Rookie Rankings, Week 11: Sizing Up the Sophs

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With the midway point of the regular season approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to give the rookies a Anthony Bennettbreak and rank the sophomores for two reasons.

1. It is a nice change of pace and gives the reader something new.

2. This rookie class is god-awful and we are running out of ways to describe how bad it is.

At the end of the season, NBA coaches are asked to vote for five players for an All-Rookie Team. We defy anyone who has watched this season to go five-deep into the rookie pool.

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NBA Draft: A Betting Preview

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nbadraft13_300x250_3 (1)Before we begin our journey up to the 2013 NBA Draft, I personally believe it is very important to get a brief history lesson when it comes to previous drafts. Here were a few proposition bets prior to last years NBA Draft for a decent brief comparison:

Anthony Davis was the unanimous selection to go number one in the draft, which was made obvious by the fact that you had to lay almost $5,000 to win $100.

When it came to the second pick, a little more confusion was brought to the table.

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Early-entry draft candidates announced


Anthony Davis, the projected No. 1 NBA Draft pick

NEW YORK — The National Basketball Association announced today that 66 players, including 49 players from U.S. colleges and 17 international players, have filed as early entry candidates for the 2012 NBA Draft.

Players wishing to enter the 2012 NBA Draft were required to submit a letter to the NBA to be received no later than Sunday, April 29. Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Monday, June 18.

Following is the list of players from U.S. colleges who have applied for early entry into the 2012 NBA Draft, which will be held Thursday, June 28, at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.:


Player                                               School                 Height                     Status
Erik Austin                          Jackson CC (MI)           6-3                    Freshman
Harrison Barnes                North Carolina              6-8                    Sophomore
Will Barton                          Memphis                          6-6                    Sophomore
Bradley Beal                       Florida                              6-3                    Freshman
J’Covan Brown                  Texas                                 6-1                    Junior
Dominic Cheek                  Villanova                         6-6                   Junior
Jared Cunningham          Oregon State                   6-4                   Junior
Anthony Davis                  Kentucky                         6-10                 Freshman
Andre Drummond           Connecticut                    6-10                 Freshman
Dominique Ferguson     Florida International  6-9                    Sophomore
Justin Hamilton               LSU                                     7-0                   Junior
Moe Harkless                    St. John’s                          6-8                    Freshman
John Henson                     North Carolina               6-11                 Junior
John Jenkins                     Vanderbilt                       6-4                   Junior
Perry Jones III                Baylor                                6-11                 Sophomore
Terrence Jones               Kentucky                          6-9                   Sophomore
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Kentucky                         6-7                   Freshman
Doron Lamb                     Kentucky                          6-4                   Sophomore
Jeremy Lamb                   Connecticut                    6-5                   Sophomore
Meyers Leonard              Illinois                              7-1                   Sophomore
Damian Lillard                 Weber State                    6-3                   Junior
Kendall Marshall             North Carolina              6-4                   Sophomore
Fab Melo                             Syracuse                          7-0                  Sophomore
Khris Middleton               Texas A&M                     6-7                  Junior
Quincy Miller                    Baylor                               6-9                  Freshman
Tony Mitchell                   Alabama                           6-6                 Junior
Arnett Moultrie               Mississippi State           6-11               Junior
Reeves Nelson                  UCLA                                 6-8                 Overseas (Zalgaris)
Austin Rivers                    Duke                                   6-3                 Freshman
Peter Roberson                Grambling State             7-0               Junior
Quincy Roberts                Grambling State             6-5                Junior
Thomas Robinson           Kansas                               6-9                Junior
Terrence Ross                   Washington                    6-6                 Sophomore
Avery Scharer                  Shoreline CC (WA)       6-1                 Sophomore
Renardo Sidney                Mississippi State          6-10              Junior
Jonathon Simmons         Houston                          6-6                 Junior
Terrell Stoglin                   Maryland                        6-1                 Sophomore
Gerardo Suero                   Albany                            6-4                 Junior
Jared Sullinger                  Ohio State                      6-9                 Sophomore
Raymond Taylor              Florida Atlantic           5-6                 Junior
Marquis Teague                Kentucky                        6-2                 Freshman
Joston Thomas                  Hawaii                             6-7                Junior
Hollis Thompson              Georgetown                  6-8                 Junior
Rich Townsend-Gant      Vancouver Island U  6-5                 Junior
Dion Waiters                      Syracuse                         6-4                 Sophomore
Maalik Wayns                    Villanova                        6-1                 Junior
Royce White                       Iowa State                      6-8                Sophomore
D’Angelo Williams            Notre Dame (CA)        6-3                Junior
Tony Wroten                      Washington                   6-5                Freshman

The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into the 2012 NBA Draft:

Player                                    Team/Country    Height            Status
Furkan Aldemir                 Galatasaray (Turkey)         6-10            1991 DOB
Jonas Bergstedt                 Torrelodones (Spain)         6-11             1991 DOB
Evan Fournier                    Poitiers (France)                  6-7               1992 DOB
Josep Franch                      Murcia (Spain)                       6-5              1991 DOB
Maximilian Klebers          Oliver Baskets (Germany) 6-5              1992 DOB
Lahaou Konate                   Evreux (France)                    6-5              1991 DOB
Mindaugas Kupsas            Baltai Kaunas (Lithuania)  7-0              1991 DOB
Joffrey Lauvergne            Chalon (France)                     6-11             1991 DOB
Abdoulaye Loum              Gravelines (France)             6-11             1991 DOB
Nika Metreveli                   Sassari (Italy)                         7-0               1991 DOB
Nemanja Nedovic             Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)       6-4              1991 DOB
Alen Omic                            Zlatorog (Slovenia)               7-0              1992 DOB
Jakub Parzenski                 PGB Basket (Poland)           6-10              1991 DOB
Sertac Sanli                          Galatasaray (Turkey)          7-0               1991 DOB
Tomas Satoransky            Cajasol (Spain)                        6-7               1991 DOB
Tornike Shengelia             Spirou (Belgium)                   6-10             1991 DOB
Mathieu Wojciechowski Gravelines (France)             6-6                1992 DOB

Sheridan: Future owed draft picks that may be trade assets


Sometimes a trade can be a bitter pill to swallow, but a sweetener of some sort can make it easier to digest.

Sometimes, that sweetener comes in the form of $3 million in cash.

Other times, a future draft pick or two can even things out in the minds of the men making the deal.

With the NBA trade deadline is now 10 days away, cellphone minutes are being burned at this very moment as teams try to maneuver the moves that will either put them over the top or add to the rebuilding assets they are trying to accumulate.

There are lottery-bound teams that have old debts to settle, as well as playoff-contending teams that have extra draft picks stashed. When you throw those factors into the mix, you start to get the feeling that trades will be easier to make.

You want a future first-round pick that originally belonged to the Bobcats? There’s one out there.

You want multiple future second-round picks? Call David Kahn in Minnesota. Or Masai Ujiri in Denver. Or Chris Grant in Cleveland. All three guys are loaded with them.

Here are the top 12 future draft pick assets that may come into play by the time March 15 rolls around.

1. The Chicago Bulls own one of Charlotte’s future first-round picks. The Bobcats aren’t going to be any good any time soon, but eventually they are going to have to fork over a first-round pick as a result of the trade in 2010 that sent Tyrus Thomas from the Bulls to the Bobcats for Acie Law and Flip Murray. The pick is lottery protected in 2012, 1-12 protected in 2013, 1-10 protected in 2014 and 1-8 protected in 2015 before becoming unprotected in 2016. It is the secret stash in Gar Forman’s piggy bank that could help the Bulls upgrade one of their current assets and make them a bigger threat than they already are to beat out the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference title.

2. The Houston Rockets own the New York Knicks’ first-round pick (provided it is not a Top 5 pick) in the 2012 draft. The Rockets also will have their own pick unless they make the playoffs, in which case they must convey their pick to the New Jersey Nets  – a protection stipulation that lasts until 2016, when the Rockets — if they have failed to make the playoffs for five straight seasons — must give the Nets get $200,000 plus the Rockets’ second-round pick in 2017. The Rockets also own Minnesota’s 2012 second-round pick,  but they owe the Detroit Pistons their own 2012 second-round pick and the Atlanta Hawks a future second-round pick (top 40 protected in 2013, 2014 and 2015, unprotected in 2016.)

3. The Denver Nuggets own the rights to New York’s first-round pick in 2014, provided the Knicks send their 2012 pick to Houston. The Nuggets also own Golden State’s second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, which the Knicks acquired in the David Lee sign-and-trade and then shipped to the Nuggets in the Carmelo Anthony deal. The Nuggets also have the right to swap 2012 second-round picks with Portland, and they own the rights to the Trail Blazers’ 2013 (top 40 protected) or 2014 second-round pick. Denver must send its own 2013 second-round pick (top 40 protected) or its 2014 second-round pick to the Lakers.

4. The Utah Jazz own the rights to Golden State’s first-round draft pick in 2012, unless it is a top 7 pick. The protection on the pick drops to Top 6 in 2013 and 2014. The Nets once had the rights to this pick but sent it to Utah in the Deron Williams acquisition. Utah also owns the rights to New Jersey’s 2015 second-round pick.

5. The Boston Celtics own the rights to the Clippers’ 2012 first-round draft pick, unless it is a Top 10 pick (the top 10 protection lasts through 2015, after which the pick becomes unprotected.) The Celtics acquired the rights to this pick from Oklahoma City in the Kendrick Perkins trade. They also have the Nets’ 2014 second-round pick.

6. The Cleveland Cavaliers own the rights to Sacramento’s 2012 first round draft pick (lottery protected, with protection dropping to 1-13 in 2013, 1-12 in 2014 and 1-10 in 2015-17), Miami’s 2013 and 2015 first-round draft picks (top 10 protected), Oklahoma City’s 2012 second-round draft pick, the New Orleans Hornets’ 2012 second-round draft pick, and the Orlando Magic’s 2014 second-round pick.

7. The Minnesota Timberwolves own the right to Utah’s 2012 first-round pick (lottery protected), or Utah’s 2013 first-round pick (Top 12 protected). If both the 2012 and 2013 picks are protected, Minnesota then has the right to swap picks with Utah in 2014 or get Utah’s second-round pick in 2014. Minnesota also owns Memphis’ first-round pick in 2013 (lottery protected through 2016), Oklahoma City’s second-round picks in 2012 and 2013, the New Orleans Hornets’ second-round pick in 2014, and Denver’s second round-pick in 2015. The Wolves also have some debts to pay. Their own second-round pick in 2013 is owed to Boston, and Minnesota’s own 2015 second-round pick or Denver’ second-round pick in 2015 (whichever is the least favorable) is owed to Portland.

8. The Los Angeles Lakers own the Dallas Mavericks‘ first-round pick in the first year between now and 2017 in which it is not a Top 20 pick. The pick becomes unconditional in 2018.

9.  The Charlotte Bobcats own the rights to Portland’s 2013 first-round draft pick (top 12 protected through 2015, unprotected thereafter).

10. The Mavericks own the Lakers’ 2012 second-round pick and the right to swap second-round picks in 2013. But the the Washington Wizards own the Dallas Mavericks’ 2012 second-round pick, as well as the New York Knicks’ 2013 second-round pick.

11. The Los Angeles Clippers own the right to the New Orleans Hornets’ 2015 second-round pick and Memphis’ 2015 second-round pick.

12. The Philadelphia 76ers own the rights to Memphis’ 2012 second-round pick and New Orleans’ 2013 second-round pick.