Sheridan: What’s Next for Nash? Olympic Gold Medal Quest


Steve Nash has retired as a player, and the Internet has been flooded in recent days about the point guard’s glorious past. I am here today to tell you a 15-year-old story that no one else has told, and give you an idea of where Nash hopes to be in five years when he turns 46. Ideally, it’ll be on the gold medal podium at the Tokyo Olympics as the executive director of Team Canada. [Read more…]


VIDEO: Does LeBron James Play for Team USA in 2016?

LeBron James, Team USA

Will LeBron James return to Team USA for the 2016 Olympics? Here’s a better question: Will Team USA even need him? Team USA’s global dominance is recalling the days of the original Dream Teams of the 1990s. The Americans steamrolled Serbia, 129-92, in the gold medal game of the 2014 World Cup in Madrid on Sunday, capping a tournament that became a coming-out party for a handful of new international stars. There were questions about the quality of Team USA’s roster following the withdrawal


Hubbard: Colangelo and Popovich Need to Make It Work


If you wanted to compare the possibilities of who might be the next U.S. Olympic basketball coach to the weather, the following would make perfect sense: A heat wave will soon hit Antarctica, a driving rainstorm will be pelting the Sahara and Jerry Colangelo will no doubt hire Gregg Popovich. [Read more…]


Colangelo likes Doc Rivers, not David Blatt, as next Team USA coach


Doc Rivers is one of the top choices — of not the top choice — to become the next coach of Team USA. This is a subject that was speculated upon in the immediate aftermath of Team USA’s gold medal triumph in London, and there is reason to believe it is closer to becoming a reality. Why? Take a look at the transcript below from Colangelo’s recent interview on SheridanHoopsRadio. When the subject of who would replace Mike Krzyzewski was raised, Colangelo threw Rivers’


SH Blog: Oakley rips Dwight Howard; Nash and Triano back together for Team Canada


From Steve Nash does not play international basketball anymore, which is the biggest reason why Team Canada has fallen off the map competitively since in the 12 years since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when Nash, Todd MacCulloch and Rowen Barrett, coached by Jay Triano, won their group in pool play before losing in the first game of the knockout round to France. There is a story I have heard in the years since that gives some good


LeBron taking his talents to Ipanema Beach


No American has ever played on four Olympic men’s basketball teams. LeBron James wants to be the first. In an interview with Tom Withers of the Associated Press, who just returned from covering the U.S. Olympic team at the London Games, James said he wants to play in the 2016 Olympics if he is healthy — and if the rules allow for it. Commissioner David Stern has proposed limiting the Olympics to players 23 and under, but FIBA secretary general David Baumann shot


FIBA to Stern: No changes to the Olympics

FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann

FIBA Secretary General Patrick Baumann FIBA has spoken. And their message to NBA Commissioner David Stern is this: We’re not changing the Olympics, bub. In an in-house interview with, secretary general Patrick Baumann took a strong stance against changing to a 23-and-under rule, which Stern and NBA owners are pushing for. Baumann said such a change would actually give the United States an unfair advantage because of the advanced developmental system in the U.S. compared to other countries. “There is


Sheridan: Open Letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern


Commissioner David Stern Olympic Tower Fifth Avenue New York, NY, USA, 10020 Hey, Dave: Some gold medal game, eh? Guess what happened back here in the States? They showed the whole USA-Spain match (pardon my FIBAism) on NBC Sports Channel without any commercials. That’s right, without any commercials! Who had that in the office pool? Nobody, right? It would have been like picking Tunisia. That’s the thing about the Olympics, Dave … you never quite know what’s going to happen by the time the final day of the whole