Bernucca: Spain Can’t Beat Team USA Until It Overcomes Expectations


So how does it feel, Spain? How does it feel to come up woefully short of expectations? How does it feel to be embarrassed by an inexplicable loss on your home floor in front of your blindly supportive fan base? How does it feel to be relegated to classification games while visitors vie for the international championship you believed was rightfully yours? Yeah, it wasn’t supposed to go down this way. Your march through the 2014 World Cup wasn’t supposed to be


Tweet of the Day: Anthony Davis Takes A Look Back On Throwback Thursday

Anthony Davis Team USA

Thursdays on Twitter are typically when everyone posts pictures from something from their past. The trend is called “Throwback Thursday” or “#TBT.” NBA athletes are not excluded from participation, as many often post old photographs, sometimes from their childhood, high school or college. Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, who is said to be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers as soon as Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded on August 23rd, posted a photo from his high school days. Just prior to the big


Pastuszek: Could Yi Jianlian Help an NBA Playoff Team?


BEIJING – All is back to normal in Chinese professional basketball. Yi Jianlian is a champion again, yet he can’t get a sniff from the NBA – even after dominating throughout the season for the Guangdong Southern Tigers, who won the CBA championship by sweeping all three playoff rounds. Could Yi, who can now safely be called an NBA washout, be a replacement piece that could help one of several injury-riddled NBA teams in the playoffs? The answer that Yi’s camp has been


Chris Paul undergoes thumb surgery, out 8 weeks

Chris Paul

Chris Paul underwent surgery this morning to repair a torn ligament in his right thumb, the Los Angeles Clippers announced today, saying the injury occurred last month during Team USA training camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steven Shin, a hand specialist at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. Paul is expected to be sidelined for approximately eight weeks, at which time he is projected to resume all basketball activities including full contact. Paul helped lead Team USA to the gold


LeBron taking his talents to Ipanema Beach


No American has ever played on four Olympic men’s basketball teams. LeBron James wants to be the first. In an interview with Tom Withers of the Associated Press, who just returned from covering the U.S. Olympic team at the London Games, James said he wants to play in the 2016 Olympics if he is healthy — and if the rules allow for it. Commissioner David Stern has proposed limiting the Olympics to players 23 and under, but FIBA secretary general David Baumann shot


FIBA to Stern: No changes to the Olympics

FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann

FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann FIBA has spoken. And their message to NBA Commissioner David Stern is this: We’re not changing the Olympics, bub. In an in-house interview with, secretary general Patrick Baumann took a strong stance against changing to a 23-and-under rule, which Stern and NBA owners are pushing for. Baumann said such a change would actually give the United States an unfair advantage because of the advanced developmental system in the U.S. compared to other countries. “There is


Post-game analysis of USA-Spain

(function() { var csprtjs = document.createElement('script'); csprtjs.type = 'text/javascript'; csprtjs.async = true; csprtjs.src = ''; var first_s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; first_s.parentNode.insertBefore(csprtjs, first_s); })();The USA topped Spain 107-100 in the gold medal game at the London Olympics. How did LeBron James and company defend their gold? And will these guys be barred from the games in Rio de Janeiro because they are 24 and over? CineSport’s Brian Clark discusses with


Sheridan: Open Letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern


Commissioner David Stern Olympic Tower Fifth Avenue New York, NY, USA, 10020 Hey, Dave: Some gold medal game, eh? Guess what happened back here in the States? They showed the whole USA-Spain match (pardon my FIBAism) on NBC Sports Channel without any commercials. That’s right, without any commercials! Who had that in the office pool? Nobody, right? It would have been like picking Tunisia. That’s the thing about the Olympics, Dave … you never quite know what’s going to happen by the time the final day of the whole