 24 Jul 2014 00:30:34 +0000

The doldrum of summer is upon us. The only remaining hot topic of discussion in NBA news cycles is the back-and-forth battle for Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star power forward Kevin Love. The Chicago Bulls have thrust themselves back into the picture with a strong offer. Sheridan Hoops publisher and editor-in-chief, Chris Sheridan, has the scoop if you’re thirsty for details.

[EXCLUSIVE: Bulls have offered Gibson, McDermott and Mirotic for Love]
[PODCAST: More on Bulls’ Big Trade Offer for Kevin Love]

If you’re looking for a reprieve from all of the repetitive cycles of information, you need to go follow Philadelphia 76ers rookie Joel Embiid on Twitter.

It all started July 16. After his LeBron James recruiting campaign fell short, he turned his attention to Kim Kardashian, feigning an attempt to woo her on Twitter. Kardashian, as you likely know, is married to Kanye West.

For what can only seem like hilarity’s sake, he professed to know nothing about her marriage. A day later, he started his own hashtag, “#EMB11DsADVICE,” with which fans and followers can tweet him relationship advice.

Tuesday, he seemed torn as to whether or not he should block Kardashian. He then announced the “BREAKING NEWS” that he intended to set his sights on famous pop singer Rihanna, seemingly making a mockery of all of the Kevin Love trade rumor reports. He followed that with a dinner proposal, to which he cited his own “SOURCES” reporting that she was considering. Embiid, who is from Cameroon, then proceeded to tout his ability to speak French.

Wednesday, he kicked things up a notch. He started things off by singing the hook to one of Rihanna’s more salacious songs.

Embiid then showcased his Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) by tweeting a picture of Rihanna wearing his jersey in dress form.

Contrast that with an image of her in the actual jersey dress.

Rihanna Wearing Jersey Dress

Unfortunately, though his antics seem comical to most of the world, there are those who might take his tweets at face value, assuming that he is serious about the outlandish things that he says. Thus, he addressed them, as kindly as possible.

He goes on to explain that his private life is, well, private.

He then retweeted a video posted by Katie Nolan, host of NO FILTER on, detailing the top seven reasons that Rihanna should date him. She even goes so far as to create a hashtag with their names merged together as if they were a celebrity couple on TMZ.

Embiid then had to address fans who misread his earlier tweet regarding his intent to keep his dating life under wraps, as they seemed to have taken the numbers, “10 or 11″ (referring to female attractiveness), out of context.

He then ended the discussion with a brilliant comedic callback, referring to his newest hashtag before suggesting that he’ll be away from Twitter for a while.



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PODCAST: More on Bulls’ Big Trade Offer for Kevin Love Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:20:26 +0000

I reported this morning that the Chicago Bulls have made an offer of Nikola Mirotic, TajGibson, and Doug McDermott to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Kevin Love.

Naturally, this was big news in Chicago — especially since it comes one day after both McDermott and Mirotic signed their rookie contracts. They cannot be traded for another 29 days.

I talked about the Bulls’ offer, and how it stacks up against other teams’ offers, in this interview with the Carman & Jurko Show on ESPN1000 Radio in Chicago.

New Basketball Podcasts with Sheridan Hoops Radio on BlogTalkRadio
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EXCLUSIVE: Bulls have offered Gibson, McDermott and Mirotic for Love Wed, 23 Jul 2014 14:58:27 +0000

KevinLoveSH1The Chicago Bulls have offered a package of Taj Gibson and rookies Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic to the Minnesota Timberwolves for All-Star forward Kevin Love, a league source told on Wednesday.

The package is extremely intriguing to the Timberwolves, but there is a catch; it cannot be completed for another 29 days because McDermott and Mirotic signed their rookie contracts Tuesday. NBA rules prohibit rookies from being traded within the first 30 days of inking their rookie deals.

That could be good news for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who still have not signed Andrew Wiggins and may not do so until the end of this week. That will give them time to present Minnesota with an offer that can be acted upon immediately, bringing the Love trade talks to a quicker conclusion and giving the Cavs a superstar trio of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Love.

The source who spoke to SheridanHoops said he believed the Bulls’ offer was better in the minds of the Wolves than the Cavs’ current offer of Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a first-round pick.

But if Cleveland is willing to include a second future first-round pick – it owns the rights to Miami’s first-rounder as well as Memphis’ in 2015) – that might be enough to trump Chicago’s offer.

The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics also remain in contention for Love, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.


Gibson finished a narrow second in Sixth Man Award voting and would start on most teams. A solid two-way player, he would give the Timberwolves an immediate replacement at power forward for Love.

Ironically, Mirotic was once possession of the Wolves. The Montenegro native was taken 23rd in the 2011 draft by Houston, which immediately flipped his rights to Minnesota. The same day, the Wolves sent Mirotic to Chicago.

Considered the best player in the world not playing in the NBA, Mirotic just signed a three-year, $16.6 million contract that ultimately will offset the $3 million he owes Real Madrid for his buyout. He will make $5.305 million this coming season, the biggest first-year salary of any European rookie.

McDermott was taken 11th overall by Denver and dealt to Chicago for Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris. His best Harrison_Barnes_Klay_Thompson (1)attribute is shooting, which Minnesota needs. He was named to the All-Summer League Team after averaging 18.0 points and was one of two rookies chosen for the USA Select Team.

Love probably would have been dealt already if Golden State was not adamant about not including shooting guard Klay Thompson in the deal. The Warriors reportedly have offered power forward David Lee, either Harrison Barnes or fellow small forward Draymond Green and a future first-round pick. That prospective deal also is rumored to be bigger, with Golden State also taking back Wolves guard Kevin Martin.

On Tuesday, the Cavaliers swung a deal to give themselves more flexibility in a potential trade for Love. They sent Carrick Felix, a second-round pick and $1 million to the Utah Jazz for the non-guaranteed contracts of John Lucas III, Erik Murphy and Malcolm Thomas. Those players could be included in a trade and instantly waived by the receiving team.


The Celtics have six extra first-round picks over the next four years, five players on rookie deals and the expiring contracts of Rajon Rondo, Marcus Thornton, Brandon Bass and Joel Anthony. Despite numerous reports that Celtics president Danny Ainge has been in discussion with Wolves GM Flip Saunders, no potential package has been leaked.



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Tweet of the Night: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to help Roy Hibbert with post game Wed, 23 Jul 2014 04:56:00 +0000

roy-hibbert-kind-of-surprisedFew players struggled as much as Roy Hibbert did on offense last season, and the Indiana Pacers intend to do something about it over the summer.

For the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that the Pacers are quietly exploring the option of trading Hibbert. Larry Bird, however, may be looking to give his starting center a chance to improve by working with the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The trio enjoyed a night out on Tuesday, and Abdul-Jabbar announced after that he would help Hibbert become a force:

It should be an incredible privilege to be able to work with someone as great as Abdul-Jabbar, and the legend should surely be able to help Hibbert improve on some of his moves in the post. Mostly, though, Hibbert will have to win the battle in his own mind and regain the confidence he once had to be a major force down low. He showed glimpses of dominance in the playoffs a couple of seasons ago – particularly against the smaller lineup of the Miami Heat – and certainly still has a chance to reach that level again if given the opportunity to prove himself.

He is the anchor for the best defensive team in the league, and will look to take on an increased role offensively with Lance Stephenson now out of the picture. The Pacers are already one of the better teams in the East. How Hibbert comes back next season will largely dictate whether they can be one of the favorites to win it all.

Tweet of the Day: Amid Roster Change, Drummond Staying With Zero

Tweet of the Night: DeMarcus Cousins congratulates his team for winning Summer League Finals

James Park is the chief blogger and deputy editor of Sheridan Hoops. Follow him on twitter @SheridanBlog.

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Tweet of the Day: Amid Roster Change, Drummond Staying With Zero Wed, 23 Jul 2014 02:30:18 +0000

Andre Drummond

The NBA offseason continues to roll along, complete with Kevin Love trade talks seeming to have spiked to an all-time high. If you’re interested, our own Chris Sheridan spoke with Dan Bickley on KTAR 98.7 regarding the latest on a potential trade.

The Detroit Pistons have had a rather busy offseason. Theirs began with the hiring of a new head coach and president of basketball operations, Stan Van Gundy. Lacking a first round draft pick, they drafted Colorado point guard Spencer Dinwiddie, whom they have recently signed to a three-year contract with the first two years guaranteed.

Their approach to free agency has been a bit interesting, to say the least. While Pistons restricted free agent big man Greg Monroe still awaits an offer, Van Gundy has been busy filling out the roster with other free agents. They have added Jodie Meeks, Cartier Martin, D.J. Augustin, Aaron Gray and Caron Butler, as well as having re-signed Jonas Jerebko. Beyond all of that, forward Josh Smith has been mentioned in some trade rumors.

Detroit unrestricted free agents Charlie Villanueva, Josh Harrellson and Peyton Siva are still without new teams, while guard Rodney Stuckey has left Motor City to join the Indiana Pacers backcourt.

At the onset of free agency, Van Gundy and the Pistons announced their decline the team option on point guard Chauncey Billups’ contract for 2014-15, all but assuring that he will not be with the team next year. He is considering retirement, as he told 9News in Denver.

It’s been very frustrating. But as we know, Father Time is undefeated. He’s undefeated. But I can’t be too frustrated, I got a lot of miles and a lot of use out of my body. … Just getting older, it sucks sometimes you know.”

With Billups out of the picture, the door would seem to be open for big man Andre Drummond to reclaim his old jersey number, No. 1, but hold the brakes.

Drummond, who is entering his third year in the NBA, seems content to remain No. 0. He initially switched last summer after Billups rejoined Detroit on a two-year deal. Perhaps keeping his present number will free up the Pistons to consider retiring the 2004 Finals MVP’s jersey.

The-MonstarsMaintaining the No. 0 jersey, the Pistons’ big man remains one of just 18 players to have worn the number last year. From the list, one could assemble a pretty intimidating squad, a veritable group of Monstars — who all wore the number zero in their game against Michael Jordan and the Tune Squad in the 1996 hit movie “Space Jam.”

No. 0 Starters: (PG) Damian Lillard, (SG) Russell Westbrook, (SF) Shawn Marion, (PF) Thomas Robinson, (C) Andre Drummond
No. 0 Bench: (PG) Aaron Brooks, (SG) Jeff Teague, (SF) Michael Beasley, (PF) Andray Blatche, (C) Enes Kanter

Granted, a few of those names are free agents, so there is a chance that they could change numbers. But, it’s still quite an impressive team, especially at guard.



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