Rookie Rankings, Week 11: Sizing Up the Sophs


With the midway point of the regular season approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to give the rookies a break and rank the sophomores for two reasons. 1. It is a nice change of pace and gives the reader something new. 2. This rookie class is god-awful and we are running out of ways to describe how bad it is. At the end of the season, NBA coaches are asked to vote for five players for an All-Rookie Team. We


NBA Draft: A Betting Preview


Before we begin our journey up to the 2013 NBA Draft, I personally believe it is very important to get a brief history lesson when it comes to previous drafts. Here were a few proposition bets prior to last years NBA Draft for a decent brief comparison: Anthony Davis was the unanimous selection to go number one in the draft, which was made obvious by the fact that you had to lay almost $5,000 to win $100. When it came to the


Early-entry draft candidates announced

Anthony Davis 70

Anthony Davis, the projected No. 1 NBA Draft pick

NEW YORK — The National Basketball Association announced today that 66 players, including 49 players from U.S. colleges and 17 international players, have filed as early entry candidates for the 2012 NBA Draft. Players wishing to enter the 2012 NBA Draft were required to submit a letter to the NBA to be received no later than Sunday, April 29. Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration


Sheridan: Future owed draft picks that may be trade assets


Sometimes a trade can be a bitter pill to swallow, but a sweetener of some sort can make it easier to digest. Sometimes, that sweetener comes in the form of $3 million in cash. Other times, a future draft pick or two can even things out in the minds of the men making the deal. With the NBA trade deadline is now 10 days away, cellphone minutes are being burned at this very moment as teams try to maneuver the moves that will either