Mighty Moke’s Top 25 Remaining Free Agents – July 11 Update


Haircut of the summer? We have a winner! Andrei Kirilenko, who opted out of a $10.2 million payday with the Minnesota Timberwolves in the hopes landing a three- or four-year deal, has agreed to join the Brooklyn Nets for a shade less than $3.2 million. How many millions did he sacrifice? To paraphrase you know who: “Not four, not five, not six …” No word yet on whether Mickhael Prokhorov slipped a bag of diamonds under the negotiating table. We wouldn’t put it


Sheridan: Dwight Howard, clearly unhappy, can still get to Brooklyn


HOUSTON — Dwight Howard wasn’t playing ball with the reporters who tried Friday to pin him down on his future, which was no surprise given his reluctance lately to discuss anything about his future. And the future of the NBA’s best (?) big man is one of the top topics around the NBA as All-Star Weekend arrives, because nobody knows what that future might hold. Will he stay with the Lakers? Will he leave El Lay in a lurch by leaving